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You want to give an original gift by New year? Hurry! Time just barely enough!

Prepare sledge in the summer!

Gifts happen different. Predictable which order, and gifts - syupriza, unexpected so even more valuable and expensive. Some, especially without being fooled, give money in envelopes. Others, considering that it is quite enough symbolical flower, visit every day - there is an occasion or not. I consider that on that as well as what is given by people as a gift, it is possible to tell a lot of things about them.

Probably, the best and the most correct - to give what you also would not refuse to receive. Well, and if it is pleasant to give you at least slightly more, than to receive a gift, you precisely - the person good.

The gift can be bought, broken on a bed or others, the gift can be found in the bookcase, it is possible to order from - for borders. Yes, eventually, as a gift it is possible to present also himself - just to come on a visit to the one who considers as the best acquisition friendship with you.

Some give knickknacks, other dachas and cars. Each in his own way. But we - that know that sometimes the gift size does not influence its importance and value in any way.

Not to go on a visit if you were invited by the friend only because there is no money for a gift, I consider wrong. The most expensive that we have - attention, communication. Only it is necessary to include the imagination and to have desire.

Some gifts need to be prepared day, week, month. And here I will tell about it on which preparation the whole year left. And every day this year, all 365 days!

Did not guess yet? Then read. And it will be pleasant, so you can manage to make by New, for example, year.

Are familiar to all these last one or two hours before peal of bells! We dress up, is as if sad to us was in the left year, we prepare a holiday table, is as if poor to us it was necessary to today. And, above all, in a family with any prosperity surely there will be gifts. Machines and just candies in a multi-colored paper bag, cars and apartments, dolls and just decorated small fir-tree. To whom and as will carry.

As well as all people this day, we rushed: who bought which - what products to a table, who hanged out toys on a fir-tree, who cut salads. And everyone furtively in some corner of the house packed gifts under a fir-tree, letting out at the same time cries like “Do not approach here, I have a secret“!

All family was pounded under legs. By the evening vanity became in general intolerable - fittings, disguise, sharing of the hair dryer, turn in a bathroom and a toilet … Strange only my eldest son behaved - he in general did not leave the whole evening the room. It was locked.

“Well what it does in silence there“? - It irritated me. Answered all my knocks and requests for the help that cannot, strongly apologizes. Eventually, I left him alone.

It entered the hall when we already filled wine glasses with champagne. Without gifts. In hands a chamber and fotik. Well, Sashka gives! Eternally it throws out some focuses!

Spent old year across Moscow and across Minsk, as always. Met new. Also.

The most interesting - the distribution of gifts accompanied with toasts, wishes and requests for the best behavior in new year began. Everyone rejoiced twice: at first, when he gave something, then already and itself received a gift and grew stout in a happy smile.

Sasha received gifts, and itself mysteriously smiles: “And I a bit later! I have a surprise!“

Rough part of a holiday began to decline. Which - who changed clothes in less solemn, but more comfortable clothes. Sasha kindled a fireplace, turned off the light - in the house began to smell candles and an unusual cosiness.

The voice of the son of all encouraged: “And now - my gift! I trained him for you the whole year. That is literally all 365 days, besides daily.“

Takes the panel, from the screen vanishes (thank God!) Kirkorov in the gold raincoat, and we see … a tree, currant bushes, all our garden, the yard further - all our lane behind a fence. We do not understand what the joke is? What, we, perhaps, did not see the garden?

But when reached us, we could not come off the screen! The movie went about an hour in absolute silence, only firewood clicked in a fireplace. We forgot about salads more hotly, that it would be time to send children to beds.

It appears, since January 1 of last year, daily at 6 o`clock in the morning Sasha got up on an alarm clock, established a video camera strictly to the same place and within several seconds removed a landscape from a window of the room located on the second floor of our high house.

A winter naked garden, a shed, garage, behind it - the end of our fence, and further - the yard of our neighbor, a corner of one more site with a bath and the smoking shed, bushes of a raspberry brake and currant, and then - houses, at home, gardens, the TV tower which is sticking out directly of the wood, clouds, a trace from the plane. And here finishes the watch some star, the moon which still did not thaw at all which is already brightening, but still the night sky … with

the Garden under a fluffy frost deposit. Here our dog left the box to banish an impudent neighbour`s cat. Titmouses peck a fat piece, and sparrows on the next apple-tree wait when those depart that now and to them to make the way to millet in a feeding trough. The TV tower is similar to a fir-tree - the kalancha which jumped out of dwarfish girlfriends - pyramids. In total in hoarfrost, but it does not sparkle yet because it is dark.

We, without coming off, observed how our garden blossomed as our old sheep-dog ceased to leave the box (she died this year). As on the yard the small dobermanikha of Welt already runs, and the mother-in-law wanders sleepy afterwards and grumbles on a puppy: “Well, give, do already all things and we will go. Woke me in such wound“.

Here rooks flied. The bath of the neighbor which burned after the fire every day all acquires and acquires new lining. Tulips, narcissuses blossomed. Coal in a brazier smolders - late sat, just dispersed. The neighbor drives in gate - just from where - that returned, his wife, with arms akimbo creeps out on a porch: “Well, and what excuse this time at you“?

Here our cat Kuzmich got some devil into a garret window of the aunt Vali... And so from where in all the district there are so much kittens, similar to it! And now it is clear why so his girlfriends became impudent, cats are singles, come to beg to us constantly - behind the alimony to Kuzmich - the idler.

We watched life in which there were almost no actors - people, but it was unusual and real !

Next year the son promised to mount the camera not in 6. 00, and in 18. 00. The new version “Our Life - 2010“ promises to be not less interesting. Shootings already are well under way!

We never before so waited for emergence of the new movie. It will pay for itself even with the same spectator structure!

P. S. If someone liked idea, give with the great pleasure. And after New year, I think, many interesting “live“ stories will appear.

And, by the way, if you have no video camera, it is possible to imprint by means of the camera the picture of every day - in the mode a slide - show.