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Acquaintance blindly: whether to trust the Internet the destiny?

The other day I was at a wedding. At own father. Yes, and it happens too. There passed several years after death of our mother, and the father decided to arrange the private life. Correctly, of course - I speak without condemnation and I have no to judge the right. Life alone - it as the house without windows - heat, chilly, sideways does not blow, from above does not drip, there is only no light … Anew the father managed to light up the life by means of the Internet.

Then virtual acquaintances are quite real? In principle, this useful acquisition of modern mankind - as milk in tetrapakovsky packing, fasteners on flypapers or notebooks with detachable sheets.

“Online“ - novels are nearly more popular now than acquaintances “alive“. Eh, living during an era of high technologies, we for some reason feel such lonely though, it seems, and the internet websites - hospitably cracked windows to the world - to our services, both phones of all colors, and the TV, and the high-speed transport which is easily overcoming kilometer distances. And we are from each other farther and farther.

However, we will leave lyrics. Complexity of internet acquaintances only in one: how to distinguish - the person on that side of reality really exists or is a fruit of imagination of his creator? There is a lot of in network of fans to give itself for other people, and quite often even not the floor - to them it, speaking the modern language, “on a trick“. Of course - it is cheerful: you in the seventh heaven for pleasure of finding of the real feeling, and at this time your outpourings are read, ukhakhatyvayas, in the cheerful company instead of a joke, under a beer small bottle.

History of internet acquaintances knows many examples when the slender young blonde appears very shabby brunette weighing under hundred kilograms. And the intelligent young man with three higher educations at a meeting begins to express as the tipsy janitor. Instead of a smart car the prince charming comes to appointment by trolleybus, instead of own business at the elect a cheap salary, and instead of a cottage in the country - a bed - the place in the parental apartment. And how many in a network of the mentally ill people, anxious, perverts and fans of extreme sex! And all are so similar to people!.

But, on the other hand, it is so-called percent of a manufacturing defect. In usual life many inadequate persons meet too. You do not hurry to act rashly, block the account and to switch off the computer. It is necessary to recognize, in acquaintances blindly is much positive.

In - the first, plus that it is possible not to reveal the incognito until that it wants to you: you are free not to report neither the address, nor phone, nor the place of work, nor even a real name, and therefore are insured from the importunate citizens and citizens wishing to intrude in your personal space. In - the second, you can long communicate with the person before meeting, and it is quite good chance to know each other better.

And then, acquaintance on the Internet is very easy and available way to get acquainted, suitable even for timid, lazy, shy, doubting. Having undertaken to arrange private life, it is not obligatory to get out of a dressing gown and house-shoes at all, there is no need to rise from a sofa and to leave the house.

Pressed on pair of the buttons, filled in the questionnaire - and here to you, please, the list of candidates in loved. Just it is worth being more attentive, not to be bought on frank stains (“I have small financial difficulties now, you could not put to me on phone one hundred - another?“).

Apparently, it is possible and to risk: to visit the website, to write about itself the half-truth similar to the school composition “Whom I want to resemble“ and to try to meet the happiness in the virtual world if it is impossible in real. Happiness should give chance not to get lost and get - to your house.

In principle, here all - as in life. Listen to heart, but include reason. Do not shuck and do not allow to take for a ride to itself. Do not rush to a whirlpool not to break a neck. Have conscience and do not spit in a well. Also do not forget - nevertheless nothing will replace real-life communication therefore too it is not necessary to tighten with a meeting in real. A picture is worth a thousand words, than half a year to correspond …