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Venison: than it is good and that from it to prepare it? As I already mentioned

in article about the Chicago farmer markets, meat of a deer is on sale and directly from farmers, and in shops of meat delicacies. As for the last, there I prefer not to buy rare species of meat and a bird - very much everything is depersonalized, ordinary, utilized and is sterile. And prices! Just a drugstore selling a wonder. Well them. Boringly at them. Oleninka go marketing and will buy already many years of farmers Sherea and Joel Espelov to me from acquaintances from the town of Montisello of the State of Wisconsin.

Nothing, now I also will acquaint the reader with them: go on on www. hawkshillelkranch. com also get acquainted with a farm, esteem about oleshka, learn, than they are fed as look after as move Espela science about meat reindeer breeding, about healthy food by venison and treatment by extracts from a horn of a young deer, and the documentary “is how fair Food, Inc. “ about fight of small “green“ farmers against large producers of penicillinic meat and a bird.

And me just the word take that Sherea and Joel very lovely, intelligent people, the most charming in communication - them in Chicago know and love. So I ask also you to love and to favor. (Even if you already read price tags on their website.)

To a deer in the USA the relation especially valid - the country just teems with deer. I already wrote that we in the cities have a law - each 10 - 15 miles of the area have to alternate a forest zone. Forest Preserve is just an island of the wild wood among city massifs. There our deer, roes also live. Often they bring annoying trouble upon motorists and owners of sites - eat around bark of trees, harm green hedges. Our deer it is possible to tell just citizens - recently one flew in a hairdressing salon and arranged a small hullabaloo there.

The culture of the American Indians - venison, along with bison meat is connected with a deer, was the main food of Indians. Deer were lucky more - Indians“ went“ to reservations, deer - remained. And here industrial cultivation of deer on meat is as if the American meat catharsis.

Than venison is better than other types of meat? And give I just I will tear off the plate from Espelov`s website: I will just translate into Russian.

What it is possible to add or add here? Everything speaks for itself. If, of course, you want to follow a healthy low-calorie and low-fat diet, to have a harmonous firuga and healthy heart and vessels.

Thanks to deer for a protein! There is what cunning piece: venison belongs to red types of meat. But in difference from beef it does not happen marble. Therefore when cooking it does not uvarivatsya - roasts away, and keeps volume. That is if you admired a beef marble stake about a bast shoe growth, and at the exit at you it turned out lapotochek, then venison it is even visually possible to gorge on. And thanks to a postnost venison gets higher protein rate - you gorge on in the smaller portion of meat. Low content of cholesterol pleases too.

The American farmers - reindeer breeders fatten deer on pastures a green grass. Here what in our central states be just filled up - in old times here as the razor on a bald head the glacier walked one and a half kilometer long height and rolled all five states with the bulldozer. These five states are called prairies. And in prairies, as we know, prairies. Also deer are grazed. In a vnesezonye eat oleshka hay and receive grain - generally oats. What you will definitely not find in venison, so it antibiotics and different chemical additives. Besides, deer in itself it is much healthier than some potential beef - they are steadier against diseases.

I convinced you of usefulness? And now we will talk about a delicacy. Here you trust or not, but on all honest the world of ShZh would prepare a feast! Venison should be known how to cook and I without any modesty declare - I yes know how to cook it. Wild venison has a little spicy a smell - taste more rigidly. And here farmer... Yes, the real freshest and softest meat quite so has to smell! (Liouba Melnik does not love fish - therefore I in a whisper: as we catch freshness of fish on her smell and we already know as be good at such smell also taste has to, here also precisely on a venison smell we already anticipate (and not for nothing, companions!) its surprising slastinka).

As Espela speak, taste with a riddle, with game, with a surprise. Such meat there is a wish to chew, enjoy its meat juice long. And I so will tell you - tasty to what it is a pity to swallow of! It as if already visited good marinade, understand? And marinades go to it any - even from coffee! Meat is created for a flight of fancy. You on the website at Espelov can read the offered recipes: I everything tried their. Including coffee. Nedurstvenno.

For such abnormal meat eaters as I, will especially note: venison of my friends is certified by a badge? merican Human Certified. It means that sagination, leaving, maintenance and a face of cattle happen humanely. Not a trifle and it is very pleasant!

And now we will try to make that in Russia usually do of wild venison - my favourite cutlets and which I already wrote tasty article. Only for venison I changed a compounding a little and brought which - that from councils of commentators of cutlet article. I brought one piece of pulp from Espelov from the market today. 2. 2 pounds. We consider - kilogram. (All right, I will tell, I will not begin to be fastidious: $15. 75 for pound. And the hell with them, with money!). 2 bulbs, a chesnochka with all the heart, one crude potato, are a lot of parsley, one egg. Scrolled the first time on an average lattice. Added egg to forcemeat, salted, peppered fresh ground black pepper, added without stinting on the advice of one of commentators (Thanks, very much decorates forcemeat!) spoon of dense sour cream, spoon of cream. Vymeshala also scrolled forcemeat again.

In a cauldron olive oil already boils. I diminish a flame to an average (venison does not love high temperature, spoke the farmer. He claims that he never cooks venison to full readiness, only medium done!) . Made batter from 5 eggs, spoons of dense cream and a spoon of honey mustard, sprinkling from mix of flour and grain crumbs. And everything is farther according to the scheme. Approximately on a minute on each party. Also 17 big cutlets would turn out at me if my vorovity husband did not creep imperceptibly a yak the Tat in burdens and would not filch the first 3 cutlets with a heat - about a heat!

Yes, venison makes the contribution to strengthening of the family relations. Sharply the son called and stated desire exactly today - tomorrow (while cutlets available are!) to replace my software with 6 GB|64 something. And asked since winter! Daughters showed interest in parents too and as if by the way they had affairs in a downtown, in our area. It is necessary! Not for nothing our Santa goes by deer - well just fantastic tales!

And here the miracle of the city of Chicago is valid: we have the tremendous Museum of the Deer. (At me round the corner houses). Even the photo will not transfer all Romance power of the building! Also editorial office of the Oleni magazine is right there located. The museum of the Deer logically finishes 18 - mile coastal park along Lake Michigan, it smoothly passes into a zoo the Lincoln - park (it is the city`s second zoo), into the museum of the Nature and into the farmer rynochek located directly in park. From where this story about venison began. And now I quite seriously speak - only your plane tickets! A glade with venison - for me!