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How not to recover on holiday? We began to discuss a breakfast in hotel

In the previous part how on holiday not to recover.

How to adjust the food on holiday not to gain excess weight? The main rule which is important for observing on vacation - try to adhere to the habitual diet. That is to have breakfast, dinner and supper approximately at that time in which you eat houses. And if houses you ate incorrectly, then holiday - a fine opportunity to establish the new, rational schedule of food.

The most important meal and on holiday, and not on holiday is a breakfast.

For breakfast it is necessary to eat properly, here it is possible to eat anything! Though, of course, try that your breakfast was healthier. We in hotel had an excellent English breakfast - eggs in different types, bacon (which I did not eat), sausages, toasts, yogurts, and also croissants and other rolls. Vegetables and fruit, set of cheeses. Well and, of course, sandwiches. I ate surely at first natural flakes with milk and coffee with croissant. Then sandwich or eggs with sausage. And vegetable goat cheese salad and fruit.

If you organize the food, I advise from the first day of holiday to determine rise time (not really later) and time for a breakfast. Time for a breakfast has to be such that you managed to begin a breakfast no later than in three hours after rose and to finish before there pass 5 hours from rise. (Yes, the slow breakfast in the pleasant company can stretch also for two hours!) It is better to keep within half an hour, and then to organize to itself the second breakfast. If you ordered a breakfast in hotel, then to you it will be simpler - there is a wish to you or not, and it is necessary to rise by a breakfast at the same time, otherwise you will remain hungry, it is necessary to look for, where to eat, and to spend spare cash.

Once again I will tell that it is ideal to pay in hotel only a breakfast. And, in my opinion, it is better, than not to pay food in hotel in general. Because since morning it is necessary to eat more that for all day there were enough forces and did not pull to overeat. And during the day to eat already not so densely, it is less. Besides the breakfast in hotel very much disciplines, helps you to keep or create the schedule and to rise a bit earlier. To take a full board in hotel very much I do not advise - then you will not only overeat, but also to hurry constantly in hotel not to be late for a dinner. It is much more interesting to have dinner and supper in different cafes and restaurants, investigating local ethnic cuisine, than every day is same.

How to be if all - you go with a family or with friends to hotel according to the scheme “all-inclusive“? Several councils:

Establish the rule of a small plate. Take all on slightly - slightly. Do not eat too much, and savor.

you Remember the simplest rule of separate food. Meat - separately, potato, rice, macaroni - separately. Combine them with fresh vegetables.

One meal - one dessert. Or small pieces from different desserts, the size in one piece of cake.

Eat more fruit, vegetables, salads.

Drink more water and juice.

Eat slowly.

Limit number of approaches. For example, no more than three - one behind meat and vegetables, the second behind vegetables. The third - behind fruit and a dessert.

As soon as felt that gorged on, - get up from - for a table and you go to number. While your friends or relatives eat up, you will have time to have a rest or go to sunbathe. As option (if you quietly transfer a type of food and the chewing vacationers around) - take a glass of water, juice or tea. Or fruit. Also you wait for the termination of a meal.

Limit binge. Try not to drink alcohol or to drink no more than one glass of dry wine.

If felt that overate, - do not abuse yourself. Go to swim for a while, run about on the beach better or to participate in some action which will be organized by animators, or on pedestrian excursions. If to spend holidays actively, then you can after holiday with surprise find out that you grew thin. Even if at restaurant ate everything that wanted.

And in general, the most important - to create a spirit. That is to understand that rest - it is not meant by “obzhiralovka“. And to derive pleasure from new dishes, it is much better to try them on one for time. But we will continue conversation on it in the following part in which I will tell about the lunches and dinners on vacation.

And how you usually eat on holiday?