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How to be protected during attack???

Hello! All of us have such situations when we one or with relatives are on streets of our hometown, in parks or in any deserted territories in a night-time. At these moments we can just become the victims of maniacs, robbers and ordinary hooligans.

of Options of protection in similar situations enough, is important to react only in time.

If someone attacked you or someone pursues you, the most important not to panic, it is necessary to try to run out or come to the crowded place, from you there, most likely, will get rid. If there is no such opportunity, at a large number of opponents it is necessary, in - the first to stand so that behind your back none of them were, do not give them the chance to surround you, try where - nibud on proximity to choose such place that all of them together there did not go in, that is if suddenly, then it will be easier to beat off to you. When an opportunity to run is given, it is necessary to work, your opponents all run differently that is if catch up with you, only one or two, and is so already simpler to cope with them.

If suddenly you see that the person menacing to you is inadequate, then it is not necessary to do sharp movements, it is not necessary to shout if there is no confidence that will come to the rescue at once, try to talk to him, but not aggressively, maybe, everything will manage to be solved peacefully.

In a case when from you material values are required, and your life is threatened, to wait for the help not from where, remember your life the most valuable that you have, and things business acquirable, it is better to give that from you is asked, than once again to provoke the robber to spontaneous actions.

When not to avoid a fight, and the opponent poses for you serious threat, that is, is armed or is much larger than you, it is desirable to adopt some near the lying subject, but it should not be swung randomly, for the beginning just hold it before yourself, thereby keeping a distance between you. In such situation it is better to distract attention of the opponent to something and to try to escape. It is possible to show, discourage on something the opponent, as a last resort, it is desirable to throw something on legs, it will give you odds to escape.

At any dangers you have to understand that you do incidentally not to aggravate a situation, it is not necessary to beat off the person sharp objects if you have no practical skills of the treatment of them, you can elementary do much harm to yourself.

Presently self-defense to whom will not prevent is the best of all to take place specialized training where with you professionals will be engaged. It is a lot of cases when the help can be required by you and your relatives, and from all types of fight the street fight the most unscrupulous having a huge number of dirty tricks it is necessary to use the sprained opportunities here in time, and at times even the simplest skills can help you.

But the most important remember, as the malefactor, perhaps, stumbled, extreme measures are not necessary, there is always a way everything to settle without manhandling, you remember are very dear to the relatives!!!