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Why primitive jokes are better remembered?

What is a joke? The joke is the text or the statement containing something ridiculous. And what such ridiculous? What causes a smile or laughter in a certain person or group of people is called ridiculous. You will tell: “Well, found what to write about! Who does not know what is a joke?“ However there is the whole branch of show - business - humour and satire - so not to jokes here. They on it do money, and considerable, and we look or we listen and we roll with laughter.

Well, both in life and on “parties“ there are people doing themselves a name on jokes. What will the first be told by the young maiden about the guy who was pleasant to her? Of course, “It is such ridiculous!“. And success at women - a great cause! To some “zhentlmena“ ability to joke replaces both advantageous appearance, and an external luster. So to men to make success at ladies, it is better to learn to joke, and to remember not only indecent jokes and and know what is jokes.

The paradox - comparison incomparable is the cornerstone of any joke. And in a joke there has to be an object of criticism or a sneer (at whom you laugh?) household or public relevance of a situation. The object can be any - from the mother-in-law to the president, from the person specific, famous for all to the literary hero or the generalized image. It is possible to deride also any phenomenon in general. The main thing that the object of a joke was recognized, and at the level of subconsciousness, intuitively, and it was close, concerned or disturbed.

But here it is necessary to know when to stop. For people it is impossible to laugh at the Saint! Also it is necessary to know object or a situation at which you laugh, and it is better - to laugh at what endured. The joke has to be actual: it is what at all on mind and all concerns. And, at last, in a joke there has to be a novelty: very few people laugh at old jokes. The joke works as a result of the contradiction which is built in it or the paradox creating a surprise element. In general any joke consists of two main parts: the beginning creating a certain obvious expectation and the ending destroying by this expectation than also the effect of surprise is created. Remember any joke, and you surely there will find these two parts.

Proceeding from commercial importance of jokes as speak rapidly show - business, and also for the writers specializing in this genre the whole theory of a joke containing is created including, and governed how to make a joke. To state the theory popularly - dreary business. For example, types of jokes are listed: reflex; causing pleasure; onyx; mockery; revolt; pun; grotesque; ambiguity; double-dealing fellow; association; sense shift; default; and it still not everyone. Generally, serious people state serious things about ridiculous. And it is necessary to us? Therefore ordinary people when reading such texts begin to yawn and stretch at once. Let`s not climb in a jungle of serious science and we will consider two types of jokes: primitive and refined. We will choose from primitive jokes reflex and based on pleasure, and from found - onyx.

Reflex jokes are based on involuntary manifestation of a conditioned or unconditioned reflex (like “show it a finger - and she will burst out laughing“). The reflex laughter is caused by reproduction of simple feelings which constantly or often raise a smile or laughter at a certain group of people. The simplest reception which is often applied in the USA in the Hollywood movies and telecasts is the laughter off-screen supporting a joke in a shot. This reception allows to prove even to the people deprived of sense of humour: all laugh, and I will laugh, though I do not understand over what. Very much suits the slonopotama sitting before a TV set with a corn bucket in hands.

The laughter, based on pleasure or satisfactions, is connected with effect of novelty. The new joke causing pleasure or satisfaction in people as reaction raises a smile or laughter. Sexually anxious man will laugh at jokes about beautiful women, and esthetes - at the jokes connected with hearing and sight; etc.

the Refined joke, or onyx , demands a certain work of reason. The main thing in onyx is creation of effect of surprise: it when the expectations which are contained in the beginning of a joke are not met. The scheme of onyx is more difficult than primitive jokes.

It contains the introduction (not necessarily), a trap, a point of surprise and an outcome. The introduction if it is applied, has to be short and can serve for additional effect - calling of a reflex or pleasure. The trap is the text which is carrying away the listener or the viewer in the wrong, but expected, obvious direction. The point of surprise is the moment when the effect of surprise is the greatest. The outcome just also creates effect of surprise, it differs from what was told in a trap.

Aniks demands certain I.Q. to understand and remember what was told in the introduction and a trap, and then to compare it with an outcome. The most difficult here - is correct to choose the ending creating effect of surprise. Therefore writers will usually test several options of an ending to choose the most successful. And that the consumer of a joke could understand it, it has to be whenever possible shorter, and the introduction and a trap have to contain the disguised hint. Then the effect of surprise causes instant inspiration.

In conclusion of theoretical part we will give the joke containing several ridiculous receptions: “In the State Duma the law providing increase of import duties for second-hand foreign cars for 30% is considered. We consider it insufficient and we suggest to raise taxes by 10 times to protect domestic producer from the too choosy domestic consumer“.

Well, and now - about the American science. The American scientists found - an explanation for the fact that it is more difficult to remember a refined joke (they for some reason call it successful), than simple, primitive (they call it unsuccessful though I will not understand why; in my opinion, a successful joke - that at which even Americans laugh). The effect of a joke, according to the American researches, depends on that how unexpected the ending is. Therefore the key phrase is remembered easily due to effect of surprise, and the part of history preceding it quickly is forgotten, that is why many are not able to retell completely heard new refined joke (as it was told in our movie “Let`s Live till Monday“, it was necessary to train since the childhood memory and the speech).

Simple jokes are predictable from the first to the last word therefore people laugh automatically, just because expect in advance successful ending. The statistics showed that laughter not less than 40% of adult Americans respond to a simple, primitive joke, 60% do not laugh at such jokes.

It is curious that in America only ours laugh at jokes, and at radical in the course there are more puns - the texts based on distortion of a name or the name. I do not know their puns, and own I can bring: “The U.S. Secretary of State Skandaliza Rice made a speech at a meeting with the big speech“ (her name - Condoleezza, and distortion - a hint on her scandalous statements).

Irrespective of this achievement of the American science and even contrary to it - laugh more often, dear readers, and make laugh others because the laughter, according to our science, prolongs life!