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I congratulate on Not international Women`s Day!

remained Three days till the main female holiday on March 8. What difference who thought up this day?! What difference in what countries it is celebrated?! What difference to whom it was devoted initially and why … to

What difference?! The main thing that we to it were accustomed. The main thing that we got used to it. The main thing that we have it, this day. This day, only in a year when the woman can do nothing on the house, even not to cook a dinner, even not to iron clothes, even not to wash the floors, even …

A can only look good, it is possible to receive as a gift flowers, spirits, declarations of love from the husband, and if it was largely lucky, then and from the lover. From the son, and if it was largely lucky, from sons. From colleagues, and if it was largely lucky, and from the chief. Well, in day it is possible to smell spring on the eighth of March and to be beautiful as millions of women.

And I do not want. I do not want as millions! That is, as millions, I want too. But still I want that such holiday was devoted only to me by one!

I will not take away from others pleasure in the eighth day of March. Dishonestly it, ugly.

I will arrange myself the personal holiday better. And why not today, not the fifth, for example, March?

Friday. I have no working affairs obliging to leave to the city. I can be engaged also in the theory, on phone calls to pootvechat, to refresh advertizing on the Internet. Yes, you never know …

I there is nobody yet until children at school, in kindergarten until the husband at work, I am closed - I on a key and I arrange myself a holiday, will take care of the own life, I will become the beauty just like that, for the sake of myself!

To become beautiful and to see then there, in a world behind the looking-glass, behind the reflection a disorder in the house, there is no wish. Precisely that the impression will be spoiled. Therefore the bathtub is filled so far, I will make the express - cleaning: I will throw excess belongings from a sofa, chairs, shelves and chairs just in the emptiest office of a case, I will rake everything on the ninth of March; I will accurately put ware in a sink in a basin, the husband will come, let will wash - I will have a fresh manicure; I will carry an ironing table to the cellar long to look for and to find it these several March joyful days … So … that else? Well, at most - I will make beds and I will wipe dust from the most noticeable places - the TV and the computer. And still - from mirrors, will be necessary.

Perfectly! Beauty! I will leave the rest to men, and that they already and will have nothing to do on the eve of a holiday.

Ah and! Still I run to the cellar behind aspen firewood, I will put them accurately at a fireplace, I will start up a draft copy of this rasskazik on a kindling then. Here still matches … Everything is ready!

As it is good what in the house always is a fresh, faded bouquet from roses. We make petals in a kipyatochka, and now in a bathtub, let float, flavor water, soften. Salts sea, the skin weakening. Not to go too far!

Well, everything, began … The pleasure began!

I is careful - carefully I go one, then the second leg in a bathtub … Stop! And it forgot to be weighed today? Back! Nothing to themselves - absolutely serviceable scales, in time recent still my worst enemy (my eyes would not see them!) six kilograms show minus! What beauty, I on the whole six kilograms became happier! Means, today from a bathtub I will force out waters much less.

About! What hot water! There is nobody in the house, it is possible and to moan a little! Ah … oh … oh … beauty! I will take soap pink today too that not to stir smells.

The petals which inflated, scarlet, I will gently cover cheeks, a forehead, the not double chin, a turned-up whimsical nose, a forehead on which all history of my life is written... Let`s cover history, we will inhale pink aroma, without thinking of anything.

And breast? It is necessary to please also the breast with tendernesses of petals from the bouquet presented a week ago. So that`s that. A breast, by the way, for my age at me quite nice, you do not find? If to consider it separately from a body, it is possible with age and to miss. In the best, by itself, the party - about! especially in water, it is simple, how at the little girl - enthusiastically - sublime!

Remembered, by the way, as in last summer got with this most breast. And not only...

I woke up early in the morning, hours in five, on the farm. Still slept: and children, and you, and uncle Zhora. Birds sang so what just to become stupid! The sun already began to make the way through holes of a tulle curtain and to play on oven bricks, to make advances to the flies who woke up.

I is very silent, very much trying not to wake you, got out from - under covers (and almost from - under you), and on tiptoe barefoot went on a garden footpath to a pond. Frogs did not croak yet, but already stretched, waking up on the dawn sun, spiders - water measures rushed on a surface of the ice lake, inviting to run about with them, and it is better, to dive. Dragonflies for the present rehearsed flights, turning at low heights, the cane whistled under a gentle and warm breeze, dumping from tips of leaves - the shooter large drops of dew. I threw off from myself your the huge sizes a shirt which on the farm serves me as a dressing gown - zamanukhy, stood on the bridge, stretched under more and more sun which is looking through through green braids of birches and … jumped!

Ah … Our pond never happens warm! Oh! Horror! What ice water! Keys of springs keep our pond always in a tone! And I will be in a tone now!

It is impossible to shout - it is possible to wake all family. And I, expressing all delight and horror from the most sober water in the world, from the most playful rascal - the sun, with some shout - a sigh in itself, inside, I jump out back on the bridge!

Fine! Let`s make potyagushka on the sun now! Hands for the head, we will shake by the head, drying hair, we will stand with the sun in an embrace, having forgotten about dressing gowns, clothes and shame!

And I feel a back a look! Ah, you, unscrupulous! What do you do? Throw the camera! You went crazy? I am naked!

And I begin to run away! To you it is impossible. In - the first, pictures will be even larger, in - the second, can catch!

I run around a pond, you - for me. And you take a picture of everything, you take a picture, a reptile such! Well, I to you! Here in bushes, here behind a birch, here jumping through a ditch already on the other side of a pond! Leave me alone! Switch off! Stop! Children will see! Give a shirt! I will cry! I am ugly! I am thick! Throw the camera! So unfair!

And you laugh, laugh loudly, photograph and shout in reply: “You are beautiful! You at me beautiful! You are ridiculous! You are cool! Do not hide for a pine! Vyglyani! My God, what breast at you!“

Yes, in vain I shouted so. And, maybe, not for nothing. Those photos where I angry also swear, one hand shaking at you a fist, another trying to cover though something from shameful, turned out, by the way, the most nice. And, however, any I not thick, I am appetizing! I will think so! Time the husband speaks - means, indeed!

And today me became on the whole six kg less! Happiness of the woman, here you what!

I remember then, on the bridge on a pond, I stretched on the sun, blinked also eyes and saw … a mimosa! Yes, yes, mimosa! You represent: a birchwood at the beginning of summer when leaves still of such fresh green color, there is a lot of them - much against the sky, and through them clusters yellow as a chicken, and the same playful, dawn sun make the way! Some scatterings of amber! So to me sees in the first seconds. And then I narrow eyes, and here on a warm black background this yellow spring pleasure begins to be dismissed: leaves of birches are branches of a mimosa, and a drop - a sun dewdrop - its flowers, fluffy, transparent, air, odorous to a nevozomozhnost, and fresh - fresh as the first smell of spring!

And now always when I look at the sun or at you, and then I narrow eyes, I see a mimosa!

Give - I will call you. Oh, not to drop in a bathtub phone … Now, I will wipe hands …

- And I love you! (It at us from the first day of acquaintance was got it is instead of “hallo“ as at all normal, like to speak “And I you!“

- And I you is mad - madly! (It is the answer, instead of “I listen“ or “Yes, hallo“).

- Do not forget me to congratulate today. I hint. I already in a bathroom, and by the evening will be beautiful.

- Oh … And with what? Today only the fifth, Eighth of March on Monday, I am not ready …

yet - And my Eighth of March today, the fifth. I so wanted! And I am already ready!

- Understood, expensive! Not the fool! Departed behind a mimosa!

And now, in the late afternoon, when all family begins to fill on one my house, I will kindle a fireplace, and he will help to create the atmosphere of a holiday, he will emphasize heat which filled my soul, will show my playful mood, throwing out flame uvulas through a lattice: “Bie - be - be! Bie - be - be!!!“ I will cover with

Ya a festive dinner: to children - cutlets, me flowers, to us - red wine.

I will make manicure (and if I am in time also a pedicure, it is pleasant to you when from - under blankets my legs with bright fingers stick out), I will take away a bang from the clever forehead, I will leave couple of zavitochok to cover this couple of wrinkles which are already similar to two footpaths in our wood I will dress up in a green dress with a beautiful decollete, in my ears there will be long amber ear rings, and a beads, from these sea pine tears too, will show you that place where you have to kiss me, handing a huge bouquet of a mimosa at a threshold.

And you will tell that I am similar to it, a mimosa today - same solar, same fresh, same spring. You will tell that I, as well as this marvelous flower, with age only become fresher, is only more interesting and more mysterious. And still you will tell that yellow color perfectly emphasizes intelligence of the woman, and to us, women, it is the best compliment.

Also you will congratulate me on my Not international holiday today - Women`s Day on March 5!


If someone too already meets today Spring, sincerely I congratulate on the fact that you are a Woman! And with the fact that your meeting with Spring too already took place!

Also I give you this branch of a mimosa!