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How not to recover on holiday? Rest has to be active! We Will continue to discuss

how not to recover on holiday? In the first part we discussed how it is correct to choose the resort. And in the second and third - how to organize breakfasts, lunches and dinners not to overeat.

Today let`s talk about what, in my opinion, is an indispensable condition of an opportunity to keep a slim figure on holiday. Holiday has to be active!

And on holiday it is possible to play sports and to begin to lead active lifestyle if it was impossible in the usual life loaded by working and household problems in any way. On holiday your schedule depends on you, and you quite can allocate at least hour a day to go to the gym, to run about along the beach or to ride bikes, to play basketball, beach volleyball, in tennis and, at last, to swim for a while.

If you stay in hotel 4 or 5 of stars, as a rule, there surely to eat the gym and the pool. In five-stars hotels of guests animators often entertain. Do not avoid them! Try to participate in sports occupations and active games which they offer.

If you stay in hotel stardom less or in apartments - glance in expensive hotels which are near you. Usually for a small payment you can visit the gym, the pool, the beach or beauty shop which are in 4 - 5 - stars hotels. Perhaps, near you there are also usual sports clubs. Of course, on holiday it is easily possible to do also without gyms if you have a rest outdoors or on the sea coast. In excellent weather exercise bikes can be replaced with the mountain bicycle, a racetrack - jog along the embankment, and occupation in the pool - bathing in the sea, the lake or the river. If you already got used to be engaged several days a week at home, try to be engaged in something active and on vacation.

If you like to walk, going sightseeing and to go on excursions - active recreation is provided to you! Only choose those excursions and routes where it is necessary to go.

Many readers (after the publication of this article in my community “Diet for All“) already shared with me as there takes place their holiday. And, of course those who, do not sit in one place, and choose active entertainments or pedestrian excursions, with pleasure tell that their weight not only does not become more, and on the contrary, as a rule, decreases! Even if at the same time they eat rather densely, without refusing to themselves local delicacies.

And the main rule which I followed on holiday - is obligatory to continue to do exercises! We had with ourselves a laptop therefore I just took the disk with charging and did exercises in number every day in the morning, before a breakfast. Exercises can be done also without disk, on memory. It is possible to be engaged directly on the beach (I, for example, saw the girl who by the sea practiced yoga). There were no obstacles which could prevent me to do exercises. On the contrary, an opportunity and time was have more, than houses. And charging helped me to recover since morning and to feel normally after tiresome trips and long walks.

And to you it is possible to do exercises and to play sports on vacation? It turns out to spend holidays actively? How there takes place your rest?