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The person - for a backpack or a backpack - for the person?

In solar system there is no planet under the name Backpack. But it - yet not an occasion to sound alarm. Where - nibud in more civilized part of the Universe if properly to look, the prospering civilization will for certain be found, it is proud calling itself... one of hundreds of synonyms or hyperonyms or hyponyms of the simple German word a backpack (Rucksack - a knapsack). There live harmonous broad-shouldered beings who during long evolution made an unambiguous choice for zaplechny carrying of all necessary objects and things.

So, backpack. Knapsack, carryall, road bag, sidor, rukzak, satchel, gorbovik, swag, ponyaga, pocket, pussycat, burse, colitis, sack, bag, feed bag, Kolobok... Call as will take in head if only it was convenient to bear.

Inhabitants of the planet the Backpack several thousands of years improved the zaplechny devices for carrying of various freights and even children. Now they know that the nature created shoulders and a back counting on a backpack. That is why the choice of backpacks on this beautiful planet is so diverse. You judge.

Backpacks are for all occasions:

- a forwarding backpack is intended for carrying of big freights on long routes; it is supplied with system of uniform distribution of weight on a back and optimization of the center of gravity; volume - from 60 liters;

- a marching backpack or tracking is suitable for campaigns on two - three days; volume - to 80 liters; it is supplied with additional external fastenings for equipment;

- an assault backpack; the name speaks for itself - the backpack is used at storm of mountain tops; in it stack only the most necessary; volume - to 60 liters; it is equipped with various accessories for fastening of the hinged equipment: ice axes, tracking sticks, helmets, ropes, carbines;

- a sports backpack; have small volume - to 30 liters; the main requirements to such backpacks - the minimum weight, convenience of carrying and ventilation of a back and plechy;

- a snowboard and alpine skiing backpack; small volume - to 30 liters; the main appointment - carrying of the things necessary at driving on routes and out of routes, fastening of skis and snowboards; an opportunity to get into a backpack, without removing skis, snowboards, equipment by special pockets for avalanche saving equipment;

- a bicycle backpack; on inserts from reflecting materials, or - small small lamps - indicators have to be mute by all means; it is supplied often with a special bright apron which protects the cyclist from wind and splashes and does rather noticeable on the road;

- cycle trousers; kind of a bicycle backpack; fastens on a luggage carrier; volume - from 30 to 100 liters; has straps on a case of carrying of the bicycle behind shoulders on short distances;

- special backpacks; are used in different extreme competitions, races, explaining the ground; it is a lot of external pockets and fastenings which allow a nakhod to take the necessary objects; are equipped with drinking system - plastic capacity for liquid with an elastic tube;

- a city backpack; the most widespread type of a backpack; usually in a city backpack there are a lot of pockets and pockets, several internal offices, there is no system of a suspension bracket and a zone belt; volume - to 30 liters;

- a rollersky backpack; it is equipped with special fastening for rollers;

- a children`s backpack; the facilitated design for little travelers; children`s school backpacks - a convenient design, small weight, soft straps;

- a backpack for carrying of the child; in most cases - frame; adjustable system of a suspension bracket under any growth, a peak from a rain and the sun.