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Big family. Cares, fatigue or, all - pleasure and rest?! From personal experience mothers of big family.

are not tired to beat off questions of friends and acquaintances of how I cope with such huge family. And the majority is noted at the same time that recently did not become covered by a mold itself, in mood always I am good and optimistical, and in my house practically always an order and purity.

I also could not present even three years ago what is it - a large family. And this happened to me moreover and at age mature already. Three years ago children in a family became on three more at once.

Our decision to increase a family was joint. That is, our children supported on “Hurrah!“ idea to adopt twins and their elder sister from orphanage.

Here about it is more words, it is already a subject another.

And now how were not confirmed fears that a big family - it is very heavy, it is back-breaking toil and it is life without rest and entertainments.

The main thing and, perhaps, the most important that we invented from the first days - children and adults have to adhere more - less some schedule of life.

to Younger children need to sleep in the afternoon, for example. And they, naturally, do not love it. Means, it is necessary to think up incentive, to inspire for a dream. Here, of course, an ingenuity - the good assistant.

- Children, the one who will frankly and well have a sleep, but not just will count flies on a ceiling, will be a rescuer today. Now the pool will heat up, all we will bathe, and the rescuer will order and keep order.

Children will sleep, precisely. Also will not look for the reason hundred times to leave on some need the room.

Best “slept“ will be hit then in hands, for example, a stop watch, and will begin to allocate bathing time to everyone. The stop watch can be and toy. It is possible to think up a loud-hailer from a leaf of a Whatman paper, it is possible to allow to give life jackets or number of “athlete“. Yes, you never know.

And that to the second, third, it was not offensive, allow also them to practise business of the rescue drowning for five minutes that next time tried to fall asleep at least for hour or so.

To rise in the morning without problems not to be late in a garden - too a task sometimes excessive.

Again we invent: “Children, the one who will put on and will wash earlier you descend, please, in the car, open doors to air salon, and that such heat on the street. All right?“

Still - in ten minutes both will be and are dressed and washed, and will even brush the hair well - such task cool - most to open the car, to whistle the alarm system, to sit driving five minutes!

With seniors it is already simpler - they acquired long ago that it is necessary to come back not later 21 in the evening. 30, differently the whole week it is impossible to invite to the house of friends, and most it is already necessary to come back at two o`clock earlier. Going on a visit or to a meeting to the friend, it is just categorically obligatory on a board at an entrance door to leave phone numbers of friends - girlfriends and approximately to mark territories “walks - meetings“.

Why 21. 30, but not 22. 00, for example? Yes, because to buy before going to bed the younger brother and the sister - duties of seniors. And nobody (even “ruthless“ mummy) will begin to control this business - children will go to bed with dirty heels. Duties were stipulated, the parties agreed - carry out, please. At mother - another matters which for her too nobody will make. (Heels I will wipe, of course, to the sleeping children that nobody noticed).

To accustom children to work when most already shakes from this word by a weekend, put not it and DIFFICULT at all. need sharpness and small cunning Too. By the way, on the way it is possible to re-educate also slightly the husband if bothered, for example, every morning instead of “Good morning, expensive!“ to hear: “And where my socks?“.

Small children just adore pottering with water. Here I offered the husband: “Listen, let`s teach them to erase. Everyone to himself would have to wash socks if there is no big washing in the house today. Go, teach them, and I so far to you will make such dinner, m - m - m …“.

Well, and nothing terrible if you, most likely, wash then everything secretly from children. And they will gradually learn to prepare since evening for themselves socks and kerchiefs in kindergarten. Also will be proud of the fact that made it. You will not give yourself, will not tell that you washed carefully?!

My kids, playing, and, by the way, quite qualitatively, can wash lockers in kitchen or ware (it is desirable, unbreakable). Well and, and the ware needs imperceptibly to be seen and washed up then, gradually prompting what bast or a brush better washes a saucepan for porridge. And (oh …) it is desirable to podteret a floor behind them, to walk a rag dry already on cases. Now, for the present children did not “get to the core“ of me, they do such homework as an award for good behavior.

With seniors it is more difficult. Is not even more difficult, and is already slightly more expensive. Though … How to look on it … at

- Little girls, is at you what - nibud desire, dream? - I ask the daughter and the niece, eighth-graders who are sticking out in the afternoon in “VKontakte“.

- Well … - razulybatsya, thinking out something such, both.

- Not, well, not it global! - I manage to warn.

- Well, at cinema … - Slightly are upset.

- And is more serious?

- Mothers, well we would like in a good pizzeria and so that to sit, not to hurry anywhere. Together. - The daughter pensively raises eyes to a ceiling.

- And then at cinema! - The niece on everyone “firefighter“ adds - suddenly, asked a little.

- Here to you money. - I get round, sufficient for such baldeniye together, the sum. I put on a shelf. But! Service - for service. The girlfriend comes to me on a visit even from the Far East, it would not be desirable to open before her a case of which the neglazhenny clothes fall out. Whether you will help, little girls? I something upakhatsya absolutely, I am not in time … - Here - I here am ready to begin to cry.

- Hurrah!!! - The daughter shouts.

- By itself, aunt Natasha! Spasibochki! - the plemyashka picks up.

Girls redid such work for which at me week would leave, at least!

In principle - that, all of us equally allocate money to seniors for such here entertainments, and here also advantage what.

Or here, in these days off, went, as always to the farm. All family moreover with friends and with friends of the senior children. The girlfriend who for the first time with us went to the nature by the end of rest speaks to me: “Listen, I do not even represent how many to us now time to be necessary that all things which are taken out from the house on a glade, to collect, to bring order. Horror!“

- You that?! - I am surprised. - Fifteen minutes at most. Look!

- Children! - I call, laughing. - Run here, for “five-minute“! The quicker now we will gather, the we will have more time for bathing on the Vileysky reservoir.


- Only, please, as always - quickly, but it is qualitative, all right? So far I will change clothes of kids and I will collect our clothes, to everyone - on a task:

Ilya with Vasya (friend) - to sort tent, to collect and bring plastic chairs, a table, a brazier in the house, to remove a volleyball net.

Sveta, Vick (niece) and Liouba (the son`s girlfriend) - to deal with ware, to collect products. And what we take away home and what here it is possible to leave. The dishes can be not washed, and just to fill in with water with detergent and to leave in a tank. You will wash next time.

- No, we it is better now fast! - Object, having remembered as once made quite so, and then suffered, washing and turning away noses from this tank.

- Tell the father that assembled the tool, extinguished fires and closed all windows in the house. - I continue. - And let will sweep, maybe, in kitchen …

- Yes, ourselves, you what?! - As it they the father will force to sweep a peel from sunflower seeds which at night (!) outlined, listening to music by candlelight and playing “sea battle“?! And, maybe, and in cards. I resolve imperceptibly. Better let “sins“ shake out houses.

In fifteen minutes we already sang songs in the car, driving up to the beach. On the road, in gratitude for the good company, the friend of the husband of all children dragged in MDonald`s though they poorly protested - inconveniently “to ruin“ the guest!

Not to tire you with “umnost“, on it allow to take the leave. And that you did not think that we as robots, only and we do that we teach children to work and obey, I will tell next time about how we study on “perfectly“; as we raise also children and ourselves spiritually; as we learn to love and others; what animated cartoons and as we look; as as we read for the night as we learn not to envy, not to be greedy. And how we with the husband find time and for a romantic dinner by candlelight. , in general, time ““ at me is enough

I for itself. I even write the books at night.

I do not consider myself as the best or wisest mother. By no means. I - just mother of a big family. And I study at others too. And the fact that I am able itself to share I am not greedy.