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Heat! How to make the apartment is more cool?

of Subjects who has no house of the conditioner, during a heat is necessary hardly, especially if there is no opportunity to be chosen to a reservoir or to spend several hours in cool shopping center, cafe or movie theater.

From purchase of the conditioner keeps fear of overcooling - there are always enough examples of the conditioners which caught cold during a summer heat from misuse. Conditioners for those who live in leased apartments or plan to replace the apartment soon are also usually irrelevant.

However conditioners appeared rather recently, and a heat - long ago. Popular wisdom saved up councils for decrease in temperature in the usual city apartment. So, a rating of councils for achievement of a cool in the apartment:

Council 1. “Mirror windows“

Seal up windows a special sun-protection film with the reflecting effect.

Such film is on sale in hardware stores, sometimes in departments of household chemicals, departments “Goods for the house“, etc. The cost of 150 - 200 rubles, one packing will be enough to seal up two windows. Such film reflects also light, and warmly.

If there is no film near at hand, it is possible to use a food foil or to buy a packing mirror film from sellers of flowers. All procedure of a sticker will occupy no more than half an hour, and the apartment will become much more comfortable at once.

Council 2. “The closed city“

We got used to open windows in hot weather, however at a temperature over 30 degrees it is not actual, we only let in hot air the apartment. In the afternoon of a window it is better to close, especially if they come to one party and there is no opportunity to arrange draft. To air the apartment optimum at night.

Council 3. “The aluminum wrapping“

If at you is in a bathroom hot heated towel rails, then they considerably increase temperature in a bathroom and in all apartment. Wrap up heated towel rails a foil, and you will be able to reduce temperature by several degrees.

Council 4. “Water procedures“

spray water in air and on curtains More often. Clean carpets wipe floors with very cold water more often.

Council 5. “An ice splinter“

Freeze ice in the freezer big pieces, for example in plastic containers. Put ice in plates in front of the fan. The fan will drive not hot air, and cooled. Effect weak, but nevertheless conditioner. Thus it is possible to use also bottles with the frozen water.

Council 6. “We eat simply“

Try to prepare as little as possible on a plate, especially in an oven as it increases temperature in kitchen at once. Prepare more cold dishes - salads, snack, okroshka. It is more preferable to prepare in the microwave oven. Include an extract more often, even when you do not prepare, through it heated air leaves.

Council 7. “Fashion for the house“

you Wear houses as little as possible clothes and only the easiest, thin, from natural materials. You wet clothes water from a spray.

Of course, all these councils are not capable to cool the apartment as it will make the conditioner exposed by 19 degrees, but, we hope, at the minimum time expenditure they will make your stay of the house much more pleasant.