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Christopher Nolan`s “beginning“. How not to get confused in labyrinths of dreams?

of Kobb earn to itself a living by the fact that to people the brain quite professionally takes out.

Takes out not all, but only that part which is of commercial interest to the customer. After habitual ways of recognition of foreign secrets and secrets - soldering irons, irons, threats and a banal fight - sputter out, Kobb and its team comes to the rescue.

Than what it is simpler, dear? We lull the client, we pull out a magic small suitcase, we connect couple of provodok, and voila - we in the client`s dreams. In a dream the object leaves the passwords and logins more simply, often even without noticing that he was robbed.

Industrial spies of Kobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Artur (Joseph Gordon - Levitt) do not test fault, and they are not tormented by nightmares. Moreover, Kobb so got used to the work that without the wonderful device already dreams and do not dream it. However, it even to the best because the cock-a-hoop so reigns in the head of the main character and, and he often loses a thread of reality and confuses where a reality and where subconsciousness intrigues.

Kobb - the best in the business and for this reason influential Japanese business - the magnate Sayto (Ken Watanabe) addresses it. Appeals unusual for which he promises to pay with not less generous service on scope - to clear fairly soiled name of Kobba before the law.

Singularity of mission is that this time in others head it is necessary not to steal information, and to make action opposite - to enclose in it, the head, a false message. That is if usually children are engaged in “extraction“, then now they need to carry out focus on the contrary - “introduction“. The main competitor Sayto, the son of the dying owner of the powerful energy company Robert Fischer (Killian Murphy) who after carrying out “procedure“ has to suddenly want to disorganize the enterprise here - here it will get which by inheritance becomes the purpose.

“Introduction“ - process very difficult, science up to the end not studied and unstable. The main thing that the client himself reached standard and completely believed that the idea came to it, without assistance. For this purpose grain needs to be aroused so deeply in bottomless open spaces of a human brain as far as it is possible. In other words, business is not limited to one dream. It is necessary to embody a dream in a dream. And it is even better, a dream in a dream dream. What will finally confuse possible defenders of intellectual property (yes, is and such, acting as opposed to our heroes) and the viewer watching this process. For performance of so labor-consuming task of Kobbu there is not enough one Artur on pickup, it is necessary to expand the team at the expense of the Architect (Ellen Page), the Simulator (Tom Hardy) and the Chemist. Also do not ask even who all these people … I Will tell

honestly, in general the movie at Christopher Nolan turned out. Especially it is pleasant because the project is mainly original; it is not the screen version of the best-seller, not adaptation of the comic book and not continuation / background. Mainly, because all - the idea of the movie partially continues to develop finds of earlier tapes on this subject. In particular, by itself the analogy to well-known “Matrix“ of brothers of Vachovski naprashivat. Parallels are easily traced as in an idea (opposition of reality to the virtual, fictional world), and in the embodiment. Nevertheless Nolan`s merit is available because he not stupidly copies others practices, and very sophisticated develops the and borrowed ideas, taking away them in far distances beyond human imagination.

By the way, specifically to the scenario there are no claims. Well, or it is few. The matter is that from the first you will hardly manage to master all subject peripetias. It seems and heroes it is not much, and the main procedure with this “introduction“ is clear and clear. But when realization begins, the roof begins to go not only at characters of the movie, but also at the audience in the movie theater hall because to be in time behind events on the screen it turns out not at all attendees. Just as DiCaprio`s hero tests the beginning Architect Ariadna (a familiar name, isn`t that so?) forcing it to draw fancy labyrinths, and the director as if does an acid test of the viewer, forcing the most part of the movie to wander in the dark.

Excessive congestion details and an artful design of conclusions everything is takes place. But does not spoil general impression, and only assumes that the viewer will want to reconsider a picture again up to the end to understand that who, whom, why and why. Personally I am going to make it as soon as I get access to the license version.

Visually “Beginning“ - a real holiday that once again shows rich opportunities of modern computer animation. Thank God, here just all moderately - competent kaskadersky statements with firing and pursuits alternate with very original experiments with the picture. Big bow to Nolan for the fact that he did not follow the tastes of a fashionable trend to remove / make a copy of cinema in 3D. “Beginning“ only benefited from it.

Now about actor`s works. Leonardo DiCaprio to whom many for some reason cannot forgive sudden rise of a film career at the expense of pop “Titanic“ and “Beaches“ in any way looks absolutely on the place. After “Bloody diamond“ I completely trust emotions of this actor therefore Nolan made everything correctly because the character Kobba really not to everyone on teeth. And DiCaprio coped perfectly.

From Kobba`s team Tom Hardy to whom it is obviously already close on supporting roles is most of all allocated. Thank God, it is noticeable not only to the ordinary viewer so in the near future we will manage to contemplate Hardy who is again embodying an image of the famous futuristic fighter against crime, “the soldier of roads“, “Mad“ Max Rokatanski.

Other actors and their characters were not exceptional, but are professional. And Marion Kotiyyar who played a role of the wife of Kobba and the eternal wanderer on Nolan`s movies, his happy mascot Michael Caine. A little Ellen Page, but rather not the game, but too cine ingenuity irritated. It was hardly believed that the yesterday`s student half an hour later begins to specify to the main character what to tell and where to go. In fact it is the only puncture in the scenario (or too cliched film convention) which is obviously evident.

I summarize. It is necessary to look at a new picture of Christopher Nolan. It is desirable at movie theater where the scale and intensity of action will be felt stronger and brighter. I warn at once, the first half an hour to you will hardly be possible to think completely why everything occurs exactly as occurs. Relax and derive pleasure, further creators of the movie will give you a helping hand and will carry out on strange back streets of dreams. The main thing - to trust.