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Women and sport: are incompatible?

In this case we will not consider professional works sport which often are followed by injuries and imply loadings, limit for an organism, at which the body quickly wears out, health comes to an end. And we will talk about sport as about a necessary element of modern life.

The concept “sport“ began to arise a lot more centuries back, then it were rather the rituals allowing men to prove the right for the power. And it developed that sport became destiny of men.

Vital way of antiquity assumed strict division of functions of men and women. Hunting, production, protection, war, dangers - to these were engaged men, and the birth of children, care of them, safety of a home - were considered as female occupations.

And value both, especially at the time of creation of a family, was defined proceeding from an opportunity to correspond to the above described conditions. The value of the woman consisted of appeal to attract the man to reproduction, and from health to give birth to healthy children, and it is important that remained to raise forces them. From the man physical force, often extreme endurance and speed of reaction that he was able to support a family without fail were required. Respectively, fight for a place in the sun, especially till a marriage, at women consisted in constant desire to prove that it the most beautiful (and it was necessary only for reproduction), and at the man - that he the strongest and dexterous, only he was obliged to prove it every day, the children capable to feed him will not grow up yet.

Thus, the scheme described above was the mutually advantageous enterprise which purpose for both was a survival of a sort and providing a full old age. Perhaps, then the concept “institute of a family“ at the heart of which there were vital functions also began to be formed.

So was always and that now? When for livelihood it is not necessary to catch up with a mammoth any more and to independently plow hectares of fields, there is no need as much as possible to breed in youth not to starve to death in old age? When children stopped being means for a survival?

The woman for the man became not just a mother for children, he wants to see a number of the person which will be valuable in itself. To possess external appeal, charm, to divide interests, to show mutual understanding and so on. Children are a big component of a family, but already not only.

And to many women it is still difficult to realize it. Switching to the child, they absolutely cease to care for themselves, and as a result - for interests of the man. And here big disappointments and revelations when families fall come.

From where to take this understanding when the woman from time immemorial cared only for how, so far beautiful and young by nature, quicker and more favourably to marry. And instead of maintenance of beauty the woman was engaged in an embellishment of what the nature gave more. But the nature both gave, and all natural is successful took away after the delivery. Earlier it quite suited the woman, there was no need longer to care for appearance.

But today it is difficult to hold the necessary man nearby, relying on “ancient“ behavior and beliefs. Now the woman needs to be attractive both after a marriage, and after the birth of children. So let`s look round around and we will look that we have and that with it to do.

The educational system, social norms preach that physical development of women has to be limited to lack of excess fat, a good figure, and that, will not give rise yet, and other cares, children for the woman - the main thing are farther. And since the childhood to girls, future women and mothers, the behavior which 100% guarantee problems in the future is put.

Dressing up in magnificent dresses, decorating with improbable bows, often parents do a doll of the child, forbidding the girl to run and jump with other children, “. so only boys behave, and you are a girl, look at yourself!“. The child at such age, looking at itself, for the present not really understands about what the speech, but, trusting parents, gradually begins to form understanding about the “correct“ behavior.

While in school days boys actively play soccer, volleyball, hockey, other outdoor games, girls, at best, are limited to “bouncers“ and almost forgotten “pioneerball“. Approximately years with 12, having seen enough series, having read women`s magazines, girls acquire that sport is not abruptly, it for men. Many parents encourage their new beliefs, “being conducted“ on imaginary morbidity and desire of girls “to otkosit“ from physical culture, asking teachers to exempt their children from unreasonable physical activities. And meanwhile magazines in all dazzle with a variety of fashionable color tendencies in clothes, advertize cosmetics, diets, but not development of physical culture.

Perhaps, those who consider sport not as female occupation are right. Let`s assume that it so. There is a typical picture.

The girl ceases to run, jump actively by 10 - 12 years, high physical activity stops, now it has a belief that sport not for it. But along with it there takes place powerful hormonal reorganization which, among other, is shown in active adjournment of fat on hips, a stomach. If the raised metabolism and ability of an organism to growth allows them to remain with teenagers still any time in shape, then later the food consisting of fat and carbohydrates, plus everyday sitting within 8 hours in the course of training or work without additional physical activity endurance indicators almost zero begin to do a figure unattractive, and. Then problems with health begin. Still ancient spoke: in a pot-belly - there are a lot of diseases.

Youth and the health put by the nature still allows to keep and to somehow attract men. What occurs after the delivery? The nature thanks for the executed biological function - reproduction, and provides to the woman most to understand that it will have with a figure, with health, than it will attract men now. Attempts of campaigns to the gym, on stadium, to the pool begin. But as the organism did not get used to loadings, and the aspiration to play sports arises from a hopelessness, there are injuries, disappointment, finally, women give up occupations and continue to get fat and be ill.

Such picture even more often becomes habitual and universal. But it not that there is a wish to see. I suggest to consider the following thesis.

It is necessary women in life not easy therefore they have to be ready to difficulties, physical and mental activities. And the foundation for this readiness has to be laid in the childhood.

It is necessary to advertize not clothes and cosmetics, but physical beauty and health, to put at the child understanding of esthetic beauty of a body due to its physical development. To cultivate the concept “health“ - as value.

Perhaps, grandmothers for whom children always thin, and becomes their main mission quicker should not “get rid“ of the child to fatten grandsons, as a result - to spoil to them health, and to consider the possibility since the childhood to accustom the child to sports, to active lifestyle through sports camp, the same fitness - clubs, almost each of which offers occupations for children`s groups for today.

Perhaps, you will have not one hundred more options too how to make the life it is better, and the children healthy and happy, imparting it necessary for life in the modern world of belief. Let this article will be a reminder: can be, it is time to change something?