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How to Change the Life to the Best?

“You want to change life - first of all change yourself!“

Most of people on the earth dream or dreamed to become successful, happy, rich, to have good relations with an opposite sex and a good health.

But from all people only know units how to change the life to the best and to turn the destiny to the best. Almost all from them do not believe in themselves and the forces therefore they lower hands and they should reconcile to the fact that they have a deplorable state. Some of them prefer to think what little depends on them in this world, and it is their biggest mistake. But actually that the majority of those people who for any reasons did not achieve success in life could achieve it if they took responsibility for the life and began to act, overcoming all obstacles in the hard way.

But how then it is possible to change itself, to change the life to the best?

* Positively to think of

Usually successful people are capable to think positively in difference from losers. They adjust themselves on the best that can happen to them, program the consciousness on achievement of the grandiose purposes, on wealth. In their life a huge number of positive emotions.

But how to learn positive thinking if there is around nothing that could bring joy? But actually everything is not so difficult

as it seems. To learn to think it is positively necessary to master and use three most effective technicians is a gratitude, affirmation and visualization. It is necessary to steer clear of people who radiate negative emotions, envy, mistrust, discontent. And still to exclude from viewing the latest world news and cruel movies since they that will definitely not bring joy and positive thinking in your life. Instead it is possible to look at the comedy, to read the interesting book or to take a walk in the fresh air.

* Stressovoustoychivost of

All successful people can control the emotions. Various trifles cannot spoil to them mood, and simple people live in a stress almost all life. It is impossible to allow the nervous system to settle all the resources. To learn to operate a stress - one of the main components of successful life.

For increase of a stressovoustoychivost exists a set of ways, such as breathing exercises, autogenic training etc. of

* Necessary qualities of the person for achievement of the purposes.

to achieve success and self-realization it is necessary to possess the following merits of the personality:

o confidence,

o commitment,

o passion,

o optimism,

o patience,

o self-discipline.

The condition of passion is especially important. For this reason all successful people love that business in what are engaged. Therefore it is very important to be engaged in what really is pleasant to you, and brings pleasure. And the vital purposes to choose only those which inspire you which you really want to achieve.

Change the destiny to the best and let you nothing will prevent to make it!