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What is a stereotype &

What is a stereotype and what it is “eaten“ with?

In modern society many definitions of this concept are. And to each definition it is applied the directions of schools of sciences. But we will consider for all available concept. The stereotype is the settled relation to the taking place events developed on the basis of their comparison with internal ideals. Each person at least once in life intended to break down this or that stereotype. As if did not try to generalize them and to create any systems, stereotypes at all people the. Who after all tries to break down a stereotype and for what? The answer to this question is quite simple. Destroyers most often are teenagers, and their motives are not too global. In a basis of the actions the principle “is underlain to go against all“. From the point of view of adults it of course is considered nonsense. Unless it is possible to perceive acts of young people and the people who were not seeing life though with a gravity drop? And in practice with their ambitions everything looks as entertainment. But if at least one of hundred teenagers leaves in himself aspiration to achieve the objectives, then it is quite possible that in 10 years he “will pull up trees“.

Stereotypes exist in all areas of our life. Beginning from global stereotypes and finishing with crazy imaginations. It is more interesting to consider the simple person, than the city or the country in general. Most of people prefer to live in the world with the established rules. When the person is in advance ready that in the future he to marry (will marry), will go to work, to come back to a family, to bring money and to spend them together, and on days off to be published, it becomes simpler to live. It in the head can have a heap of ideas, aspirations, imaginations, but they and will remain in the head because to pass line of reality and desires rather difficult. Not everyone will decide to go against traditions of a family and society in general to execute the imaginations. Risk to lose respect and “to fall“ in the opinion of many friends often does not happen justified.

An exit nevertheless is. There are stereotypes which it is possible to pull down though every day, and at the same time not to suffer at all. Once I saw a wedding where the groom and the bride with the friends were on rollers, or there was a case when everything occurred in so-called informal style. The bride was with a white veil, but all other dress reminded the horror film, and the face of the groom was painted in white color and by that, the image of the vampire was created. From the point of view of stereotype, they played not traditional to a wedding where it is accepted to put on to the bride a white dress, and to the groom a black suit. There are people who would not understand it and called them mentally ill people, there are who would admire to their imagination and an act, but their wedding would not be such, and there are those whom this act will push on realization of the mad ideas.

Anyway when the person goes against society, foundations and pulls down stereotypes, in it surely something breaks. The wall which he will come across will not be able to leave it same what it reached it. But you should not reach nonsense, breaking stereotypes itself can break a little finger nail on the left leg. Small loss, but at the same time absolutely useless.

We will return to motive “to go against all“. Presently to cause a stir from crowd not so difficult, groups and associations of adherents are created. And if you go outside in clothes where it will be combined green, violet and red, then you not only will break stereotypes, but also will draw to yourself huge attention. It is a teenage method and there is nothing bad in it as everyone tries to reach something in the ways.