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Easy ly to choose one between two girls?

In life of people maybe met such situations which present us with a choice! It would be desirable to open a subject of the relations, there are those people who now in such situation! Everyone reading this article can find for itself familiar situations, it concerns also guys and girls. Let`s take for example a situation when the guy faces the choice between two girls. It on the one hand seems remarkable, behind it kill even two!!! But also there are negative sides of this situation. In - the first it for girls, they do not know whom he will choose to whom he will give preference! I begin to be angry one with one and with it, as he could act this way and it can end with what the guy even should not choose, they can throw it earlier when he makes a choice. In - the second, for the guy he costs boundaries two!!! If he got into such situation, means they to him both are pleasant and approach on those qualities which he looks for in an opposite sex! It seems remarkably, but if he is a normal guy, then has to understand that it not so abruptly, to love two it`s totally ludicrous! All the same the love to one of them will be stronger than to another. One more fact which sets him thinking is that they are girlfriends. It adds the points to this history too. There is no wish to offend not that not another, there is no wish when you choose one of them that their friendship collapsed and you will lose the good person! What to do in this situation? How to do right thing?

As speak: “An exit is always!“. Even in this situation there is exit, but it very much not idle time!

In life we always choose something, but this situation not such and simple, (we do not choose to ourselves a notebook, that even we choose here that which is pleasing to the eye!) .

From each of them you feel on a miscellaneous. And if with one you begin to communicate as with the good friend who will always advise you in some situation, will always support, then the relations probably and will remain friendly. They say that the friendship between the man and the woman does not exist, it always develops into love, but not always. There are such people who have some principle not to get the relation with friends, with employees etc. of

Here if there is such principle then it is possible to choose quietly, that with which you would like to be together.

And if both of them are in love with you what present you with a choice?

They have to understand your feelings, your state of mind too! And if understand, then will not begin to take offense at your choice, at present you choose it but not they, they chose you, and you have to solve!

If for you to find more expensively to yourself the companion of life that you will not begin to think of their friendship and that they about you will think!

But sometimes you feel guilty from - for the fact that you can spoil the friendly relations! And it as a stone at heart.... you do not know as to shift it!

It is possible not to choose of course, and to leave them then a stone from soul and friendship whole.

And how you will feel then? Now not 18 - a century, and nobody will tell that you are the real gentleman! There will be one and what? It is necessary to look for the girl again, to begin all with the beginning.

So never avoid the choice, let you will make not a right choice, you will be sorry about it, but next time you will be more careful!

Good luck, to you, and never get into such situations!