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How not to recover on holiday? Lunches and dinners of

we Continue to deal with how to eat on holiday not to recover.

What has to be a breakfast, we discussed in the previous part - it has to be obligatory in the first half of day, has to be dense and healthy (it is desirable uglevodno - proteinaceous).

And how to be with lunches and dinners? Today I will tell about several simple rules to which I tried to follow on holiday.

1. I already spoke About this rule yesterday. On holiday try to have dinner and supper at the same time, as usually. I allowed sometimes to eat on an hour later than usual, but it is no more. Around 12 - 14 hours we tried to have dinner, and around 17 - 18 - to have supper. After a dinner I usually did not eat (there was no wish), had sometimes a bite fruit (apples, oranges), few times drank a glass of wine in the evening (holiday everything is!) .

2. Sweet or pastries - once a day (or is more rare, it is possible also without them) and only in the first half of day! I violated this rule only once, in day of departure. All other days ate desserts only to 12 or sometimes till one o`clock in the afternoon. However, I admit, few times ate ice cream in the afternoon - very much was hot!

3. Eat more fruit and vegetables less meat! I during a meat heat did not want at all, in two weeks ate it few times (once a week). Most often I ate salads. Though ate quite variously and ordered fish, soup, paste, risotto and even somehow once pizza!

4. Order always only one dish. If you are afraid that you will not gorge on, - order still something after you eat first course which was ordered. It is better, than to order a lot of everything, and then to find out that you are not able to eat it. Be not afraid that it is necessary to wait long. On holiday you have no place to hurry for now you wait - is more already and it will not want.

It is necessary to tell that on Malta where we had a rest, portions at restaurants were just huge! At one amusing restaurant where cooked very well, the food was brought in basins at all! Of course, it were all - plates, but also the sizes, and a look very much resembled basins. Therefore, ordering even one dish, often I could not eat up it. And sometimes one dish was enough for us for all family.

5. Try to follow elementary rules of separate food. Eat meat, fish, a bird, macaroni, rice, potato with vegetables, but not with each other! At restaurants very often with a main course bring French fries. Do not eat! It is possible to ask at once that instead of potato brought you salad. And usually together with potato bring also salad - eat it. As a last resort it is possible to order salad separately. Too try not to eat bread which is brought before the order. Ask juice better.

6. From alcohol try to drink only dry wine. If decided to drink something else - no more than one glass (one portion).

7. do not overeat! Eat slowly, enjoying taste of food. As soon as felt that gorged on, - at once you stop and you put aside a plate aside.

As you can see not to gain weight on holiday, it is not obligatory itself something heroically at all to lose and it is strong in something to limit. I afforded everything that I wanted, and with pleasure tried new dishes. (However, it is necessary to tell what on such things as French fries and beer, does not pull me for a long time).

It is not necessary to be afraid that you will not manage to try something. All of you equally will never try all dishes on light. And having stuffed everything in the stomach, you cease to feel taste of food. Therefore it is better to enjoy some one new dish or to try everything small pieces. Be gourmets, but not gluttons!

Tell, and you like to try new dishes on trips? As usual you get acquainted with a local cuisine? What dishes most of all were remembered and pleasant to you on your trips?