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Abnormal heat: how to rescue face skin to the business woman?

In hot summer days our skin are in great need in a permanent care and food as under the scorching sun beams it begins to lose moisture catastrophically! Unfortunately, in life it is necessary to pay for all pleasures therefore friendly contacts of beams of the sun can turn back for us dryness of the skin leading to presenilation and pigmentation. To warn undesirable consequences, it is necessary to create a protective barrier to skin and by that to resist to destructive influence of the sun.

Of course, there is a mass of national recipes which efficiency is very high, but their application, as always, rests against deficiency of time. Therefore in this article we will discuss how in the best way to save skin to busy, working woman.

The most important that should be done during a summer heat - to provide with the sufficient level of moisture to the skin . Therefore the most important means which has to be in an arsenal of each woman - the moisturizing cream . Nutritious cream here will hardly help - it is absolutely necessary in the winter, late fall and in the early spring when skin sharply lacks nutrients. And it is necessary to place emphasis on the moistening means, depending on type and age of your skin in the summer.

Other major means which will keep your skin during the long summer day from dryness and dirt is a barrel of thermal water . It refreshes and moistens a face. Its convenience is that such barrel can always be carried with itself, and water it is possible to splash even on a make-up - it will not be smeared at all.

In the evening carefully remove dust and dirt by means of face foam . Several times a week do procedures for deeper clarification of skin, using srubs and the moistening face packs.

the Moisturizing cream does not “deliver“ to skin “ready“ water as sometimes consider. It influences only the top lipidic layer which does not allow to evaporate to moisture, restoring and strengthening it. And here creams with hyaluronic acid possess ability to create the film helping to attract as if additional moisture from air.

But let and night works for you! Though time you are in it in the dark and are not affected by the scorching sunshine, all the same skin has to continue to receive necessary protection. Here the night moistening means created taking into account type and age of skin will come to the rescue of .

One more excellent means for maintenance of beauty of your skin - massage . It can be carried out both hands on massage lines, and a special roller masseur for the person. Masseurs from nephrite are especially effective. Salutary action of touches to different points of a human body is proved long ago. And the person is a zone, it is also important to them to gain improving effect.

Together with external moistening moistening “internal“ is necessary, that is, simply speaking, water should be given also to an organism. Enough clear water in day will help to fight against dryness, but be not overzealous - too much water during a heat should not be drunk too.

Do not forget that the person is not only a forehead, cheeks, a nose and a chin. Special protection your eyes where skin very thin and gentle, almost deprived of fatty glands demand . Not only that the ultraviolet first of all falls upon it, she still should have also a stress from sleep debts. Therefore the zone around eyes should pay special attention, applying specialized means .

And at last - a season hit! This year it is possible to find in sale special sprays , the lungs connecting moisture, hydrating your skin. Only several splashes will allow to reduce manifestations of wrinkles and at several o`clock will give to skin the fresh, natural, as if “washed“ look. Spray is capable to record a make-up, having ensured it safety for longer term as “just put“. Barrels with spray very easy, have the compact size and easily are located even in the smallest handbag - a clutch.

Look after skin correctly all the year round, protect the beauty!