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How not to recover on holiday? Return of

Today - final part of our series devoted to discussion of preservation of the weight and a slim figure on holiday. As we already found out, on holiday without effort it is possible not only to keep the weight, without having gathered extra kilos, but even to postroynet on 1 - 2 kg if only to follow simple rules.

But the main danger (a weight set) traps us not on holiday at all, and right after return home!

This time we will talk about return from holiday. The most responsible (for our weight) the period of holiday time is a return! In the last days of holiday and the first one or two weeks after holiday many quickly gain excess weight. Often, at all without gaining weight on holiday or having recovered slightly (to kilogram), houses many promptly recover. How to fight against it?

First of all, it is necessary to realize why so occurs. Main reasons two.

First reason . On holiday we can eat even more, than usually. But at the same time weight is not gained as we lead very much active lifestyle, we play sports much, we go, we swim, we dance etc. And having come back home, sharply we reduce physical activity because, alas, in usual life we have no opportunity as much to move and walk in the fresh air. However the habit is a lot of and to eat tasty as on holiday, at the same time remains. And we begin to overeat and, without managing to spend energy, sharply recovering. And still we are surprised that happens to weight!

Tell, and you faced such problem?

I best of all experienced it when in 2003 worked in animation in Turkey. We ate for three, even for five! Never in life I ate very much! At the same time in two months I returned harmonous and tightened. (It is necessary to tell that my weight did not change absolutely - as to a trip, I and after - 60 kg). But in a month after return from my smart figure there is no trace left also, flabbiness returned again and the couple of extra kilos increased. Because from very active lifestyle when for days on end we held outdoor games for vacationers, rehearsed representations, danced and bathed, I passed to usual city turmoil and mostly a sedentary life. And I had to limit urgently myself in food and to actively play sports to return to the former weight.

That such problem did not arise, it is necessary to follow only three rules:

On holiday to try to observe the habitual schedule of food, without overeating for the night (I will repeat this rule once again because it is the most important!)

is not for the company! To stop at once as felt that gorged on.

As soon as possible after return to return to the usual diet.

Second reason : postholiday depression. This phenomenon too, unfortunately, familiarly much. Often after holiday we become despondent, especially if on return from the southern resort we are waited by bad weather.

We lower hands, there are no wish to do anything. We spend the most part of time on a sofa or at the computer and we jam the grief, that is the fact that we had to return from fantastic holiday to usual routine. How to avoid or overcome a postholiday depression? I have several of simple secrets which help me:

I always prepare for return in advance, being carefully tidied up before departure. I try to sort and wash the refrigerator. Surely I change a bed and I hang up pure towels. Coming home, it is pleasant to me to come into the pure house.

Plan the holiday so that after return there were 2 - 3 days (or at least one) before appearance at work or return to commonplaces.

Having recovered after return and having sorted things, you do not hurry to start affairs at once. Prolong the holiday still a little bit! It is good to continue to be engaged in something from what you did on holiday. Go to the nature, to the beach, to take a walk or sit in cafe. Try to feel the tourist in the hometown. Take a walk in the city as if you arrived to it for the first time, look at it from outside. You descend in the museum, or in theater - where you gathered for excursion long ago, but could not reach in any way.

Use your last days of holiday to visit your favourite places and to do favorite things. You descend in favourite cafe or park. Watch the good movie or read the favourite book.

Be engaged in span in the beauty! Come into a hairdressing salon, make manicure - a pedicure. It is possible to descend on massage or in a sauna.

Write the report on holiday and attach all the holiday photos!

the First days after return from holiday and the last days of your vacation - the most suitable time for a meeting with friends and relatives! Gather the cheerful friendly company or the close-knit family. Brag of the suntan, the brought souvenirs and photos, share impressions about holiday. It will be healthy if from holiday you took a small bottle of local wine and new recipes. Prepare something unusual!

More carefully with the last point! I the next morning after a delightful Sunday barbecue with friends found an additional additional weight in 600 grams, and I had to get rid of it urgently!

And the last one after another, but very important point which should be executed even before holiday! A day before departure write the list of affairs which you should start after return, and leave it in a visible place. It will help you easier to return to your daily affairs.

Whether there is at you a postholiday depression and how you cope with it?

Having properly had a rest on holiday and after it, we come back to the usual mode. Also we begin to control food! It is important to begin to monitor food from first working day! We find the diary thrown for the period of holiday and it is begun to write down everything that was eaten again. I on a habit kept records and on holiday, the truth a post factum, one - two times a week, and, of course, did not consider calorie. (I think that I overate the norm of calories still at breakfast.) From a trip we returned on Friday in the second half of day. During week-end I still relaxed and recovered. And since Monday began to keep again the diary of food which I keep regularly and to weigh products.

There now, and all our series of articles. At many holiday still ahead, and us is waited by fine days!

I wish you excellent holiday and a slim figure in time and after it!