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How to endure a heat without prejudice to health? We always look forward to

summer. Who at least once did not tell in the winter - “rather summer!“. Well, here friends, as they say, waited! This summer unpleasantly surprises with an abnormal heat. Temperature records are broken every day. Therefore it is necessary to introduce amendments in the daily way of life.

Council No. 1.

As it strange sounds, but it is impossible to drink a lot of water in the summer. The increased consumption of liquid overloads kidneys, with urine and then the organism is left by electrolytes and salts. Besides problems with pressure are possible - it can fall or jump up on the contrary.

How many waters to drink? Count the norm of consumption calculated on the basis of 30 ml on body kg. Calculated? You do not hurry to pour in yourself in all norm of infections. Drink in the small portions, but it is frequent.

Council No. 2.

do not drink sweet ice drinks during a heat. Why? Such drinks contain a lot of sugar: about what figure can there be a speech if in a day you drink unlimited amount of drink and, so use unlimited amount of digestible sugar? Besides ice drinks can cause quinsy and easing of immunity. Therefore it is better to drink water of room temperature. It is better to replace the drinks containing sugar with freshly squeezed juice.

Council No. 3.

to Fans it is dense to b to eat

it is worth refusing the habit. The diet has to consist of fruit and vegetables. Anything fried, smoked. From liquid dishes okroshka perfectly will approach. Beans and fermented milk products will help to diversify a diet.

Council No. 4.

Physical activity - it is good, but during a heat it in literal sense can kill, heat exchange increases by 5 times! An exit one - or to transfer sports activities to the conditioned hall, or to refuse sport, the heat will not fall down yet.

Council No. 5.

On the street an intolerable heat! And houses are your rescue - the conditioner and the fan! But often they bring not rescue, but harm, you can catch a cold! The difference between temperature outside and at home has to be no more than 10 degrees. Having come home in sweat, you should not sit down under the fan or the conditioner at once. At first “cool down“, otherwise inevitably catch cold.

Council No. 6.

Whenever possible you do not go outside from 9 to 18 o`clock. This time of high solar activity. If you have to be on the street in these hours, then put on easy clothes. Also the headdress which will protect your head from the scorching sun beams will be useful.

Council No. 7.

Summer - a time of water procedures. Beaches, pools, aquaparks - the place which by right it is possible to call paradise in summertime. But there is one but - otitis, in other words - an inflammation of ears. Physicians for fun call otitis “the swimmer`s ear“. Water gets into an ear, and the damp environment - the best environment for developing of otitis. To avoid an inflammation of ears, use special hats or earplugs.

Council No. 8. to People with chronic diseases needs to be

twice careful!

Hypertensive persons need to consult with the attending physician concerning a dosage of drugs as during a heat pressure is unstable.

People with coronary heart disease should refrain from high physical activity during a heat.

the People who had a stroke also should refrain from high physical activity and monotonous work with the provision of an inclination headfirst (for example, at the dacha).

I think, many already told this summer: “It is rather winter!“ .

of People adapts to everything. Let`s worry also this hot summer.

of Health to you, take care!