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How it is better to spend days off? Alone!

Output wives

Morning. About 9 on hours. It is time to rise to make a breakfast. In thoughts the plan for the weekend since Friday already ripens: to wash, clean, prepare, to make economic shopping. About: “Perhaps the husband will help also children. It is unlikely, you will wait from them for the help, it is necessary to ask ten times, itself I will cope“.

In the evening on Sunday before going to bed thinks: “Turned, turned, like a squirrel in a cage - washed, cleaned, bought everything that it is necessary for a week to children, the husband, a pricker, washed. Was so tired though tomorrow do not go to work. Eh, at all has not a rest, and days off passed“.

Days off of the husband

“TV, TV, again TV. The sofa, a sofa, forced to rise garbage to take out from a sofa, still bags with products had to be born. At work I am so exhausted all week, during week-end - at home it is necessary to work, on a sofa even not to lie down. Life of the family person is heavy“.

Days off of family people pass painfully - routine. Nobody cancelled a duty in a family. It is necessary to keep both the house clean, and to earn money on weekdays at work. Deeply prosy there passes life by us. Seldom, when during week-end it is possible to be going to go somewhere. Friends, the companies - all this exhausts the person not less, than house routine and work.

How it is the best of all to spend days off to turn days off into the real emotional and physical rest? Alone. At first sight, sounds gloomy. The loneliness is associated with grief because the person is brought up in society, it needs communication, love, respect, wants to be the focus of attention that were interested in it - all this needs of the person. But we not Robinzona, are also will - bondage constantly among people - friends, enemies, acquaintances. Constantly! All week. And if work is a communication with clients all week?! By a weekend there comes the condition of hyper communication. Clinical picture: emotional exhaustion, stress. The best medicine is a loneliness. “With anybody it is so not pleasant to communicate as with loneliness“ - Henry Deyvid Thoreau told. In it - the naturalist I will agree with the writer. Because it is possible to communicate to himself, to remain alone with the thoughts, feelings. And all of us love ourselves more, than others. Such is our nature.

Days off passed fine if these passed 48 hours productively. When you work all week, too time passes productively - bring benefit to society, the company, act as the getter (breadwinner). But here you do not increase the potential intellectual and physical, and spiritual. On the contrary, you are exhausted physically and emotionally. I think that it is possible to dare to have a rest during week-end productively - to esteem as a hobby and mind, to be engaged in health. If nothing hurts, then you should not roll on a sofa. It is better to practice actively in the fresh air, to go to the dacha, not behind frying cancerogenic shish kebabs and to sip beer during a heat, and to weed beds, to paint a fence. Only you should not force to do something against will. Everything has to happen to soul, then there will be both an emotional lift, and a muscular tone.

Retire during week-end with the book or be engaged in a hobby, spend at least several hours with the thoughts, plans in silence and rest that nobody disturbed you. It perfectly restores spiritual powers then “return“ to society to work, to colleagues on Monday will take place easily and joyfully. It does not mean that it is necessary to disappear from relatives and acquaintances, to be isolated from society for all 48 hours. No. Carry out the family duties, plan the time. Find time for yourself during the week-end. Life is given only once, and days off only two in a week. Let it will be the best days during a week.