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How not to recover on holiday? Preparation for departure of

In the heat a season of summer holidays, and many concerns how to keep the weight on holiday how not to gather extra kilos.

I managed to have a rest at the beginning of June, and at the same time kept the weight (60 kg). So to me is what to share! I hope, a series of my articles to you will help not to recover too both on holiday, and after holiday! And those who, as well as I, managed to have a rest can share the experience also supervision and to give a valuable advice.

In general, I consider that the increase during holiday within one - two kilograms is normal. And without holiday your weight constantly fluctuates. And holiday is a stress for an organism. Though pleasant, but stress.

Moving, flights, change of climate, change of a temporary zone, other water, other kitchen... Many on holiday recover slightly, but sharply gain weight right after it.

Therefore if you gained from 1 to 2 kg for holiday - you should not worry. For following one or two weeks your weight will return to norm if you monitor the food. But the return flight, especially if you depart from the warm sea and the bright sun and arrive during a gray rain, except physical activity, can cause in you and sad mood. Many face a postholiday depression. And the depression and stresses provoke, in turn, an overeating and an increase in weight.

But we will not be about sad so far. How to cope with a depression after holiday, we will talk later.

And now let`s begin from the very beginning - with the choice of the direction and a type of rest.

The choice of the place where to go to have a rest, - perhaps, the most pleasant, but also the most responsible in preparation for holiday. It is necessary to consider not only the desires, but also financial opportunities, wishes of family members and friends, offers in the market, visas - yes a set only!

You can choose such holiday at once that the problem of excess weight before you will not rise. Hike, rafting, horse campaign, rock-climbing, the combined campaign. Choose such option - and you will return from holiday postroynevshy and with beautiful muscles! Rest at the dacha, especially if to be fond more not of shish kebabs, but campaigns in the wood or on the small river, will not allow you to recover strongly too. As well as excursion rest if to make excursions pedestrian or bicycle, but not by comfortable bus.

But all - at the majority summer holiday is associated with a trip on the beach to the warm sea.

We with the husband not an exception. And still we like to wander about ancient small streets and to be gathered new impressions, examining sights, man-made or natural.

The beach everything is too has to be present at the program because children need to give the chance to play in a sand by the warm sea. Therefore this year we went to Malta where it is possible to find any options of rest - both the beach, and excursions, and excellent diving (in which we were not engaged) and t. If you chose as

beach rest - it does not mean that for days on end it is necessary to lie on a warm sand, and in breaks only to eat too much at restaurants. There is a set of options of active entertainments. And first of all, of course, water - swimming, diving, a snorkeling, trips on yachts, water bikes, catamarans and bananas, fishing.

Add to them active games on the beach (beach basketball, for example), run and walks along the embankment - and active recreation is provided to you! Only be prepared for it in advance. When you prepare for holiday, do not forget to think over at once, than you will be engaged and to put sportswear and footwear in a suitcase. I here, for example, did not take this time with myself a sneaker, having decided what with small children to me will have no time for morning jogs that I will manage swimming and charging. Then regretted, looking at the smart embankment and a great number of the athletes who are engaged in run.

In general any kind of rest can be made active. It depends not on the country or the district, and on you. Any trip can be organized differently. It is possible to buy the vacation package “all inclusive“ and then to depend on a diet in hotel and your guides. And it is possible to arrive in a different way, at once having planned active recreation.

The most valuable advice for today and my main thing governed - when you reserve hotel (if you have a rest in hotel or boarding house), pay only breakfasts, try not to take “all inclusive“! How to eat on vacation properly and what to do if all - you chose “all inclusive“, we will talk in the following article. And today I have to you several questions:

- Where and how you will have a rest (or have already a rest) this summer?

- As you imagine the ideal rest?

- As usual passes your holiday? How there took place the last summer holiday?

- whether Coincides your idea of ideal holiday with how you have a rest? If is not present - what can be changed?

- your holiday passes actively? If is not present - whether you want to change it and how to make it?

- whether you Recover on holiday and after it? As far as? What main reason for a set of weight? And if you do not recover (or even you stroynet) - that thanks to what?