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Who such pickpockets and how to be protected from them?

Annually about a quarter of all city dwellers of the planet become the victims of small thefts. And pickpockets make them mainly. Daily one such “hero“ “serves“ on average three tens passengers, earning from one to five hundred conventional units.

There were enough small swindlers at all times. For the fact that the criminal cut off a purse in crowd hands could deprive of it, brand, send to galleys and even to execute. But pickpockets and card sharpers became founders and elite of the Slavic criminal world of the last century.

Thieves` schools were in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov and Odessa. These cities were Mecca imperial crime. There were such schools and in Great Britain (remember “Oliver Twist“) and France. In them teenagers trained on dummies with calls, and performed homework in pockets of the bourgeois. The part of their earnings went for study payment.

Today scientists - criminalists contain more than five tens kinds of “pocket“ criminals. This contingent is divided into types on a crime scene, style of work, category of clients and even as things for which hunts shchipach, and a form of pockets from which he is fed.

So in the criminal world distinguish the following types of pickpockets:

Kamuflyazhniki`s usually in the work use some subject to cover own actions from public eyes. It can be a package, a bag, a bouquet of flowers, a jacket or even own child who is capricious on a signal.

Tryasuna`s try to beat out from a pocket a wallet - “shovel“ (or a bumblebee) from the client - “terpila“ several direct shots. For example, during “friendly“ embrace of the victim then to apologize: the pier, mistook and to leave with someone else`s money.

Clerks earn on bread not by feathers or pencils, and so-called pisky or a sink. A scalpel (clerks are surgeons) or the ground coin, a pin, a needle or a half of an edge cuts become on bags and pockets: “top“, “envelope“, “corner“, or sideways - from below (the Gipsy style). Before clerks could accuse of damage of clothes or a bag, but now skilled thieves try to act with hands. If you cut a bag, then probably Roma or teenagers worked.

Fishers , they will fish by means of a hook and a scaffold, dragging production from bags.

In the place of work thieves can be divided into moles (work underground in the subway), Kolesnikov (a third of all pickpockets, they earn in transport), magazinshchik, market experts, ulichnik, barsetnik (steal from car windows on parking), theater-goers and kings of underworld of marvikher (specialize only in the rich).

In spite of the fact that the marvikher or the theater-goer can earn prior to $300 thousand one year, these thieves` specialties gradually disappear from - for the fact that people in theater dress not so many expensive things, and also from - for lack of worthy change of old post-war generation of thieves. To become a marvikher, it is necessary to have not only sensitive fingers, excellent reaction, a special constitution, the trained nervous system and virtuosity, but also years of practice. Marvikher even have the tattoo - a spider between big and index fingers (clerks have a monk with a feather).

The modern thieves` world was also affected by globalization and a universalization. The pickpocket can take a lopatnik in Moscow today, tomorrow bombanut a car in Rostov, and the day after tomorrow visit the house in Riga. If before the pro secured concrete routes, then now they migrate. Thieves of whom 88% make men specialize not only in wallets now, but also in documents and mobile phones. Passports and the driving license, for example, can be resold for a producing “linden“. It is more than 70% of pickpockets - recidivists, that is the criminals who stayed term at least three times. This statistics once again proves the fact that this profession needs high qualification.

It is almost impossible to catch the pro - the stolen “lopatnik“ is located for a belt of trousers which, as a last resort, can be delayed one finger, showing as became thin on plank beds. The purse falls on a floor, slipping on the internal plane of a trouser-leg. And if there is no stolen property in hands - there is no reason for detention. Methods of arrest of the pickpocket were fulfilled decades. At least four have to “to take“ the thief. One is responsible for the victim, two - for the detainee, one more “operas“ - for the driver and the closed doors.

Blossoming of a profession of pickpockets fell on post-war time. Then there were tricksters who could deprive “terpila“ even of a ring or extort at the lady money from underwear. In prison professionals carried out certain physical exercises not to lose flexibility and sensitivity of fingers. From here, by the way expression “also went to bend fingers“, that is to show neglect. They did not work, instead of them “carried out norm“ others - punks or street muggers.

For such people theft - is worse than drug. They cannot but just steal. But usually after 40 years pickpockets leave or for teaching work, or take assistants. Not law enforcement officers, and smoking and an overeating who reduce sensitivity of fingers, and the alcohol with a sleep debt dulling vigilance become their main enemies.

The militia advises to follow several simple rules not to fall a victim of the pickpocket:

Wallets should be put in an inside pocket as “a hip-pocket - the stranger“.

to Women needs to hold strong the handbags at a body.

Portfolios needs to be closed on locks and to develop the back outside.

Be attentive if you stand at transport doors - in risk group also players on mobile phones, readers and drunk.

the Thief almost always chooses to himself the victim at a stop, having noticed where the purse therefore you do not shine with money was placed.

it is desirable for span to hide the Mobile phone in a bag more deeply or to hold in hand - it is easier to steal phone, than a wallet.

Should not carry mobile on a neck and in external pockets - they are quite easily cut off, it concerns also cameras.

Should not lay many hopes and for chains - thieves masterly use nippers.

it is desirable for span to display Money on several pockets and bags, and it is better to have two purses - for the large sums and operating costs, pickpockets do not work blindly, and at first will feel the sucker.

you Watch where you thrust in transport a wallet and the mobile phone after conversation - you can directly put in hands of the thief. Strangely enough, the most reliable - zone handbags .

you do not carry in wallets cash cards and documents - with their restoration much more problems, than with purchase of new “bumblebee“.

pickpockets daily in rush hour from 7 - 30 to 10 in the morning, and also with 18 to 20 - 30 Become more active. In the summer they together with bulk of monetary “suckers“ move closer to the sea. In the cities in a zone of risk there are actually all public places - it is about transport, the markets, supermarkets and big congestions of people. And, above all, do not think that there is with you nothing similar can occur - be vigilant !