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Tenerife: what remained from disappeared guanchy? Pyramids of

So, in 1494 the proud Andalusian duke Don Alonzo Fernandez de Lugo for the first time descended on the coast of Tenerife and set up a royal flag. The gain of the island lasted two years, and there was it, certainly, rigid and bloody. The survived guanch (which hardly it is possible to call lucky) went to work at a plantation, the others were sold in slavery in the markets of slaves - the slave trade then with might and main prospered.

Social life and wars

was divided by

of Tenerife at guancha into several kingdoms. The master ascended to a throne together with the only spouse (but also “stains“ were possible). At the same time quite often guanch were at enmity among themselves. The number of efficient men by the time of a gain - about 15 thousand. They were quite aggressive, perfectly owned prashchy and could stand for themselves. Even in battles with soldiers not just the best in the world as whom Spaniards, but really absolutely other era were considered then. A steel armor and firearms against stones and sticks of the Neolithic! And the first victory was behind stones and sticks. To be exact, behind courage of protected.

Just shortly before a gain of the island there was a war and between guancha that, naturally, did not give them big forces in resistance. Benkomo - one of governors of the island is known. He even once managed to win fight with Spaniards, but as he was busy with civil strifes, finally from Don Alonzo Fernandez de Lugo he died in fight. And with his death resistance came to naught...

The civilization of guanchy stopped existence, and from the people soon there were 600 people, and then and nobody. Though there is an assumption that a certain assimilation and mixture all - took place. And genes ancient guanchy continue to live in inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

The gone civilizations always cause feeling of irreplaceable loss. And judging by some archeological finds and architectural monuments, it was rather developed civilization with the secrets which are still not solved. One of such secrets - pyramids guanchy.

of the Pyramid

Originally was considered that it is just agricultural terraces. But not so long ago discovery was made, and the Norwegian researcher of ancient civilizations and the traveler Tur Heyerdal made it. Step pyramids of Guimar forced Heyerdal to move to Tenerife and to thoroughly study them on the place. He suggested that these pyramids have much in common with similar constructions in Mexico, Peru, Mesopotamia and Polynesia. Not incidentally in this complex a lot of things are devoted to the Norwegian: and the whole section of the museum where models and copies of vessels on which Heyerdal swam are stored, creating them on ancient drawings.

The most interesting - astronomical orientation of pyramids: they are focused on a sunset in the period of a summer solstice and on sunrise at a winter solstice. Pyramids could be obviously used as astronomical stations in the help of establishment of a calendar and for forecasting of important dates in agriculture.

But these pyramids were used also in the sacral purposes. It is known that their steps poured down milk of sacred goats who were grazed there. And they were made of the squared blocks taken from the stiffened lava. Also everything is executed very strictly and precisely, as according to the drawing.

Between pyramids scientists found several platforms, one of which by the size is comparable to a city square. Probably, there were also mass religious rites of guanchy.

The cave (called it a cave the Chaconne) where ordinary objects of life guanchy, dated for 680-1020 years were also found was found in the same pyramidal complex). Perhaps, there lived a certain inspector of pyramids, or perhaps and others. Plainly nothing nevertheless is known, and scientific work is conducted there.

An origin and purposes of pyramids or Guimar`s Pyramids remains guanchy a big riddle which still the mankind should solve. It is necessary to solve also petroglyphs - the letter guanchy which for the uninitiated person something reminds a descent the well-known drawings of one mysterious valley made from height. This deceptive feeling, of course, but the fact remains - petroglyphs are not deciphered. And even what they are, - is unclear: either ancient writing, or symbolical images.

Such the civilization of guanchy appears at us. On the one hand - the cave people who are living mainly primitive cattle breeding, not knowing metals (while Europeans killed the millennium each other with the weapon known to us). On the other hand - proud and independent people with the ideas of the world, legends and plans for the future who were not fated to be realized.

But they left us secret. More precisely - there are a lot of secrets...