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Kraftwerk. It is beautiful to leave? A latest album of the legendary Kraftwerk Group group

(power plant - it is mute.) it was formed in 1970. And, despite wild world popularity, despite numerous tours and tours worldwide, wrote down the albums they only in studio. They made only a latest album which left in 2005 concert.

After 35 years of life of group, after an exit of several albums, symbolical for electronic music, and the enormous impact exerted on the secondary groups working in a genre of electronic music, Dusseldorf intellectuals left the mark in the history. The first concert album which is written down during Kraftwerk tours across Europe, Japan and the USA in 2004 was this historic step.

Minimum - Maximum is picturesque and bright show. All compositions which entered this album create effect of direct presence. Wherever this or that song - in Moscow, Warsaw, Budapest or San - Frantsisko, apparently, registered that you are at a concert, but you do not sit in the earphones connected to the audio system.

The sound on this disk is magnificent - a distinct, sound sound. The order of songs is scrupulously considered, and shouts and whistle from the hall are minimized. In total - Kraftwerk - studio group, and even in the only concert album they added a maximum of “studio“.

The first part of an album is generally devoted to later period of creativity of group and includes, such compositions as Planet Of Visions similar on rhythmical, nearly the dancing version of the song Expo 2000. It is necessary to admire beauty and tenderness of a track of Chrono which quietly and measuredly gives way to the trembling energy of Tour De France - Etape 2. Numbers and The Robots quite would descend for modern club hits. Compositions of Aero Dynamik and the most beautiful Elektro Kardiogramm from an album of 2003 Tour De France Soundtracks, maybe, will not become revolutionary as in due time Trans - Europe Express, but precisely will be in them enough clearness and loudspeakers to compete with followers of Kraftwerk. One more hit of an album it is possible to call Neon Lights.

Almost each track of Minimum - Maximum sounds surprisingly is fresh, musicians enclosed in them a maximum of the creative potential which is not lost in 35 years of existence of group. Kraftwerk are still capable to fight with modern leading teams and to defeat them.

Minimum - Maximum once again shows what far-sighted were Schneider and Hyotter thirty years ago when the concept “uniform-the priest“ sounded too futuristic. Without Kraftwerk, pioneers of “uniform-the priest“ style, there would be no New Order, Prodigy, Daft Punk and such styles as eysid - a house elektroklesh and others. For the last 20 years of Kraftwerk wrote down only two studio albums, but they do not go to the continuous disco as do many outdated groups.

It is a pity, but it seems that Kraftwerk became silent. Perhaps, they will write down one more album. But I am not sure of it any more. And maybe, it to the best - to leave a scene with a good album. Because at the leaving groups instead of qualitative music pathetic self-plagiarism most often turns out.