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Soccer - business thin

Calling in question someone`s level of culture, ancient Greeks said that this person is not able neither to read, nor to float. Chinese - by itself, ancient - could doubt advantages of the soldier of imperial army if that was not able to play in tsutszyu (literally - to push with a leg), a prototype of modern soccer.

The Chinese soccer was included into the obligatory program of physical training of soldiers, and the first mention of it belongs to the 2nd century BC. The country which presented to the world silk, paper, a compass and a set of other useful things was also the homeland of that game which dements the whole world now. China of the second century BC played soccer even women.

On the platform of certain sizes at distance of 4 meters from each other drove two bamboo sticks height about 4 meters too. Between them pulled a network in which top part the opening with a diameter of 60 centimeters where it was necessary to get a ball was done, in other words - to score a goal. Game submitted to the rules providing about ten violations. The ball represented the leather cover filled by feathers and wool. The opening for a goal settled down quite highly: it is clear, that hit in it by a ball required considerable skill. It was allowed to touch a ball by the head, shoulders, a breast, a back and, of course, legs. The only part of a body which was under a ban - palms. There was no special football equipment. Played soccer in casual clothes. Boots, football pants, t-shirts, goalkeeper gloves, football gaiters, that is, the football form appeared much later - in medieval Europe in the English soccer.

This sports meet taking and demanding not smaller than current soccer, the persistence and skill, first, however, was not a team game in strict sense of the word. Generally speaking, any games or manipulations with spherical attribute in any ancient culture come from rituals of worship of the solar sphere and, certainly, ascending, that is bearing to the nature the impregnating morning light. And in China soccer arose, obviously, not for the sake of training of soldiers. The sphere represented the future everywhere. And ritual ball games were widespread on all continents. However, FIFA in 2004 recognized that the Chinese option of soccer - the most ancient. Recognized so recognized. What sense to argue with it?

Truly team game the Chinese soccer became only on the Japanese soil. There in the 2nd century AD ball game - Kemari in whom played 8 people became popular, trying not to assume that the ball concerned the earth. Only in a team game weaker players get chance of a victory as have an opportunity to interfere with players of other team to show the skill.

It turns out that it is safely possible to tell about ancient east ball game: soccer - business thin. In England the 12th century it was understood not at once. Though game received today`s name exactly there.