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Italian cuisine - it is simple? Very much I love

Ya tasty (and it is rather exciting) to eat.

On the other hand - I already lose in immemorial fight against excess weight with the score 120:0. So Italian cuisine in this sense was for me revelation.

What many understand as Italian cuisine? Well, of course! Traditional macaroni with mayonnaise sauce or ketchup yes fat pizza with the same mayonnaise. But, as it appeared, macaroni and pizza still needs to be able to be made, but also, even correctly prepared, they - yet not all Italian cuisine!

At once I will tell the sacramental phrase (which you will find in any story about Italian cuisine): such concept as Italian cuisine, just does not exist.

As it can be? And with what feeds your favourite small restaurant? Calm down - all (or the majority) a dish in it it is from Italy. But it does not do set of dishes from the Appeninsky peninsula by Italian cuisine.

Everything put, probably, in character of Italians. The matter is that for most of aboriginals of Italian “boot“ Italy is its native village. As a last resort - the region in which it and all his relatives live. But definitely not all state of Italy, to which, by the way, from association so far - only a little more than one and a half hundred years! Italy is as an unit younger than America! And before there was a set of the separated small states which are often limited to the territory of one city! From where here to undertake to uniform Italian cuisine?

The second important factor which affected such variety of “kitchens“ within rather small state are features of its geographical arrangement. On small “boot“ replace each other high mountains, not really high mountains, hills, plains and even stony droughty regions!

And five seas to which separate parts of Italy have an exit affected gastronomic addictions of Italians too. Inhabitants of coastal regions place emphasis on local fish and seafood, inhabitants of internal territories (often remote from the coast on only 50 kilometers!) - on meat and local vegetables. The South with its stony soils on a set of the grown-up cultures considerably differs from the center and the more so - the North.

I will not go deep further into a subject, but you, I hope, understood that the subject lifted by me is very extensive therefore I will not begin to apply for an inclusiveness and academism - and I will just try to show you two - three large dabs that “Italian“ cuisine what was learned by me and which sincere admirers were all those whom I treated with it.

So what is Italy? This summer, this sun, is pleasures of life. What has to be food in such country? Tasty! Useful! Nourishing! Idle time! Fascinating! Yes, fascinating! Having tried time, you surely have to want it again and again, and still - to want to change something, with something to experiment, to prepare something for the family and friends. And all of them by all means have to catch pleasure because only this way and happens when you prepare with sincere love to life, to yourself, to food and to the relatives! You prepare in Italian!

So, now you are rather grounded theoretically therefore we will pass to practice - we will prepare several simple traditionally Italian dishes. But about it is in the following article.