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How sport helps us to lose weight? Dietary educational program, part 3.

Are the last article from a series of “the Dietary Educational program“, and our today`s subject - sport and physical activities. We constantly hear that to grow thin, it is necessary to play sports. Why it so? Let`s look.

We already understood that if to consume energy less, than to spend, then weight will be lost. But of course we are interested not just weight reduction, and fat disappearance. On low-calorie diets we lose not only fat, but also water, and muscles. How it is possible to accelerate safely for an organism a metabolism and weight reduction and to burn at the same time fat? Answer very simple: by means of sport!

Sport, physical activities and active lifestyle help to achieve these objectives.

By means of sport we can:

- to Spend more energy, so to burn more calories.

- to Build up muscle bulk. So, again to burn more calories. As muscles consume energy more, than other body tissues. Even at rest (when you sit, for example), your metabolism will be quicker, than earlier if you increased amount of muscular tissue. To build muscles, choose power exercises.

- Directly to burn fatty tissue. For this purpose choose aerobic loading. During occupations you increase your metabolism, and the speed of a metabolism does not decrease some more hours after classes. As much as possible such occupations as run, walking, cycle trainings and cardiovascular machines, them imitating accelerate metabolism speed (a racetrack, the stepper, the exercise bike).

Combining moderate food with physical activities, that is at power consumption glorification, you try to obtain slow (no more than 1 kg a week), but permanent weight reduction. Also you try to obtain it with advantage for your health, feeling inflow of forces and energy.

How many once a week, how long and what sports should play to lose weight? About it many disputes are conducted and there is a set of various opinions. Generally these opinions are reduced to the fact that for successful dumping of weight and good health it is necessary and to play enough sports three hours a week. Of course, at desire you can be engaged more. But the main thing in trainings is a regularity! Therefore option when you are engaged three hours a week, but it is constant, it is much better than when you start going to the gym every day for 2 - 3 hours, and in a month you throw. Why it is so important? Having stopped trainings, you reduce the level of a metabolism, and continue to eat still. As a result, your muscular tissue is very quickly replaced fatty. Therefore it is better to choose less intensive occupations, but to carry out them regularly! Begin on slightly - slightly and gradually increase loading. Daily charging, even for 10 - 15 minutes, will be more useful than three-sentries of self-torture in fitness - club after which you rest in bed week, and then in general throw such exhausting occupations. And of course, it is important to choose those occupations which you to liking, and to diversify them as necessary.

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