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Maracases of

It is brisk woke up … No. It is brisk regained consciousness from some opposite knock, shout, squeal and noise. To tear off the head from on what it lay (horse-radish knows it on what she calmed down this time!) forces were not. In it, in a head, everything hooted, so, that, probably, it is the last sign that kayuk, all - came. The body broke, as at the addict. Probably. As there pass withdrawal pains at addicts, Is brisk did not know. Only could present - the son at it - the addict. So saw. And to see it - not for the faint-hearted.

Who so here shouts and stamps? As if dancings on some party.

- On a wedding, perhaps, ran being drunk? - he began to remember yesterday. - No, got the last booze after closing of shop yesterday. So stuck to some builders, slightly for drinks did not rush to smother. So there was a wish to drink that would give everything. And there is nothing to give. Well, these men on a distance ugly face, and regretted then - poured some wish-wash. Well, that is, cheap wine, its daily “live“ water without which already life was not. And the fact that now - God forbid, at least, it he realized life also without foreign help minutes of the enlightenment. This enlightenment came in rare day when he twelve in a row did not use hours. Was not. Looked for long.

Noise - din not just did not stop, it amplified every minute. Especially reached this shout - the squeal opposite a disgrace.

- The devil - that!!! Blya … Got! - eventually, having collected the last forces, It is brisk strained all the body which became thin for years of a booze, and turned the hooting head aside, opposite to the gray wall plastered roughly. And right there jumped. - You who?! Blya … Delirium tremens … - Yurik aloud told and fell back to a trestle bed. In the brain which remained in small amounts flew that was let to be spent the night, it is visible, yesterday`s builders are benefactors.

- Not to sleep! Not to sleep! I knock, I shout, I knock, I twirl! - representation on what concrete half of the empty room - that the unfinished house continued. - I am an Old woman - the Rattle! Maracases! Maracases! I knock, I shout, I want to help! Maracases! Maracases!

- Your mother! - shouted It is brisk and sharply having turned again, shouted at it something, dancing nearby and rattling, shouting over the ear. - You who, blya …?!

Delirium tremens happened to it earlier more than once, but he never remembered anything. He was just told how he waved a hand, dispersed some horses, devils, maids - dancers from cabaret, flies the size about a pig moreover and grunting, flew on some moth similar to the fighter … Perhaps also invented every time, exaggerated the sizes, but itself - that he saw nothing and did not remember.

Or perhaps and now, here, he sees and understands, and even talks, and tomorrow will not remember any more? Perhaps and there is every time? Blya … If AND happens, then it is strongly terrible, and so naturally.

Here he sees this strange old woman growth not above his knee. Well, at most it from half-meter. No, it is even less, below. And such cheerful, so jumps! Does not choke, does not stop. Such clean, as in Rowe`s fairy tales! Aha, Rowe remembered, him in the childhood watched fairy tales, and then and with children. And now both there is no TV set, and the head cracks, and remembered …

- I will touch you now … - he gave a hand to the jumping old woman. But she only began to jump more cheerfully and even itself drew near towards - touch supposedly real I. And again this word, what - that familiar to pain and such others. - Stand you, pancake! It is stop! good to knock the heels here! - And he tried to stop it. But the old woman dexterously jumped out of it ruchishch and just like - by air flew over that on meter aside.

- Maracases! Maracases! I am an Old woman - the Rattle! I knock, I twist, I knock, I shout! Maracases! Maracases! Forward - back! To shout! To knock! I am an Old woman - the Rattle! Maracases! Maracases!

- And!!! Remembered, pancake! Remembered maracases! - It it is pleased tried to outvoice the old woman now - the ghost. - Daughter! On dances! Went! - he shouted in all throat. - Maracases! In! Precisely, as at you! Same rattles! Bought! Danced the Spanish dances! It on a competition was chosen! Soloist! Yes, precisely! Maracases! Lenka did not go! Our mother died as - time! Well, my wife!

- Aha! I know! I know! Maracases! Maracases! Forward - back! I twist, I shout! Forward I want! Maracases! Maracases! I want back!

- Yes go you to a bum, pancake! - It is brisk began to yell so that you itself were frightened. - Let! - And it pushed away the old woman to leave the room.

She ran, dancing, afterwards.

- Maracases! Maracases! I knock! To Creech!

- What it is necessary to you?! - Howled an animal It is brisk and rushed on the old woman who was to him hardly knee-deep. - You who?! - Shouted It is brisk even stronger. The echo repeated it “you who“ once again ten and is much louder, than he.

Suddenly the old woman jumped on the smashed stool splodgy with paint. Took a solemn and quiet air. Stretched Yurke`s maracases.

- Listen, It is brisk. I cannot speak much. And we will not see any more. Not white I and not a fever. I am an Old woman - the Rattle, or simply, the Devil - Those is That.

- The devil - Those are What? Why? Name such, perhaps? - he spitted out the sour remains of the reek of alcohol. - Here, blya, was stuck … - Already about himself grinned. - The devil - that!

- Well and, name. This the first that all say when I am seen. And so, Yurik. I am your chance. And what to define to you. We will not see any more. And now … Here to you maracases. Take, take. - And she stretched, and Is brisk, is strong still doubting reality of the events, took in hand these rattling toys which I also here in perplexity for the first time took about fifteen years ago in hand. Could not understand that it for, so to speak, musical instrument and why costs such money.

- You go somewhere where you will not be seen and will not be heard. Because it is impossible to disturb. It will not turn out then. You rattle as I. You shout as I. Very much - very much - it is very loud. As never shouted in the life yet. Just you let out all spirit from yourself. In all the throat, without being afraid to break off lungs which at you already to hell. About a liver I am silent. You shout what you choose. Or “I knock, I shout, I want back!“ or respectively, “I want forward“! Got that?

- Did not understand … It, how a time machine, perhaps, in the future or in the past?

- Well and. And you speak, did not understand! Only remember one! You have to be believed!

- Who?

- And what difference - that to you? Do not climb in this jungle. Simply, shout what you want actually. Got that?

- Well and … And in what it is concrete …

But at this moment when he only said “yes“, the Old woman - the Rattle got microscopic handles from a pocket of the wide cheerful skirt tiny maracases and, having rung out with them, dissipated as fog, as steam on a pan with pelmeni.

- Stop! - cried It is brisk. - I understood not everything!

But, alas, now he realized that all this, of course, nonsense, and any old woman - the ghost to it any more not to see. But maracases, the beautiful, decorated under Khokhloma maracases, were clamped strong by hands.

Strongly there was a wish to drink. It is so strong that could not be suffered. He put rattles for a bosom and went to look for little shop.

It is brisk navorachivat already the twenty first circle on the huge cottage settlement, but did not notice any “colleague“ anywhere, any working private little shop was not open. As ill luck would have it, everything was closed.

- Yes, blya … boughs! Inventories at them at all fucking! - Stopped before the next small stall and read “Sorry, an inventory“.

There is nothing to do, it is necessary to pass kilometers five the wood to other settlement. There already just the state shop will open. And it is necessary to shoot couple more of kopeks at whom or to sit down next to someone. Perhaps to whom to flog these maracases?

It is brisk more than once went on this road, but now decided to truncate a way and to go through always wet meadow and the river. It everything felt in the bosom maracases as if checking, they are real or, all - is some ravings. And, scrolling over and over again in the head the speech of the Old woman - Rattles, began somehow osmyslenny to come back to each word.

- And che not to try? You never know … - Itself hesitating of the words, It is brisk stopped on the fringe of the forest before a meadow, got maracases and, having lifted them it is high over the head as that Rattle, began to shake very much. And was to a drink was going to tear and remembered that it is necessary to want strongly somewhere. And where he wants? In shop and that it is free though a bottle one and did not “blacken“, and vodka. Even the snack is not necessary. No … And suddenly will work, and it is possible to want another also … Pancake … He began to think tensely where he wants more: in the future or the past.

Directly somewhere nearby some movement suddenly was heard. It is brisk turned back on the parties - absolutely nearby two untwisted rods.

- Came to fishing. It is not slept of Morons. - Thought with irritation It is brisk.

- It is healthy, men! - he shouted, having been confused, and hid rather for a bosom maracases. - You will not pour hundred grams? Lousy, there are no forces.

- Not - and. Teetotal we. And you what? Gave birth to the child, perhaps? Rattles on all wood you rattle here?

- Aha. To wet.

- Well, you give, the man! Ditenk unless is so killed? The glade should be covered properly

- Yes you went! - Yurik muttered and moved further, to overcome the bridge.

- What I in the future did not see - that? - all he thought about the old woman in pink reytuzika with thingies, precisely as at dancers of a cancan. - God forbid to know that, as it is so known. I will get drunk, God will give and … Not, pancake, God will not give … - Sighed. - Back? Oh, do not give, God to return in yesterday or the day before yesterday or … No, the farther back, the worse and worse.

- I do not want anywhere, your mother! You went! - he shouted very much and, standing already on the top of the bridge, threw very much maracases in water.

They cheerfully began to jump and floated on narrow and hardly current river, as in to the slowed-down cinema. Teasing and attracting: “Yura! Watch how we slowly float. You have a chance still to think!“

- Yes went you! Yes you went! Your mother! Your mother! - went already on a footpath along the river and shouted. It is brisk remembered the life and glanced at cheerful pogremushechka - zamanukh in uncertainty. Conversation with itself made cry.

- Pancake! The old woman is damned! Brought the husband - and - and - Ik to tears! - it squelched, fastidiously wiping tears. - Yes I do not want there, back. I do not want in prison for the stolen Malboro block to which attributed still half-shop successfully! I do not want remember how buried Marinka my darling. I do not want to remember how that morning she went behind milk to the aunt Lisa to Blades as silly she died. It is necessary! Who so disposes at you there! - He raised prayerfully hands to the sky and cried out it with rage to the one who there, in height, could hear it. - How it is so possible - simply to bear milk in bank, it is simple to fall, having stumbled and just at once to cut to itself a carotid with the broken glass?! I do not want to remember how found it and as glasses from the same can cut to itself veins! I do not want! - it already threw these words the floating row to maracases. Lifted a stick from the earth and threw in the rattles which are jumping up on roughnesses of a river bed. They sailed scaredly to the opposite coast. It, caught itself(himself) on terrible thought - a chain: a drunk funeral smoothly turned into drunk commemoration on the ninth, and then and for the fortieth day, then - anniversary, and now is twenty some anniversary … And he does not remember when it was and whether was in general on the wife`s grave since then. And does not even remember when she died what number. He began to remember what today at least day of week, and suddenly remembered that it just on little shop read that with today`s and, exactly, from this date of June, the inventory began.

- Aha! Coincidence, you will tell?! - He stared on lying over it again the cloud in the form of a chubby pillow is lazy. - And - and - and - and! Here to you! - And it extended a fig in the sky. - Laid over from all directions! In the Turk me?! Not - and!!! Figs to you! - It is brisk stumbled about a snag and only now saw that the footpath on which it went ended long ago. Maracases smoothly floated absolutely nearby. He began to cry helplessly again. Spat towards rattles, it was developed and went back, trying to find that place where the footpath left the right from the river, towards the village with its shop.

- Yes! Yes! I do not want that Lenka and Vasily in orphanage were taken away! Also I do not want to give to that pusher our apartment three-room on his odnushka in the cellar again! I do not want in prison for the alimony as a dog shameful! And - and - and - and - and!!! - He shouted very much. Also caught itself on thought that quite so, probably, it is necessary to shout that “someone“ heard it. - I do not want that Vaska with friends - addicts pushed out me from a hut in a shed, I do not want to sell the next peasant house again and again that to pay with a difference the alimony to children`s home, I do not want that Lenka was adopted by Irish, I do not want that I was beaten, I do not want to hide from cops, I do not want - at - at - at - at …

At last, it found a footpath, turned and terribly was delighted when through some time the green tin roof of Produkty shop seemed. The step dropped into a fast pace, desire to take a sip of a portion propped up all bodies to a throat. And it is necessary to be perverted still somehow to buy or find the company, or to shoot money at whom …

- I Will get rid of maracases, in such wound I can find nobody, and the shop assistant there - a bough that still … - Logically he quite judged and remembered suddenly about what that already could not be sbagrivat-. Stiffened for a moment with the leg raised for the following step, on it as the rope-walker both was developed, and rushed headlong back, to catch up with maracases.

Again the same footpath, again it ended, a windbreak again, again it falls - rises, rises - falls … There is that place where it was developed and went back, having spat these starushkina of a rattle. Precisely, it. Here a cow-parsnip bush with a trunk not more thinly than a good birch, he paid attention to it when crashed. Still thought, that such beautiful plant, and poisonous, appears. He somewhere read. The word ridiculous - “read“ … Earlier they with the wife rolled each free minute on a sofa with books. Read avidly classics, all novelties of the book market knew, got also in listings what allowed the state to read to not all. It was interesting to live somehow …

It is brisk not could understand nothing - maracases were on the same place, also smoothly now floated further. For now he ran to shop, they what, waited for, perhaps it?!

He plunged into the water because it was impossible to reach - in this place the river was the widest, it did turn and gathered speed to the lowland, giving the same speed and to maracases. Neither to float, nor it was impossible to go: a bottom clay and strongly viscous, and depth is small. It was beaten out their forces, trying to grasp at least one pogremukha, but these babkina of a toy just scoffed: all jumped and jumped forward nearly by air as if the flat stone with a force thrown skillfully from the coast.

- It is necessary, for a drink of a nonsense of this liquid it is possible in the small river - to the skunk to drown! - Flashed in his head. And somewhere, in most - depth whether a brain, whether soul, that morning on a verandah, the sun and Marina who is not brushed since night in a long house motley transparent skirt and one apron was remembered. Without brassiere. The back is naked … Ooh!!! And he wakes up from an impudent ray of sunlight which provokes it finally … And the first what it is thought of - “Here the wife at me chistoplyuyka! Perekrakhmalit all in the house. Even curtains. And now they not smoothly wave in an open window and give in the portions a perfume of lilac and a jasmine, and fight a rigid sail and directly as they from a bransboyt pump to the house ozone with a concentrate of everything that grows in a well-groomed front garden under a balcony.

- Me on that verandah, - only was also in time, choking with dregs, to think Yura. And maracases somehow by itself, against the current, having dived into this instant, jumped out of water and appeared in his hands!

- Yo … - Screamed It is brisk and got directly in the middle of the small river on feet. Even without having spat out ooze and clay from a mouth, he shouted at full blast shaking all around! Even a cloud, which in the form of a pillow which rolled over with a side sideways among the clear sky … even this cloud suddenly somewhere resolved in fear for this animal, terrible the wildness, roar …

- the Steep slope!!! I twirl!!! Ma!!! Ra!!!!!! SY!!! Onthe back I want - at - at - at - at!!! - He closed eyes which nearly blew up from a pressure. Smothering already as it seemed to it, departed there, to catch up with that cloud - a pillow. - Maracases! Maracases! I twist … - Maracases knocked more loudly and more sensually. And already it seemed, not it shakes the hands which are hitched up up, and they, these magic kolotukh of the Old woman - Rattles, tear to parts and his hands and all body, having made noise all around.


Yura woke up from an impudent ray of sunlight which provoked it finally … And the first of what was thought - “Here the wife at me a chistoplyuyka! Perekrakhmalit everything in the house. Even curtains. And now they not smoothly wave in an open window and give in the portions a perfume of lilac and a jasmine, and fight a rigid sail and directly as they from a bransboyt, pump to the house ozone with a concentrate of everything that grows in a well-groomed front garden under a balcony.

He quietly not to creak a floor board, got up, crept to singing something on a verandah at a plate Marin. Standing at it behind the back and trying not to breathe, he watches it and thinks, smiling: “Fools are lucky! Such it at me sexual and beautiful … fir-trees! I envy myself!“

the Marine which is not brushed since night in a long house motley transparent skirt and one apron. Without brassiere. Since morning closeness awful. The back is naked … Ooh!

Yura Poslyunyavil forefingers and imperceptibly and quietly on both sides gently touched at once nipples, in time having managed to evade from a wet rag in hands.

- It is brisk! Well for the fool! Fie - fie - fie! Frightened. Abnormal! I to you! - And it threw a rag in him who is running away.

- Well, a cat, well calm down … I, loving … - Yura Laughed and seized strong the wife in the strong hands.

- There was not enough night? You rustle, the villain … Children still sleep … - Was given, relaxed on a breast at Marin`s husband. - By the way, Yurochkin … You did not forget that today behind maracases to you to go to the city.

- Hello to you! I still brought yesterday and Lenke gave. Bought the most expensive, by the way. For the sake of art!

- Here you laugh, and unless it not achievement what so little Lenka, and already the soloist of ensemble whole goes to the international competition?! And what dance matchless! Ooh, the beauty it at us, huh?! And now also maracases are. Everything as it is necessary! The good fellow you at me!

- And that! - Yura grinned and again got with kisses.

- Well, it is good, It is brisk. Awake Vasily, to him to go for drawing to ten. Yes, awake already both - in hour or so we will have breakfast.

- Aha, awake … They stand on the head there. You hear?

Both fell silent and listened. Little Lenochka jumped out of a bedroom, rattling maracases on all apartment: “I knock! I twist! I want castanets! Maracases! Maracases! Bought me maracases!“

At Jyrki suddenly so began to spin the head that he sat down, having nearly missed by, in a chair.

- Yurochka! What is with you?! - Was frightened of Marin. - More quietly, children, the head from such noise cracks!

- Everything is normal! Something so pricked, such feeling that somewhere I heard and saw already it is some old woman with maracases …

All amicably laughed and could not stop in any way, tearing tummies and having fun since morning from the sun, from maracases and from father`s “chertik“.

- And all therefore, - Marina winked playfully. - that at night it is necessary to sleep, but not … Then also everyone dreams. All right, you so far here wash, and I run to the aunt Lisa to Blades behind a pair milk … I quickly, through Liski.

And it reached for a 3-liter pure jar which is washed up and expecting the victim on a dry towel.

- To stand! - Suddenly Yura bellowed. - To stand, I told!

- Both Marina and children stood scaredly, and then so burst out laughing that already and razulybavshiysya Yura could not stop them.

- Yes, it is fine to you … Well, the father made laugh and what? I, Marin, itself will go, I will walk, and you take care of children so far, all right? And it … Well, it … this to bank, a can give!

- Oh, a bidonchik at me somewhere in the storeroom with haricot … Yes, take bank …

- Bido - about - about - a nchik!!! - Playfully and falsely angrily rested It is brisk.

- On, on, go already! - Having released a can and having rinsed it under the crane, Marina stretched a container to the husband and turned out.

He went along the small river, trying not to concern huge thickets of a cow-parsnip, and thought that put some strange today. Also thought that is happier than it, Are brisk, there is nobody on light.

On the bridge stopped and, without paying attention to two fishermen unwinding rods shouted in all throat: “Thanks, cloud! You on a pillow probably! Small river, hi! Ma - ra - - syyyya!!!“

- What you shout since morning? You frighten fish? - Fishermen twisted at a temple. - Too someone was born?

- Everything is normal, children! Successful fishing! - Also It is brisk as the boy, skipping went, whistling a melody of Lenkiny Spanish dance …

Fishermen shrugged shoulders in perplexity - what will only not see enough here, on coast of this twisting river...