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What you will seed..., or How idlers grow up?

As often it is necessary to hear complaints of parents to children! “The goof-off grew up, at home will do nothing! No, that to help mother - lies on a sofa with the book or clicks the panel“.

How so it turns out? Why the grown-up children do not want to help parents with household chores?

we Will return to the childhood...

the Idyllic picture - young mother with affection observes how her child hobbles on small legs. Everything is interesting to the kid, everything wants to be tried, to touch, and there is a wish “to be even more as mother or the father“.

But idyll by idyll, and nobody cancelled household chores. And here mother is accepted to cleaning, and the curious kid climbs in a bucket, there is enough broom.

“And what so long piece is? Mother so dexterously waves her... And what interesting floor where mother waved... wet and brilliant... “

I here until mother for a minute turned away - the kid already drags a mop and... There is an ill luck! It appears, the bucket is able to turn over! And mother for some reason becomes angry...

Also mother roaring for offense the baby drags, having in passing awarded with couple of slaps, muttering: “What is not enough for you? Here to you toys! Play and do not climb!“

Here the first negative experience is also got. Adults mistakenly consider that children “understand nothing“. And in vain. Such here trifles as mosaic detalk, form a pattern - form the relation to world around at the child. First signal: “Mother wants that I did not climb“. Of course, from the first the result will not be achieved, and more than once still mother will shout and will take away to toys...

And here the grown-up kid - already younger school student

“You what there you do? Poured water around...“ - mother discontentedly grumbles. Would not climb where do not ask! Go be engaged in lessons better or read the book! One trouble with you! All the same properly you will not make! Remake then hundred times...

And the child obediently goes - where he was sent. To read the book, to play game or to do homework... Why to try to do something if all the same abuse... And everything so well began! So there was a wish to please mother tided up to her arrival...

Tired mother comes Ten years later from work, and in a sink - the mountain of dirty ware, on a plate the dirty pan with the dried-up remains of yesterday`s soup alone misses...

From the room the adolescent comes up and speaks in a deep voice: “You would make something, mothers! And that is there is a wish...“

I mother, having heaved a deep sigh, is accepted to washing of ware and preparation of a dinner, and the son with quiet soul takes seat for viewing of the new movie.

“Grew up the goof-off“, - mother mutters, rattling plates... The whole day of the house, and will do nothing that to help mother...

There is a wish to tell this mother: “So what after all you want? That the child did not disturb and did not turn under legs or that all - helped? Whether you sent to A the child, accustoming “not to climb where do not ask“... Spoke, “go better esteem“ - and so it both reads, and does not climb anywhere...“

Involuntarily occurs the phrase: “Be careful in the desires - they come true!“

A - and - aa! There is a wish that “did not turn“ while small, and helped when grew? So it is necessary to disappoint you. So does not happen!

Which of us, dear adults, did not want “to be able in the childhood everything how mother“ and “to be strong how the father“?

In the childhood for the child a standard of all of the best are his parents. Any child does not think that the father and mother can lie or be unfair. So it was moved... And still - all children want to grow up quicker. You remember, and you wanted to become somewhat quicker in the childhood adults?

It can be used quite successfully in the educational purposes. It is only necessary to stock up with patience and to teach the child to carry out small chores from the earliest age. Not to push away and not to send, and on the contrary, to support his desire to help adults.

Is representable the first picture in other color

Young mother is accepted to cleaning, and here the kid, without having calculated the puny strength, overturns a bucket with water. Stop!

Do not hurry to become angry about the kid! He is also so upset with the failure.

And further... Mother collects water, calms the baby and speaks: “Let`s try together?“ And, having wrung out a rag, allows the kid to try most to wash the floor. The baby it is happy, and eyes shine pleasure. To it as big, entrusted such responsible business!

Of course, he will be tired soon, and mother will be able quietly to continue cleaning, without having forgotten to praise the child at the same time. And next time it is possible to allow to the kid “to dust“ a rag. For children it is always joyful to do something together with parents. Let at first him be not able to do it well, but there will pass a little time - and the child will learn.

Over time it is possible to charge to the peanut to erase small things in a basin. Let does it as can as is able. Then, when, having got tired, the child will fall asleep - not difficultly to wash small clothes at all, but the child will be proud and happy with himself that he can help mother too!

You do not stint a praise, tell the kid that he is very best... The best mother`s assistant. Also believe - it will return a hundredfold!

And - one fine day, having returned after day of work, you will be pleasantly surprised that the dinner is ready to your arrival, and your grown-up son or daughter will meet you with words: “You have a rest, mothers! And at me here pie is ready to tea....“