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Instruction on a stryakhivaniye of “noodles“? The bucks overcome the evil!

Alas. There was it so long ago, as nobody remembers. Far away, in the fairy state, once upon a time there were grandfather and the woman, also they had a chicken - Ryaba. The chicken demolished a small egg. The grandfather, on a table put it. The mouse ran, waved a tail, the small egg fell and did not break. Having seen the whole egg, the grandfather made the silly person. Strongly is surprised, and the woman cunning smiles. Judged - ryadil for now - decided to call a rooster. That came, held an investigation and speaks - well, a small egg as a small egg - I will go to a turkey-cock a beak I will fill. The fairy tale, lie - yes in it a hint, to kind good fellows a lesson - even fantastic result demands expenses?

Day of the voter passed, edrast the result pleases, more than 60% active a goal - put for. It became better to live, to live it became more cheerful? Tviks, Mironov, VVZh, the uncle Zyu and so forth, are glad to an opportunity to influence and dupe, for anything, in fact, without being responsible? Passive, once again caved in and shut up - long ago realized that not were included in the fairy tale! Not everyone has desire to create GO. We are not Kyrgyz - Kyrgyz, not we? Did not boil still, on the way to fantastic paradise - do not yawn, do not promise to feed!

And still - the era of an elitarizm ended? All these - priests, leaders, leaders, shepherds, pastors etc., etc. - all this history yesterday! To fight and look for, find and not to be given, divide and dominate, to unite and be well - all this in the past and nowadays is not actual! Humiliating others, you will not tower? To be afraid - does not mean to respect, and fear, not the engine of progress!

I will prove that at any control system, the victory over crime, including corruption and terror is possible! I will show how to achieve a casting of managers.

I do not call on fight, it is guilty, is told - love and what love in race for power over the neighbor? Policy not pure business! Are not necessary - protest actions, leaders and leaders, shepherds and pastors, and also - castes and sects, boxes and brotherhoods, parties and the movements. Fight and cooperation with the power equally is vain. Not virtual freedom, and first of all concrete equality is necessary. A step not against, and not on the way, it in other party. Having taken the Step, as a result you know: whether counting of votes is exact and how to influence the power.

Hard to the one who does not believe in authority of truth and trusts only truth of the authority? Having offered not standard methods, now it is a little about other, and for this purpose, to an izobrazzh to a plagiatur on Mr. Freman`s subjects:

Whether you love a TV show? I very much love them. Young ladies and sovereigns, ladies and gentlemen, the lady and gentlemen, and also all observers, to whom hunting to chatter, discussing electoral commission. You sometime did, something on the present? Out of the common? Without receiving instructions? Followed the decision?

So many channels produced zombie-boxes, and still the Internet. And everywhere discussions. Both there - and there it is possible to be both the creator, and the buffoon. It is possible to broadcast an unambiguous market, and it is possible ingenious creations of the people. Of course, easier to say, that the people involved it is free or is not free in this madness, silly and unscrupulous creatures.

But they not just satisfy demand, truly? Without them agree, someone will just go crazy from loneliness, fear, lostness and any complexes? I write without irony shadow - many of the politicians urged to realize pathetic human imaginations are sometimes much more honest also poryadochny than those who order to them “washing of brains“. I perfectly understand those commentators who claim that elections in Russia, the purest what only are. That the administrative resource is not favorable and costs much dearer. Settling as a result such amount of dirty cynicism and marasmus that until the end of days not to be washed.

And what actually new it is possible to write about this old as the world to a subject? Yes anything. That is absolutely anything? It is possible to make a helpless gesture only. And watching news of different channels, more and more time, to be stunned by impossibility of what was seen.

Or I am not right?

I in the thick of things. I vegetate and completely I depend on stereotypes. However I will offer an exit. You understand? Strange? Yes, I will offer, and business, behind each of you is, will become the personal decision.

Dear friends, opponents and members of OO and GO - I, the most suspicious of sceptics, congratulate you, on end of the next electoral company! Last company was not long, but rich with events. In it everything was - pleasure and sufferings, finds and losses. Everyone made something special: Someone gave - someone received. Someone paid, and someone bought. Someone lost the rights, and someone recharged behind a hillock. Someone considered voices, and someone imported raw materials. And from these small and inconsistent affairs, the selective period of the country, the our Homeland consists. The beating of its pulse consists of acts of each of us. I know that in the future we will pass all tests that more and more time to show other way. To prove the right for the special place in the history. In principle we already all diligently work on it. But someone even too. All of you shout very much that was stopped thinking in general the head!

Misters provokers, at you are the head? I write an elitarizm, and in my article you see only edrast. I write a casting, and you consider that it is only about failure of elections. I write benefit, and you see only a freebie. You that absolutely stupid? You that, absolutely, stupid? You that, ABSOLUTELY, stupid?

It is clear, than members, crews of provokers are similar to Napoleon, Socrates, the prime minister and even the president? And by the way where now their hands? Hm. Are ready to write, or already began to spoil? And can costs, to change, system? Everything that needs to be told about trolls from “trolleybus“ - their comments obvious lie.

And here the Homeland understood me because it reads and knows. And the curator already hinted me at my place. For system of values of the curator I not cattle, I am much worse because I not “a rat lion“ ready for everything, for the sake of the power. I am not a pessimist and not the optimist. And in the known dispute on a glass, I allow correctness and lie both because I am a suspicious skeptic. And therefore it is free from noodles and is busy with choice creativity.

Well, my friends, were read up? I do not know whether you will read my article before the following elections. But I address you from depth of the heart heartily - and let everyone will not just think, and will sincerely make the decision whether he is ready - to Walk with me further? Caught messedzh? Hardly you soak up the Lord, hardly you soak up. And God, is love and it is an axiom. With new, steadily fig power, misters!!!

There is a desire to think? Then strain armor and read:

Concrete interest will serve the real beginning of modernization in it everyone. It will allow managers to set right tasks. The order of the administrative measures yielding result - is obvious. The law on equality conducting to balance of controls and counterbalances is necessary. It will stop threat of disintegration of the country.

As there is no law - it is, or unwillingness to balance the relations in society, or misunderstanding of how to make it. Very clever it is hated. The axiom that, humiliating others, you will not tower itself, does not work. Therefore not only the published sayings, but also the return to them on sense are popular. For example: “it does not matter that my cow is sick - badly that she at the neighbor is healthy“, “let to me an eye will be beaten out if only to the neighbor both“. Our envy is not productive, and is hypocritical, is extremely immoral and destructive. Envy and greed generated an elitarizm as a control system of people.

The fact that the balance is necessary for one and all sectors of society, each citizen personally forces to make the second assumption. Hope that envious masochists do not drive a sovereign vertical. It is time to realize virtuality of problems and to answer a children`s question: why chaos, mess and “fiddle while Rome burns“?

To claim Kramolno that the power does not know something. But the Option is conceived more than twenty years ago. It is mutually advantageous for all and gives the public relations to stable balance. However I am a layman and the law on equality is written let by lawyers and speech writers, and I will tell only its essence:

Obviously, the root of all problems leading to growth of instability and to a mess is a crime. It constantly weakens the power and society, diminishing the rights for all types of property including on life. Aggression of the evil and indifference of good - crafty interpretation of laws, generated the general irresponsibility turning the people into the cattle driven by fear. Aggression of the evil, reason of disastrous progress? In everything and everywhere only a self-interest - ABY Benefit? Consumption of pleasures, meaning of life? It is favorable to break laws since inevitability of punishment aspires to zero. Logically - enjoy life to the full! Two times not to die - not to pass one, and “who does not risk - that does not drink champagne“, “innocent until proven guilty“, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to deprive crime of benefit what will relieve society of fear, having ensured safety of citizens?

The risk of counteraction to the evil is excessive, unprofitable and deadly. Salaries and extra charges for solvability, financial stimulation of investigations, privileges and moral encouragement do not lead to disappearance of crime. And the “baculine“ statistics and a facade only undermine confidence to the power, preventing acceptance of the right decisions. Servants of the people temperamentally report for the huge sums spent for fight against it, but all for nothing as win battles not of number, and abilities. The myth about its invincibility is created. Need of expenses control. Fear of it always a feeding trough for a roof? Allegedly, I will allow not to kiss all, not to comprehend all truth and not to destroy all crime, but it is necessary to aspire to it. For now there is no recipe - the crime is invincible?

We give term huge, stages long go, and we pay informers and executioners. We fight against it eternally, and it - as a cancer tumor grows from year to year. To silly claim that Carthage has to be destroyed, without knowing as to make it. But it is time to designate a fear source: Therefore we survive, but we do not live that we exist contrary to, but not thanks to laws. Increase in responsibility for deliberate crimes is necessary? All need benefit from punishment?

Symbiosis of a crime and punishment when one becomes absolutely impossible without another - will give law-abiding and trust of everyone to authorities in power? And without trust the power weakens, and irrespective of force of a material and ideological resource, will choose the Chinese or Iranian elite way of board. Without trust, efficiency of the main function of the power - function of management - falls that inevitably leads to creation of a revolutionary situation!

Setting as the purpose equality - the state with the self-regulating relations and trust to quality of management - it is necessary to consider that crimes often have system character and cannot be stopped instantly. Need of granting time is obvious to the conscious termination of criminal activity. Therefore the law has to come into force in a year after its publication, and a compromising evidence to lose the efficiency.

A problem of eradication of crime, will help to solve repeatedly discussed and offered, but rejected - full confiscation of property guilty of a deliberate crime. Only, without favorable to everyone, system of distribution - it is useless.

Having deliberately broken the law and by that, having dispossessed the victim - to lose everything - movable and immovable, inherited and presented, all securities and accounts, even foreign - the similar risk will force to think of the crime price. Will become a limiting factor, but will not direct progress against crime. There will be a temptation of use of laws in criminal intents? Further it will be told: what provisions of the law, will allow to eliminate these plans.

Everything that otpisano to friends, native, close - will remain to them, but these, the guilty person, will not be able to own fully independently and uncontrolledly. What the guilty person to a verdict owned, is subject to confiscation regardless of detection time. Full confiscation will deprive a benefit crime, having increased responsibility. And the system of distribution of a seized property offered below, will serve absolute solvability of crimes.

The risk assessment, depends on conviction in punishment for offense? The confidence that punishment is inevitable will stop all, except persons interested to sweep at any cost, the caused rage and affect, and also mad, not realizing what they create.

The property right is what is the purpose practically everything, even mad crimes. For the sake of possession of someone else`s property risk everything, even life, therefore it is important, that the guilty person was confident in loss of everything that was and what will receive, having committed a crime. The confidence in punishment and confiscation, will make not favorable, a fact of crime? This confidence will be given by system of measures which the intolerance to defect will turn it into virtue:

In - the first, only juries have to judge defendants in deliberate crimes. To make such courts the most independent, casual computer selection of jurors of citizens of all country and ensuring of participation in a meeting and passing a verdict with it by means of the Internet is necessary. Any nearest district court is able to afford the room for the juror under protection of the police officer provided to all necessary. When the parties do not know where during process there are jurors and where their residence, at them considerably will decrease probability to affect a verdict not justly and it is necessary to pay considerably bigger attention to circumstances and motives of a crime, and also justification of evidential base of the positions. The judge has to possess only function of the arbitrator between the parties, participants of process and the legislation.

In - the second, convicts have to have an option, where to them to serve a sentence in private or state system of punishments. Private has to conform completely to requirements of the legislation, but exist at the expense of means of off-budget fund (further VF) and to contain in different establishments of the punishments condemned for different crimes with the different term of serving having different recurrence under an indispensable condition of separate finding of prisoners in time which is not taken with work.

In - the third, VF has to be formed only at the expense of a seized property. For this purpose it is necessary that everything confiscated after the introduction of a sentence in force was realized on permanent and public for all legal entities and individuals electronic the Internet - auction. The received means automatically completely were enlisted into the account of VF. Money should not get to the victims, the state or to participate in insurance systems. The most public activity of VF has to be completely transparent and available to control by each citizen and public organizations, and also is obliged to be controlled by the state equally.

Means of VF will not serve compensation of damage to the victim. To it there are state and insurance guarantees which are not depending from confiscated from guilty property. Thus, responsibility of the state to citizens for ensuring their safety will increase. From the account of VF money has to be used only according to once and for all to the established scheme:

A half of funds is allocated personally to those citizens who participated in disclosure of a crime, collecting proofs, carrying out examinations and held charge irrespective of, these citizens the staff of government institutions, private or legal entities are. All citizens acquire the right to participate and help detective activity personally, or, having united in agencies, but, without breaking laws, and their activity has to VF equally is paid. The criminal plan will be stopped by knowledge that all citizens are interested in disclosure of crimes and benefit from it is so considerable that the criminal will not be able to make more favorable offers. Arrangement to accomplices and accomplices is for the same reason impossible. Efficiency of a consequence and punishment it will become constant to progress, receiving considerable financial incentive.

The second half of means of VF has to be divided into two equal parts from which one will serve creation of a nezavisamy, but controlled by society and the state of private places of serving of the punishments connected with imprisonment. These means have to pay off work, creative and scientific activity of prisoners, and the profit to be enlisted into their accounts. Activity of the natural persons creating and containing private places of detention at the expense of means of VF has to be lawful and completely controllable the state and society. It is paid with the fixed and invariable share of profit on work of prisoners.

Other part of means has to serve social adaptation of the criminal after departure of punishment term by him. This part of the means accumulated by VF twice in equal quantity is brought into the personal account of each prisoner, irrespective of his floor, an imprisonment term, age and other distinctions. The first time in day of the introduction of a sentence in force and transfers of means from realization of a seized property into the account of VF. The second time in day of departure of term of punishment and an exit to freedom. Thus, at guilty of deliberate crimes interest in solvability of crimes will begin to grow and seed capital after punishment departure appears.

The option is simple and real: it does favorable fight against crime, keeping soul of the person from temptations - profits, arrangement, a slander, provocations, false denunciations and certificates? A false denunciation, perjury and a slander - deliberate crimes? And they, according to the offered Option, will have a final the same is confiscation! At realization of option the crime will be irrevocably brought almost to naught? And each crime is, first of all, undermining trust to management and system of the power. Personal benefit will give a rational way to equality. The option specifies a way to what, in fact, the valid, but not declared constitutional state will begin with? Having eliminated temptation of a crime, it will allow to change cardinally a situation in management and will give start to progress of good when life becomes better thanking, but not contrary to the law.

Russia will begin to be respected, but not to be afraid? The power, having done good the evils are stronger, the authority will strengthen, without having destroyed a control system? Will be credible citizens who will become the people not only legally, but also actually? To the state where there is no crime, and the law operates, many people since Russia will become an example stable, peace, developments will seek to enter.

Nothing new, the recipe is clear and effective, and medicine is available and it is known? But the version of the law still was not applied though it is universal at any form of government - democracy, an elitarizm, a vertical, dictatorship, a bogoderzhaviya and so forth. What the power yet not “enjoyed life to the full“ is the reason, allegedly serving the people. The requirement of enrichment at any cost, became meaning of life? Pleasures and instinct of consumption, deprive the power of creativity of the choice, a method of fight against a mess? Crime - a wall and it will fall when everyone understands the benefit from its falling? As soon as the power decides that it has enough, having seen a revolutionary situation, the real treatment will begin. The option of lawful medicine will be applied. Realization of Option will serve the solution of the problems facing the country and success in different areas that will strengthen trust of the people to the power. People will begin to be proud of the country, its rating will be incredibly high.

The chaos really threatens existence of society, state and the power, doing by it dependent on structures of criminal system that gives rise to deadly symptoms of “orange“ outlook at people.

Economically offered Option is convenient. But an obstacle in its realization, is the impossibility of “cut“ of means and transparency. At small prime cost implementation requires only political will. Among all “noodles“ which are hung up on ears, most dangerous that that convinces of impossibility to finish crime. It replaced ideas of all administrative-isms. “Protection racket“ from it brings not small dividends. But it is time to realize that at people the patience is not boundless, and greed not only ruins guys. The option establishes real responsibility of the state for not safety of the dissatisfied party. It, assigns expenses, on rendering services of a consequence and punishment, to crime.

Now, beliefs in impossibility of an order, are useless, everyone is honest, before god and itself(himself). Poverty overcoming, emergence of the real middle class representing the majority, rise in level of morality and culture, economic breakthrough and many other positive changes are not possible without realization of Option. Even solution of problems of extinction and demography.

Read, understand, know. I write what has to and be as will be! I know - I know, the most awful crime - to call people for independence and freedom, allegedly it is a direct way to chaos and self-destruction! I am simply confident that I write. You what, you consider that my mission to awaken your desire to finish crime? Option, fixing a possibility of an order, association of people for political activity does not set as the purpose. For modernization repressions, “kickbacks“ and “cuts“ are not necessary - the will for acceptance of the offered Option is necessary. Personally it is favorable to me - and to you?

The matter is that in life there is an ode small, but very important hogwash! Once people ripen, become slightly cleverer, is slightly more bright, is slightly more cunning than those who “dupe“ them on ears. They do not want to listen to false promises any more, to read laudatory reports and to trust in bright future. They want something more concrete. But the power on their indignations, declares that opinions very clever do not concern it. And by the way before elections it had actual weight. How to make Option real?

Idea is simple - the system controls you you identical so far, but if everyone begins to think not on a curve, the system will not have enough neither hands, nor methods, nor governed to fool all. You are broken off between romanticism of opposition and an opportunity to adapt and survive? But, the attention - the highest and most imperceptible revolt is an ability in any situation to remain itself! To Step quietly - and business not in feeling of own importance here. It is possible to become big and remaining small! Yes, from simple to difficult - for a start it is necessary - the Step, it is so simple, but you are convinced soon how it is important!

The power convinces that elections take place quite lawfully, and the opposition cries out about jugglings and frauds! To whom to trust? And whether to trust someone? Looking at advertizing, there is a negative and desire to shout - do not believe! We do not go to elections, knowing result, and the appearance is provided regardless of their “transparency“. The one who is trusted is right, can the opposition is right? Perhaps yes - but not in everything and not always! All make money, wishing trust and convincing of correctness. So why and what we doubt? And how to turn our doubts into own income, having provided an appearance close to hundred percent? Yes, how “to cut cabbage“, without having invested even kopek?! I offer the Step, I offer, and to solve and arrive to you is a personal decision:

I will begin as it is accepted from the facts - I am 51 years old and I always participated in elections, since 18 when I acquired the right. But, voted only three times. Voting for itself twice, and once for the one whom knew and to whom trusted. I received the bulletin confirming a vote always valid, with all necessary attributes in the form of special protection, the seals and signatures. But, I will repeat, voted only three times. For the candidate ticked off local elections as in advertizing, and for the candidate on regional elections accurately entered the autograph. A list I voted for the one who was unfamiliar and whose nationality, caused hostility in voters of this site. My spouse voted also. But according to the report for this candidate nobody voted that once again convinced us of falsity of the electoral commission which illegally considered signatures a violation.

I always took part in other elections, but did not vote, having come into a cabin, chose not participation in the facade called by will. I put the bulletin in a pocket and, having wormed way among voters, left a site. Only once it was necessary to prove to the vigilant cop that my actions are competent.

Now conclusions: As in this way I participated in elections in different regions of the country, having begun last century and on nowadays, I can precisely claim that elections - the farce since. always the number of the issued bulletins, in reports equaled to number of the ballot boxes found when opening and consequently, calculation was incorrect. Even my bulletin got to “invalid“ only once.

Nowadays electoral commission, being afraid with such as I, will put transparent ballot boxes and video cameras, and his head even offered, to appoint - the bulletin price. But to force me vote even at the union could not, and the bulletin my right, I treat him as I will wish. Thousands of the best of the best people perished for that I this right - - had an option, and I do not intend to neglect it. I intend to choose how to live how to have the rights and how to use the bulletin.

I know that actions of one voter do not influence result. But why the opposition does not agitate for that “invalid“ there was majority? Then elections will be recognized as invalid. And under the law, will appoint new. Surely, with new candidates and members of electoral commissions? But not therefore whether what to all participants of so-called elections, it is necessary to report for the spent sums? Whether it forces opposition to declare valid elections actually?

By a margin of one vote nobody, at me won. But with overweight in 17 voices, on my site - happened. And it means that be such as I, the person 20, we would affect, having shown bulletins and having declared a juggling. If during elections, I declared desire to buy, for a collection, invalid bulletins, at least one hundred apiece, offers, is sure was much more, than 20 and me two thousand would be enough to interrupt a facade on my site.

There is an opportunity to declare, about desire to collect a collection of invalid bulletins, after the announcement of results, long before elections and even during the electoral company. This announcement, under the law, will not be propaganda, for or against. But it, can lead to the fact that the individual, the organizations, parties or at several parties, the organizations or individuals, on hands will have more than 75% of bulletins. Elections then admit invalid with all that it implies.

Quite lawfully after closing of sites to buy invalid bulletins. The voter who was not convinced of the choice compensates for himself the efforts connected with elections after closing of a site. Having sold the unused bulletin for the most acceptable from the offered sums. The price of the bulletin will begin to depend on the number of persons interested to create a collection from them. Persons interested to buy, can be much - not a chance and “for free“ fill it. Wealthy citizens can brag on parties of that how many bulletins they bought and as influenced local, regional or federal elections.

Not to allow the mobster to become the head, it abruptly. But not to allow to pass to edrosa or a tviks, will be stronger what the next yacht or raiding, to sport. Parties, having collected a collection more than three quarters, will declare invalidity of elections. And if bulletins, will be a little, about a vote recount and a juggling of results, almost everywhere. There will be enough money for purchase of a collection from sponsors, less than they spend it for posters, debate and other shows and tricks.

Knowing that the voter will begin to participate in creation of collections and to influence a result, electoral commissions will scrupulously consider each bulletin. And candidates will fight more diligent for each voice to avoid consequences of recognition of elections by invalid. Candidates and collectors, not in the right to buy bulletins, so far they are valid - before closing of sites.

All this, will serve improvement of an electoral system. Each voice will begin to have the price, and the power will become value. In a ballot box, nobody will throw the standing bulletin if it, do not convince of benefit of the choice, and the favorable power is useful to the people?

It is not easy to convince, refuse “a titmouse in hands“, for the sake of the promised “crane in the sky“, it is necessary to show and prove efficiency of a trap specifically.

So if the individual wants to have the favorable power, and profit on possession of the power, then follow my example. And the more at me will be followers, the life in the country will become more favorable to us. The number of my followers can easily exceed even 75% of voters though I agitate nobody, and I only suggest to influence really a result, having benefit from the decision.

Nowadays in a century of consumption impose us by means of advertizing not always that it is actually necessary for us. I suggest not to give the option free of charge in exchange for bright and brilliant advertizing. Let image makers will try to convince the people to refuse momentary benefit for the sake of the future. The one who will manage it will become the worthy manager.

I am proud of the fact that always arrived honestly, I suggest also the reader to arrive. When you discuss my offer with the family, with friends, acquaintances, colleagues and colleagues, indifferent will become less, and chances to hammer together an initial kapitalets, much more. So, decide, take the first tactical step to civil society. You are not lazy. Let`s step together on the next elections?

Everyone can read laws and be convinced an absolute opportunity to make money of air, having earned own capital from elections, a freebie - please! Step to money. Check correctness of the suspicious skeptic. I will be glad to negative responses, only, if they are motivated with articles of the law.

To take measures against the Step it is absurd and ridiculous. The humour to suspicious sceptics will not do much harm, and will only help. Acknowledging legality of the Step, the power and its electoral commissions look for counteraction measures. These measures are vital to prove legitimate right for the power - a legitimate country government. And the elite, appreciates the power more expensively than life. All our life game by rules by the thought-up main sharper - the Step is dangerous since it turns into the Shah:

I suggest you to play one game. Give for a minute poplyuyom on a wick your Eich - yu and we will plunge into darkness of imagination. You look more sharp-sightedly - present: In the last round applied for the post two - X and Y. 1% of bulletins was spoiled and nullified. 2% of bulletins appeared at Stepped. And in this situation objectionable to the sharper X collected 49% of votes. What in that case occurs? Correctly, 1 - 2% of bulletins with a tick pro - Y is thrown, and it as a result appears the winner. But after the publication of results, certain zt which collected a collection of the Stepped bulletins, the claim for incorrect counting of votes files a lawsuit and demands to cancel results. As proof it provides according to one bulletin from each of the majority of sites. The sharper knows exact number thrown, but what way out for it? To withdraw thrown and to recognize defeat of the candidate?

And there is a recalculation so far, the old power is not legitimate since elections are recognized taken place, and new cannot be recognized as chosen. In case of repeated incorrect calculation zt will declare the new claim, having shown the next portion of bulletins from a collection. Figures can be others, the most different, but always - the more Stepped, the defeat of the sharper in game is closer. And 75%+1 bulletins, put a mat in this party of game. And before end of the following party army with the commander-in-chief of IO. When by rules of the game X, Y also zt will be parties, the country can be left without laws and the budget. The reality of a mat is put in rules. That there was no mat, the sharper is ready for concessions Stepped since rules to change already late.

The sharper to bluff the expert. However, and “necessity is the mother of invention - what will only not be thought up“. Alas, to Option conducts the Step. And it, in fact not the policy, is the nonstructural and effective organization of civil disobedience, at compliance with law. Considering a situation and the accruing lawlessness when the rebel, the leader and the secretary do not help out - the sharper has two exits, bloody or peace. And both with loss of property. Whether the Kyrgyz method will be realized, depends on it.

Residents of the area do not elect the chairman of regional court why? He in the area directs those who judge them. Inhabitants do not elect the chairman of the area why, he directs training of their children? They do not elect the chief physician of regional hospital, and he directs those who treat them. Inhabitants do not choose from lawyers who will head local militia, prosecutor`s office and legal profession, and they ensure safety and legality in their territory. So if lawyers elect the heads, physicians of the, teachers and judges - the, so, and here inhabitants and at what here democracy? We do not choose how to live to the area, the region and the country, we live on the concepts determined by bureaucrats. The democracy was not, and is not present - there is only a game? To change rules it is only necessary to Step! Seeing efforts of crew of provokers, trolls and mobsters - I understand that my not policy, for their curators - trouble.

God is love! It is not dependent on that, you, or not to what religion or the doctrine you adhere in life believe - these three words are right - you feel it, all - including sectarians, Satanists, atheists and so forth. Everyone is created just like and the temple at everyone in soul is an axiom. But, without being God, the homo sapiens fell in love only with himself. Having the desire often opposite and simultaneous, he tries to carry out them, calling it will. The will is boundless and demands the power over itself and similar, and the power gives rise to submission and restriction. I state common truths that all realized - the Era of structurization and an elitarizm which began with Old Testament times and lasting until now - comes to the final! All ideologies, religions, dogmas and morals serving to creation of various public structures - became outdated. Attempts by selection, selection, education, cloning and so forth to create “the new person of the future“ conduct to an apocalypse? Means, it is time to love!