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Life without fear. How the doctrine of yoga belongs to death?

the Question of death do not leave anybody indifferent, but one people try to learn about it, and others diligently “leave“ from a sensitive issue. Moves one desire to learn what the state is and that expects them after death, others are stopped by fear. The science cannot answer adequately this question more and more yet inclines to representations which were stated in ancient spiritual traditions.

Some provisions look approximately so:

- the death of a physical body does not mean the termination of existence of an individual;

- it is impossible to keep a physical body, but thin spiritual aspects of the person are not subject to disintegration;

- the death is only a transitional phase from one embodiment in another;

- the death “erases“ part of information on former life, but at the same time intrinsic qualities of the personality remain;

- it is possible to find states at which the person will be able to control process of dying and the new embodiment;

- it is possible to find such condition of spirit at which the death is not endured in usual sense of the word (the consciousness continuity from life in life remains);

- it is possible to find final freedom and to leave “wheel“ of births and death.

Reconsideration of human nature

Modern science gets into the thinnest plans lying on border of matter and a net energy. It gives the chance in a new way to comprehend human nature. Even more often the speech comes about “field“ life forms, thin power plans of life, of supermental, transcendental conditions. The science and ancient systems of development of the personality find “common ground“.

Ancient mystics and yogina carefully investigated deep areas of consciousness and energy, highest “measurements“ of Reality by means of the cleared mental tools of knowledge, for many years practicing the most difficult technicians of concentration of meditation. Such efforts were necessary to find the way allowing to overcome various restrictions at the physical, power and mental level and to go beyond an illness, an old age and death .

As a result in the doctrine of yoga unique development tools of a human body, energy and mentality were created. And we can use for the good of achievement of great masters of antiquity for improvement of own qualities now to lead more harmonious productive life. It is extraordinary important for the ordinary person.

the Way to harmony of the person

When the personality finds clarity and power of consciousness, high level of energy and a durable body, she can perceive more deeply and more brightly various life experience and by that to raise “a soul maturity“. Such formation allows to be exempted from psychological “pressure“ of a factor of an old age and inevitable death gradually. The person finds confidence and a peace of mind, harmony with the world.

Views and methods of yoga organically join many spheres of life, culture and outlook of people, the philosophy, psychology and other areas of knowledge is guided by these principles. Now you will surprise nobody with the concepts “karma“, “regeneration or incarnation“, “self-realization“, “enlightenment“, “charkas“, etc. But all these terms came to us from east spiritual culture in which they are closely bound in the certain complete system of Knowledge comprising and idea of death - revival.

Depth of ancient knowledge

The fact that very often the yoga is perceived too superficially only as system of improving exercises, does not reduce its true value as for serious seekers there is always deeper level of knowledge. The highest spiritual plan of the Doctrine comprising various means of all-round development of the personality, power and spiritual. Practicians who allow to endure states very similar to a dream without dreams or death. It gives deep understanding of transformations of consciousness, the changed conditions of mentality and learns to operate these processes.

the Question of quality of life

of the Yogi, being very ancient (more than 5 thousand years, for comparison: the Judaism is about 3000 years old; to the Buddhism - 2500, to Christianity - 2000) the doctrine about the person and the Universe, fed with the knowledge many spiritual traditions and cultures. The question of death was very important for the person during all his life, and in many respects it defined morally - moral values of society. The fact that modern people consider by a time that after death only the non-existence, is sad ignorance, deceptive delusion which “allows“ to live egocentrically, carelessly and immorally, without thinking of consequences.

But “ignorance of spiritual laws does not exempt from liability“ and results of the self-destroying actions should be reaped inevitably. So why in advance to create to itself the reasons of sufferings. Life can be filled with light and good, beauty and love, creativity and freedom!

Therefore, having only seriously thought of what is death, and having cleared for itself this question, it is possible to understand how you have to live the life. .