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How to struggle with a stress? Moytyuk of

I get rid Of a stress in the old, long ago checked ways. This list includes replacing of flowers, low budget repair, and, at last, shift of furniture in the house.

The last, the stress which visited me was strong - it was not succeeded to get rid of it by all listed methods (I replaced flowers, painted a balcony pink color, gave carpets to a dry-cleaner and rearranged a chair). The stress did not leave therefore I made the decision to use heavy artillery - disposal of old things. The benefit, and an official occasion for this procedure was available for me - mother gave me the almost new sofa. And my old sofa finally collapsed. Two weeks mother continually reminded me:

- Olya, when a sofa - you take away that? To give you phone of loaders?

I vaguely imagined that I have to organize somehow all this - import to me a new sofa, dismantling and export old … But somehow hands did not reach. The stress soared over me a dark cloud, demanded to take actions - and dawned on me that if to throw out a huge old blue sofa from the house, then, perhaps, I will feel better. I began to act.

First of all agreed with mother and loaders. The second - realized that together with a sofa I want to throw out also the broken chair. Having stumbled on a balcony about a big piece of a kitchen corner, decided to throw out also it. The second piece of a corner stood in the nursery, and its destiny was clear too. In the heat of the moment the broken ironing table which I put closer to an exit got not to forget to throw out.

The mood improved in the eyes. Waiting for loaders with a new sofa I washed up the apartment and took out any garbage which collected there from internal boxes of an old kitchen corner.

Loaders arrived in number of two people in time and acted very quickly. What is more senior ordered, and its remarks were so abrupt, capacious and short that he reminded me the surgeon during operation. In total they spent an hour and a half from which minutes fifteen on bringing to me and to collect a new sofa, and the rest of the time - on taking out the junk prepared by me from the apartment. Having finished, children wiped sweat from foreheads, asked water and excess three hundred rubles. I gave three hundred fifty and with relief sighed. In the apartment it was pure and spacious, along corridors the wind of change to the best walked. This idyll lasted exactly ten minutes. So far the tired hungry husband did not come from work. Probably, hunger aggravated his perception because the husband instantly found loss of furniture.

- Olya, and where kitchen corner? - from a voice of the husband blew into ice wind, and the remote peals of a thunder were heard. On tops of waves white lambs of foam seemed. - Where a shop from a balcony and a bench from the nursery?

Roma looked at me ruthless gray eyes. He foreknew the answer, and I had no chances to pass a storm. I deeply sighed and sent the boat to the high sea.

- I dumped everything.

Squall flew together with seven-meter waves.

- I how many time asked you not to throw out things, without having agreed with me! I wanted to bring this corner to garage! Never it is necessary to throw out things! It was my kitchen corner! It was still absolutely good!

- Yes he is more than ten years old and it all of subwounds cats, - I shy tried to insert, but to argue with elements was still early.

- No. To you if only to throw out everything. I do not manage to earn money - with such speed you throw out everything from the apartment!

Roma escaped on a balcony and began to mourn loss of a piece of kitchen loudly.

I felt sincerely sorry for him. My grandmother Luda, now deceased (a kingdom to her heavenly) told about the evacuation from Leningrad. There was it at the very beginning of war, the grandmother was a student of institute, unfortunately, I do not remember what, I know only that they had a terrible subject TMM, deciphered as “here my grave“ though, in my opinion, it “The theory of mechanisms and materials“ by students. Evacuated them to Siberia. On the platform students with the things fussed, haste was terrible, and here one undergraduate lost the belongings (or just forgot in what heap of things he put). Probably, this event served as a last straw for fragile mentality of the student because he began to rush about along the train with shouts “My bale! My things! Where my bale? Where my things?“. Loss, eventually, was, but the nickname “Moytyuk“ was forever assigned to the guy.

The grandmother always laughed, telling this story. In the years of war when the value of the most human life was called into question, attachment to things caused irony. This attachment causes laughter in me still.

Meanwhile the hurricane gained power:

- It is not necessary to throw out things! Never throw out a thing! Always it is possible to carry a thing in garage!

- That it decayed there for the rest of the life! - I sat down on oars, - remember what you turned our old one-room apartment into? In the same place the step could not step, unclear as the child learned to go!

Really, Roma was developed in the old apartment. The small room contained in itself three sofas, two chairs, two cases, a wardrobe, a desk and a pier glass. Ah yes, still a coffee table under the TV. One subject of Rum he was not able to leave, the garage of us then was not, and I was not on fight against the stresses so in a forceful mood.

This moment was called by the mother-in-law:

- Olya how are you? As the kid - does not temperaturit more? - there began the grandmother, but scaredly became silent, having heard “off-screen“ cries of the son, - Olya what there for noise who shouts?

- Oh, Vera Denisovna, you remember, I was going to throw out a sofa because mother gives new to me? So I and a chair threw out at the same time, and two pieces of a kitchen corner. And Roma goes on rooms now, shouts, - by way of illustration to the story the plaints coming Romina were heard.

- And why was to throw out? It is possible to bring to garage. - After a pause asked the mother-in-law. Great science - genetics. I began to grind. Roma at this moment published especially sad groan. Probably, distorted by phone, all this made heavy impression because the grandmother fast said goodbye to health wishes.

Having looked out in a corridor, I noticed what a wave washed away an ironing table which I was going to throw out. Strong pressing to a breast, Roma carried away it afar along a corridor to himself in an office. The husband rescued the escaped property. Fabric on a board was torn, foam rubber stuck out of holes pieces. The metal support fell off. In twelve years of family life of Rohm never took the iron in hand not that used a board.

- Where you bear a board!

- It still is useful to me!

Me the joke about the Estonian, no offense to all representatives of this nationality was remembered: “In the hot summer afternoon the elegant cart goes across the field. In the cart the beautiful horse is harnessed, purely dressed Estonian governs it. On the road big cow flat cake lies. The Estonian stops the cart, gets a fresh linen sack and a wooden shovel, and accurately stacks cow flat cake in a sack, keeping saying:

- It Prikkotitsya! (It is useful!)

There passes year. Field, cart, horse, Estonian. On the same place the cart stops, the Estonian descends, gets a linen sack and carefully shakes out from it cow flat cake, sighing:

- It did not prikkotitsya., - also leaves“

And so, my husband and this flat cake would take away in garage.

Squall began to decline. Shouts were distributed more and more seldom. Roma remembered to me as a year ago I secretly threw out the vacuum cleaner which I waited for a fate of the garage inhabitant. Then, in a consolation, my mother promised to give to Roma to garage the old vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner in garage was so necessary that the husband could not take away it two years from my mother.

Roma was injured so that even refused to eat from my hands, in sense, rejected the salad made by me. He with own hand made to himself a bread, cheese, sausage and beer dinner and with insult sobbing, ate it in front of the TV. I was engaged in cleaning of a new sofa. The room became twice more spacious, besides, I was imposed by color of an upholstery - milk chocolate. The stress was not any more - it is the main thing. It is time to neutralize hurricane consequences - as children reacted to a hurricane?

The son, as it became clear, in general did not notice a storm. He received the bottle of milk and the animated film for the night, and fell asleep a dream of the baby which he, actually, and was. Seven-year-old Zoyka, Harry Potter`s fan, treated a storm philosophically:

- You know, mother, the father treats things not as you. He puts in them the heart and soul. Therefore so difficult leaves them. For the father of a thing - as krestrazh for de Mort`s Flounce.

It is necessary to tell (if who did not read and did not look about Harry Potter), krestrazh is a certain precious subject for the black magician where that can place a piece of the soul. In case of death the magician can revive as the part of his soul is stored separately - just like soul at Koshchey Bessmertny. Black magicians store these krestrazh more than the eyes. But to place a piece of soul in krestrazh, the soul should be broken off at first. And the soul only is broken off when commits murder of other soul. So that`s that.

Puzzled with comparison, I started wandering on kitchen. The husband there was not any more - Roma went to bed while I stacked children, and his snore reaching from a bedroom reminded a roar of waves in a narrow stone grotto. Outflow.

Phone rang out. Hour was already late, and I with astonishment asked in a tube:

- Yes?

- Well as to you my sofa? Had to the yard? - mother was interested in destiny of the pet.

And I told it everything. About the fact that I was never told what I am a good fellow because I organized everything and transported, and did not even distract the husband from work. And that from - for unfortunate a kitchen corner the tragedy for the whole evening turned out.

- Roma needs a kitchen corner? Let takes away from me, it is not necessary to me. Only it is necessary to sort it. You have keys from my old apartment? It costs there, I was going to throw out it. And take away the vacuum cleaner, at last, and two years I store that for Roma.

I exhaled. Nothing irreparable happened. Shook for a shoulder of the sleepy husband and reported to him about mother`s furniture. Roma happily sighed and calmed down.

A surf it is lazy beat about the sandy coast. In a black sky there ascended the full moon. My small sailing vessel dropped an anchor and dozed off, rocking on waves.