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Darling grew a stomach. Content or not calmness?

Really begin to believe that girls are auditory only. Otherwise how to explain the fact that the streets are walked by couples, typical for our time: big-bellied odyshlivy, young guys and ringing, easy stems of the girl. What the fashion is, allow to learn?

You forgot taste of favourite almond croissant, in every possible way seeking to grow thin. You swing a press in the mornings and, coming to work, first of all measure a waist. Incentive for you is your darling who does not hide that it likes thin girls.

And how your “incentive“ demanding from you actually anorexia looks? His bloated shining face, at first sight, can even seem fresh. But it only at first sight. At it boobs and a forward ass grew. But at the same time he has a habit and the nerve to discuss someone`s insufficiently graceful waist.

And if his obesity was caused by any congenital pathology, then you, expensive, it would be possible to respect for mercy, kindness and compassion. But your guy since the childhood had good physical data.

In youth it possessed with what the nature awarded him. And so far mother could keep its diet under control, and dragged it on sports sections, it was harmonous, tightened and vigorous. But now, including adult and free from guardianship, it - or days without the movement behind the monitor, or in a circle of friends behind beer and pizza.

the Body betrays those who the first betray it! “ This his dissoluteness is not so harmless

as it seems. The stomach easily grows, and with it and some more serious problems. He is sick, but yet not so sharply feels it, and therefore does not realize.

the Figure in the form of apple when excess fat is laid mainly on a stomach and a waist, increases risk of development of some diseases “. See on the Internet: “Danger of abdominal obesity“.

You should get acquainted with a problem which the useless way of life is created for you by your darling. You will ask: and why I? Why to me this knowledge? It has problems, here let he also studies. But it will concern also you. It is your guy!

“Obesity leads to decrease in a libido, and then to impotence and many other at all“.

Unfortunately, those to whom already pronounced a sentence and who fairly rolled about on a hospital bed really appreciate health.

Believe, to try silly liked to suggest to have breakfast with you porridge, to agitate to come to stadium, to speak with it about abdominal obesity and about its consequences. The personal example here too seldom works. To want to come to a form it has to itself, and it is desirable to serious problems with health.

And here what he will want, depends on you, expensive. Both it is your incentive, and you can become him for it. When the guy “catapults“ from mother, worthy replacement in the form of the progressive girl, so exacting, careful and loving is necessary for him.

You should not cultivate in it complexes ( look at yourself, you are thick and ridiculous ), from it there is a wish to eat and hide under a plinth even more. But also do not maintain in it complacency ( ah as I like to iron yours puziko ). Do not lie, it is not pleasant!

Buy a man`s magazine, the Men`s Health type, pull out good photos of handsome men with cubes on a stomach from there, enclose them in the book or a notebook. When the photo, accidentally, drops out and your boyfriend will have questions, as if accidentally, tell: I like to look at such lean courageous body, it so gets . And everything, right there take away conversation in other party, it is enough.

If the guy clever, more questions are not, and there will be actions. Can not at once, but will be. Have patience. And if you have a photo where he is still harmonous and good, then let this old photo he finds in your handbag: you are so good here, such tightened, harmonous as you are pleasant to me here, is so sexual (and went into eyes) … But it actually so?!

Remember that if your guy gets fat, it means that he lost the dream / purpose or confidence in what can achieve these dream / objectives. And to live without dream - means to lose a vitality. And, above all, it lost …

If he at your presence comfortably reclines on a sofa near a TV set and, scratching a paunch, drinks beer, then it lost interest in you. Its tranquility means confidence that you will not get to anywhere. Choose ways itself, but this his confidence should be shaken by all means.

Remember: everything that is reached easily and simply, is less appreciated. Allow to win yourself all life.

also experiences can be the Cause of abdominal obesity. And therefore do not create to it an additional stress, do not throw it, but also do not allow it to relax near itself. I do not say that it is simple, but think up something.

Can live so all life. But if you want something higher - strain, strain daily so that veins were blown up. Only terrible tension it is possible to reach something. You live in a quarter of strength given you I. And. Bunin

When in the person occurs some difficult process of search of in this world, fight against the weaknesses and fears, attempt to be exempted from them, something to reach desire, to fascinate someone - all this positively imprints on his slightly haggard face, on a nervous podzharost of a body. And it is not so bad when there is a discontent with, differently you stand still self-satisfied, full and thick.

Situation 1. If you are a thin person, with a hollow stomach, with speakers as wings of a butterfly, clavicles. If you pale so that the person merges with a color of your bleached lifeless hair. And under artificial nails your presents quietly die away. And in the mornings you suffer from belly-aches, and by the evening on the verge of loss of consciousness. And at your guy cheeks shine with fat and are almost visible from - for backs. It is still so young, but is not capable to get away, catch up, give delivery any more, to resist on a water ski. Know that you are two of a kind. Two disabled persons not capable of the beautiful harmonious relations not ready to the birth of healthy posterity.

Situation 2. If you not from the first situation, then thank God! It means that you are not an adherent of the stereotypes of beauty imposed by the western standards, television, glossy magazines. You acquired long ago that beauty is, first of all, health and your identity. You manage to be fresh, lovely and fine. And your slender guy feels quiet force in the body. It can easily take you on hands to take out from a registry office and if it is necessary, then from the burning house. It is ready to be wrung out still for many years over you so many time in a night how many for you it will be necessary. It is overflowed by self-confidence because his strong body is capable of a lot of things, and it gives it additional energy and for another matters: for creation of career, the house and for interesting hobby. All this means that you beautiful couple deserving admiration.

Everything that is reached by will power, efforts and tension, adequately great respect.

P. S. And it is not fashion at all! The true reason of why girls are so not selective now in the choice of darlings is known to all. With taste they everything is all right, but catastrophically do not have real men. Lovely girls fade without attention, tenderness, caress, and therefore agree to aged “married men“ and the dismissed molodets.

can, of course, “starve than that got is … to be to one than together with anyone “ as Omar Khayyam truly recommends, but we will appreciate what we have. Married men we will send to wives, their place there. And we will induce the guys, to stimulate and make active. Because we love and we believe in them!

In men we will appreciate courage, and in women - feminity. And the World will get from the head on feet.

P. S. - 2. The author devotes article to all who need healthy rage to take care of the own life. And first of all to the sons, their girls, sister and personally.