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Tenerife: what remained from disappeared guanchy? Mummies and caves of

of Tenerife - the biggest island of the archipelago of the Canary Islands. He (thanks to a volcano) - as the pyramid towering from the ocean.

About Tenerife knew long since, Platon considered the Canary Islands as the remains of legendary Atlantis, other ancient gave them different beautiful names. These islands were known to Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans. And here in language guanchy Tenerife is meant by the “white mountain“ - as the peak of a volcano (3718 meters) is covered with snow.

of Guangchi

Attempts to colonize the island of Tenerife were already made by

from the late Middle Ages: there is documentary recorded evidence of travel of Normans, genoeses, Catalans, Portuguese. But the Spanish armada conquered islands. Spaniards broke resistance of aboriginals of the island - mysterious guanchy.

These surprising disappeared people cause the increasing interest. And since visit of the island Round by Heyerdal scientific work on studying of a unique civilization of aboriginals of Tenerife does not stop. Images of guanchy are used with might and main, even in K`iche`: the whole sketches or pictures can be seen in the most unexpected places.

Who there were guanch? And it is still unknown. Perhaps, once came from Severo - the West of Africa, but there were at the same time light-skin and svetloglaza. There is an assumption that they were among the so-called “People of the Sea“ directing horror at all coast Mediterranean in due time exhausting, especially, to Egypt. Perfectly owning seaworthy equipment and skills, they could reach gradually and the place where for some reason stopped and “landed“, having lost gradually the seaworthy talents, like inhabitants of Easter Island. There were people quite terrestrial, got used to settled life.

But in the self-name “guanch“ - the native with Tenerife (or the inhabitant of Tenerife). Too riddle: they from where - that appeared on the island in Atlantic. Theories remain theories, new assumptions continue to be born, and the secret is not solved.

By the time of arrival of colonialists of a guancha continued to live in the Neolithic. They lived in caves, bred goats, gradually went in for agriculture. Were famous for the dogs who perfectly helped them to graze herds of goats. Dogs guanchy - a special subject for conversation.

of the Cave and ordinary life

guanchy are scattered by

of the Cave on all island. Sometimes absolutely it is unclear, as (and why) guanch could make the way home on absolutely impassable rock (as here, on Martianes`s rock).

But, probably, it was much more convenient to live in caves, than to build dwellings. Not so hot in the summer afternoon, it is not so windy at winter night (in spite of the fact that Tenerife has approximately identical climate all the year round, nevertheless the tiny difference in seasons is felt). And, first of all, safety: the strongest of possible walls, protection against bad weather and during wars. Lived at the entrance where there is more air, light and heat. Lit the caves with ceramic lamps on animal fat.

of the Mummy

Some caves were strictly in places burials - here left the dead who are previously embalmed. Level of “care“ of a dead body and the left objects accompanying travel of soul to the following world indicated a social origin of the dead. Than more objects and more beautiful ornament - the person was “more solid“. As well as everywhere.

Apparently, guanch believed in one Almighty God and in immortality of soul. Also they were one of three people which possessed skills of a mummifying. To do mummies - art and a special ceremony. Mummies are known only at ancient Egyptians, Peruvians and guanchy. It also served one of the reasons which induced Heyerdal to do Tura the assumption of some communication between so far cultures.

It is possible to look at the remained mummies wrapped in goat skins in the capital museum - them very much: men, women, children. Even features though it is sad and strange to get accustomed to remains of the deceased person long ago are visible.

Caves and mummies - not the only thing that distinguishes guanchy. Traces of their long life on the island are visible in many respects. And one of the most interesting places on the island - a complex of pyramids. About pyramids - next time.