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Italian cuisine - it is simple? Bruschetta and a whim of

Last time we talked about global, and now it is time to pass to kitchen and to please the family or friends with a Saturday Italian brunch (something between a breakfast and a lunch).



So, we will begin with bruschetta. This dish will seem much to such acquaintances since the childhood. Still - who did not like to run down the street with the bread chunk rubbed with garlic and watered with vegetable oil? In fact it is also our native kind of bruschetta. And how she is trained in Italy?

We take bread. Best of all - dense, from coarse flour. But in principle both the baguette, and even usual long loaf will descend (but all is better - to aspire to an ideal and to look not for white loaf). Only I beg: do not take rectangular tosterny bread - in it there is nothing rural, and its accurate machine cutting kills any spirit of the Italian remote place.

We cut bread on pieces 1 - 2 cm thick. I like more thickly (then bruschetta looks more in Italian), but this matter of taste. So, cut - and it is necessary to roast at least on the one hand. Fast house option - to grease a baking sheet with a small amount olive (olive - we in Italy!) oils, we put our grain chunks - and in the oven warmed to 240 degrees for 5 - 7 minutes. From that party which contacted to a baking sheet pieces will be reddened, and will remind our toasts, and with another will just a little dry up. It is important that inside bread remained rather soft (to us it is, but do not nail to hammer!), and here thicker cutting of bread will appear as it is impossible by the way.

While our bread is dried, we cut in cubes on 0,5-0,8 cm several fresh and tasty (remember, Italian cuisine - tasty kitchen!) tomatoes. Also we clean couple of garlic gloves. We find and put closer salt (better - large sea, but will descend also ordinary stone a coarse grinding). Well, and we do not clean our olive oil anywhere - it will complete all composition. Yes, if you in the refrigerator, except the hung-up mouse, have also a basil (better green) - wash several leaves. They will add to a dish of “italyanskost“.

So, we take it is dried - fried pieces of bread, we allow them a couple of minutes to cool down, then we rub that party which crisp, garlic (degree of care depends on your taste, and also your plans for day), moderately we salt and we sprinkle olive oil. In principle is already bruschetta. Now it is possible either to eat it, or to put on it various additional ingredients and then all the same to eat. We will put the cut tasty tomatoes on bread, it is a little more prisoly, we will sprinkle olive oil (I still love couple of drops of balsam vinegar), we will add inaccurately torn basil leaf - and immediately is!

By the way (it is checked more than once), this dish in marching execution rescued the company more than once from the first hunger when on the nature already arrived, things are not spread out yet, the fire flares, as in the best pioneer years (meat it is impossible to put on it at least an hour more!) and getting hungry, as before death.

The banal thin long loaf cut lengthways and second-hand literally half-minute by grain pulp on fire, and then garlic, salt, olive oil and the cut tomato - and all amicable company which in other case would get drunk beer on a hungry stomach and would get then me the councils for preparation of meat, - all this company after bruschetta amicably goes to play volleyball or to bathe, full and happy!

to Kapreza

Second course for today - salad a whim. The name happens from the island of Capri (you remember, Gorky liked to be there?) . It is made in 5 minutes of tomatoes, cheese a mozzarella, a basilica, olive oil, balsam vinegar, salt and pepper (also some other spices, but without fanaticism are possible).

We wash tomatoes (certainly, tasty it is also desirable fleshier, than you took last year on juice) and we cut on plates from 0,5 cm thick. We cut a mozzarella pieces, similar on thickness and the area. We wash a basil (the basilica is a lot of) and we separate leaflets (stalks the cook therein can eat is his lawful production and vitamin feed!). And now - actually preparation. (Look, mix nothing! The dish is difficult!)

On a big flat plate on an outer edge we spread serially pieces of tomatoes and a mozzarella that the vicious circle around all plate was formed! If there were tomatoes and cheese - you can lay out them a picturesque hill in the center of a plate. Inaccurately we tear basil leaves and we cover with them all this dish. We salt a little, we pepper a little, we sprinkle olive oil and balsam vinegar.

And now the most important. The dish it needs to be prepared most (to send guests under a specious excuse far away), and to hold a fork with a knife near at hand. Is it it is necessary almost immediately after preparation. Why? Because the risk is big that to you will not get. Everything will be swept away by your guests!


Well, and the last dish for today - the correct sauce. Why sauce? Because if you have it - you will be able nourishingly to feed though army of hungry football players. And if you do not have it - to you a direct road in fast food, but not to Italy in any way. Application of this sauce is broad, and up to the end is not studied by science yet so you will be able to enter own page in the instruction for its application. I use it as gas station on duty for any paste and also as sauce for pizza.

So, it is necessary to take couple of kilograms of tasty tomatoes, a big bunch of a basil, olive oil, four garlic gloves, salt, pepper and a little balsam vinegar.

We fill in tomatoes with the boiling water and we boil minutes five on slow fire. We take out a skimmer (or who than) and leave before full cooling.

We clean and we cut garlic on plates, we wash a basil, we separate leaves from stalks, small we cut stalks (here comes the way nothing of the cook). On a frying pan (big, up to 3 - x liters) - several spoons of olive oil, in a minute - garlic. When garlic a little is roasted - basil stalks.

Quickly we peel tomatoes of skins, we press (who as can) and we add on a frying pan to garlic and a basil. We put on average fire and, constantly stirring slowly and crushing tomatoes, we prepare minutes 20. Approximately in the sixteenth minute we add basil leaves, couple of spoons of olive oil, as much balsam vinegar, salt and pepper. In total. In the twentieth minute we switch off fire, we get a sieve (the colander in principle too will go), we pass all our weight through it, having separated thus actually sauce from firm fractions (to which we carry not only a tatter of tomato, but also and basilicas with garlic). We try that through a sieve there passed as much as possible pulp - your sauce will only benefit from it.

The filtered sauce still the minimum for 30 minutes is sent to the same frying pan on very slow fire (though some fanatics suggest to torment this sauce till two o`clock!) . A readiness indicator for you is its consistence. If she suits you - means, sauce is ready. Do not forget to try once again on salt and to dosolit as necessary.

This sauce can be stored in the refrigerator long enough (how many, I will not tell - at me it yet never held on longer than week!) and to be used and as gas station for paste (macaroni) and as sauce for pizza and just as an independent dish (I love whether you know, to scoop a spoon something tasty and to eat, so far nobody sees). Pay attention - except shaking tomatno - bazilikovy taste, this sauce obviously more low-calorie, than your favourite ketchup. Than not healthy food?!

On it we will finish today`s preparations especially as all your family cannot move any more - ate too much. And next time we will talk about how to be prepared for that preparation of dishes of Italian cuisine did not demand from you a special visit of shop and on the market.

We will discuss that each hostess wishing to please regularly herself and the with seven dishes of Italian cuisine has to keep in the house.