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Izbiratelstvo of “zhaleniye“ - our national line? (to 15 - to the anniversary of death of Vladislav Listyev)

If to remember those universal scale which was assumed by reaction of our society to murder of the popular TV man then it there was really All-Russian tragedy. The country plunged into horror, shock and a hysterics. “It is brutally killed!“, “Conscience of the nation died!“, “Russia grieves!“. Materials in newspapers - on the front pages. On TV - infinite current - show. And talk, talk, talk …

I there passed fifteen years. Mass psychosis of subjects is also good that it passes quickly and completely, before its new provocation. Tell, you did not make impression that all this grief was very skillfully directed, and very competently organized performance which, having won back time put to it, also promptly and “was curtailed“? At me it was created therefore I suggest to talk about that and what, actually, occurred then, 15 years ago, at one of the Moscow entrances now quietly? And, having reflected, I answer: and, in general, anything. Killed the cute boy - the chatterer who crossed to someone the road in “fattest“ - advertizing - television business. As they say, for what fought - on that and ran. The commonplace which is not standing and the eaten-away egg. So other then, 15 years ago, all country literally could not stop sobbings? It was really so expensive to it, the country, this “vglyadovets“ and “polechudesnik““? And maybe, he really made something like that for the country for what on it it was necessary to pray, and then - to remember and honor? Perhaps it really was “the person and conscience of the nation“?

Alas. Everything is much simpler. Again the reason in policy. These days in that, 95 - m, our troops conducted bloody battles in Chechnya. Coffins were not considered any more, reported two lines on the last pages of information reports about the dead. As they, these 18 - and - 19 - iletny boys, already began to bother our Kremlin inhabitants of heaven! Took fashion, “ïîíèìàøü“: perish and perish!

I shoot Listyeva here. Why for what - now it is already a question as our Gleb Egorovich spoke, the twenty fourth, and not in it put. Just it was the magnificent occasion though for a while to throw a switch though for a while to take away the people from this accursed war! And to make it very just for the reason that our, Russian people - the people surprising in the naivety and trustfulness. Costs to it only this way, slightly, “to blow in ears“, to start up light powder in brains - and everything, it - yours! Here also let, here and “blew“. And what, normally turned out! All grieved and sobbed: Vadik was shot! And in it it is a high time the Russian boys who were not either popular TV hosts, or advertizing pushers - businessmen, never, unlike “Vadik“, were not married (yes what are married? Some even kissed - that never before! Were not in time! “Motherland“ called! Not to call Listyev when to it has really a rough time!) simple it is working - country boys, NOT the “new Russian“ children (and of course, not the grandson of the first President of Russia who grew up and became the most real goof now) put the heads on absolutely unnecessary them, but necessary for that who loves only “grandmas“, and any more than nothing, war.

Here and all truth about the cute boy at magnificent moustaches and in fashion glasses which thought up to spin the bass elegant drum and to shout fervently “A prize - in studio!“. And I brought this subject to your attention for the only purpose: now for certain those “chronic“ hysterics who will try to lift Listyev “on again a board“ national love and honoring will wake up. It is not necessary, misters! Is not necessary. It obviously falls short of such “board“. Hold out those not “reklamno at all - glamourous“ boys what died then in Chechnya and who on this “board“ will put them - that? Not on a rank, companions, not on a rank …