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What rest in the rainy summer in the Crimea?

Summer. Crimea. Sun. Mountains. Sea. Beach.

With approach of summer in our talk even more often can hear words - holiday, rest, the sea, the permit, the Crimea, the beach, Yalta.

many are able to afford Presently rest in the warm countries at all seasons of the year, but all - the majority of us has a rest in the summer. And in the Crimea.

Yalta, Alushta, Alupka, the Pike perch, Feodosiya - the most popular vacation spots on the peninsula. The clean sea, mountains, vineyards, in air a smell of a juniper, the blossoming magnolias, mountain herbs, flowers.

Here you are waited by friendly people, smart hotels, boarding houses, private hotels.

A what various sphere of entertainments looks forward to you from morning to morning!

I here to you needs only to choose the city and at way.

Let`s go to the ancient city in which 2550 sundial in a year (in Yalta - 2250 hours). Also it is called the Pike perch (in Crimean Tatar - “suv“ - water, “dag“ - the mountain).

On the Black Sea coast the Pike perch - one of the most beautiful and interesting cities. It is located in the southern part of the Sudaksky valley on the bank of the Sudaksky bay of the Black Sea. The coast of a bay from two parties is bordered with mountains which protect it from cold winds. The sea here quickly gets warm and long keeps the heat.

A what here wonderful beaches from environmentally friendly “velvet“ gray quartz sand! Such is not present on all Crimean peninsula. The same soft sand and at the bottom of the sea …

I here you in the city. Good-natured you will be greeted by taxi drivers with a smile, owners of hotels and boarding houses will welcome in the numbers. Choice here huge, numbers for every taste and purse.

So, you decided on housing. Tell

, please, where at first there is each vacationer of any resort town?

Is correct!

On Mora!

And the way to sea open spaces in the Pike perch passes through the well-known Kiparisovaya Avenue. Cafe and restaurants, dining rooms and a bistro, bowling - club and an amusement park, sushi bar and the market, souvenirs and beach accessories. Abundance of goods, music, people for some time force to forget about a route of your movement. We go further. Here Embankment. At the left the mountain Alchak, on the right - the Genoa fortress opens. And by heavenly blueness, measured noise of the running wave, clean air you are met by the Black Sea! And warm quartz sand!

And having plunged into transparent sea water, having much bathed, you will forget about road fatigue, about yesterday`s work. You lie, having extended, on a chaise lounge having half-asleep forgotten about everything …

Beauty! High! Lyapota!

your idyll with the nature can suspend a delighted internal voice only for a while: “Here such weather - yes on all rest!“

But the person assumes, and the nature has. And to replace warm sunny days cyclones bring a rain.

Rains in the Crimea short. And the first rain after the exhausting heat brings only pleasure.

As are fine mountains during a rain! Clouds as - as if were hooked for tops of mountains and do not want to departure further. Mountains become dark and then at all disappear in a rain veil. Air is filled with the freshness and a cool bringing an ozone smell.

I for a natural variety of one rain during rest is enough. You with pleasure observed a summer rain from the cozy room of the hotel and imprinted everything on a photo.

A is farther? You are eager for the sea, travel, flights and campaigns again. And good weather. It also sellers water and mountain wait for entertainments. there is no

But the sun.

From the horizon to the horizon the sky is tightened by low cumulonimbus clouds. The rain goes that morning, in the evening. Begins to storm the sea, having replaced the it is transparent - blue color on darkly - gray. Beaches become empty. All vacationers (and you too) direct on Kiparisovaya Avenue again And with arrival of evening the avenue will be transformed to unrecognizability. Each bar, restaurant advertizes to you the night, attractive beauty. Multi-colored fires decorated all facades and entrances, the amusement park burns on fires.

And what here smells! Chebureks and pizza on firewood, shawarma and a shish kebab, the cotton candy fried a chicken! From only one names slobbers flow and there are a wish to eat. what

A - restaurant without concert program. Here both a variety show, and famous di - Jay, and foamy show, and mud fights. Here chanson and violin, club music and music of the wild West.

A for fans of soccer - all matches of a WC - 2010 on huge screens.

Unforgettable show! you enjoy

I all this till the morning. And early in the morning driving on a trishaw on the desert avenue, drinking on the run cool Crimean champagne.

of the Romantic …

Having had a rest from night entertainments, again we direct to the sea. But the nature we give us clouds, a stormy sea, a rain again... And so strongly there is a wish on warm, dry, “velvet“ sand and in transparent sea water.

However rain weather keeps several days. Water, accumulating, overflows livnestok, and a dirty clay stream directs down to the sea, flooding a kind third of Kiparisovaya Avenue, diving under the Embankment and straight lines the course through a public beach merges in the sea.

Pathetic show!

Water in the sea to the anchor buoys turned into dirty is gray - a yellow pool on the bank of which lonely fans of the sea spend the holidays. Some even bathe in such water.

Not less spectacular picture on the neighboring beach. Rain water, having overflowed all drains, mixed up with sewer waters. The rough and fetid stream are blocked by an entrance to snow-white “Brigantine“ and noisy step falls merges in the sea. There are no people on this beach. And not because is not present here at the beginning of July of cabins for disguise but because the unpleasant smell wins against love of the person to the sea here. And even for lack of a rain within several days everything is still dumping sewer waters in the sea continued.

And what the city authorities, is asked by you? Why stay idle?

A powerful is aware. Know about it and directors of hotels and boarding houses. And actions are already accepted. The special vehicle is called, and for acceleration even from Kiev. There is how important question!

A later after a rain on the Embankment appeared a week workers, equipment and began to sort a pavement and to change drain pipes.

And outside July . And the number of vacationers in the city increases every day, however as well as the prices of the offered goods and services.

I to the person to the vacationer is not pleasant to listen instead of noise of a surf and shout of seagulls to tractor growl, a sound of a jackhammer at all and to inhale a smell of spent fuel. Not behind it he arrived here, and wanted to see not it.

Rains expected to fall. The storm abated. The sun looked out.

attract to themselves purity and freshness sea open spaces Again.

Again a genial sunshine is ready gives us pleasure and a smile.

Again locals are ready to sell us the culinary products and sea delicacies.

And so will be always!

the sea is fine in any weather. It is possible to admire infinitely long a surf, to admire force of storm waves, to breathe sea aroma, to meet dawn and to see off declines …

So let the Person considering himself as the owner of the nature does everything possible to keep this beauty!

to Keep and present it to people!

Is sincere. From the heart. With love.

Rest pleasant to you on the Black Sea! Good weather!