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Ball game under constellation of the Turtle

you reflected sometime why ancient Maya called our constellation of Twins constellation of the Turtle? Is not present? So reflect. And in general, why they had such strange names for constellations: A bat, the Frog, the Parrot, the Dragon with a trunk, the Owl, the Scorpion, the Turtle, the Rattlesnake? Present the modern astrologer operating with their names.

But this yet not strangest. Maya could not invent a wheel, but were able to comprehend idea of recurrence of time, did not use draft animals, did not know a potter`s wheel, however, thought up a ball game which resembles today`s big tennis or more likely volleyball. And nothing is present surprising any more that ancient Maya did not invent the bicycle. But they synthesized idea of death - revival of god of a maize. Why to them the bicycle if there is a ball game? And in it - infinite change of life and death.

There were at least three kinds of this ritual and all - sports meet: “a hand - a ball“, “a stick - a ball“ and “a hip - a ball“. Differed rules, equipment of players and a type of stadiums. “The head - a ball“ could not be for that simple reason that rubber kruglyash weighed 4 - 5 kg. And the look quite corresponded to a gun kernel. Skatyvali such “kernel“ from hevea tree juice which is called latex today. Columbus`s bandits, of course, were stunned when they saw how bandits of the Maya play gun kernels. Especially, in so exotic sports equipment: the stone collar (Hugo) weighing about 30 kg fastened on a belt of players in a ball, under a collar and on hands there was a protective winding, in hands - a stone bat (manopla) reminding a form the weight. A rubber ball was returned by a collar or a bat.

Two teams battled in the field, divided into two parts. The ball was tried to be served so that the opponent could not beat off it. That team which made less mistakes won. Won quite often sacrificed to god of a maize, chopping off it the heads at the same stadium where there was a game.

Columbus brought latex to Spain, but Europeans could master it only in 1839 when invented curing of rubber mix.

Interpretation of one of the Maya riddles - the huge stone heads, separate, more than a meter by height and weighing about 20 tons is connected with studying of a ball game. It is considered that these heads are monuments to unlucky players in a ball.