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Whether stamps are necessary to us?

One of characters Ilf and Petrov, companion Polykhayev, the unforgettable head of “Hermes“ (“A gold calf“), managed to increase productivity of office work by an easy way - he used stamps. “Rubber Polykhayev“ hung on a special stoyechka. Stamps were the different size, small and big, with their help it was possible to put both the simple resolution, and difficult (the most ingenious stamp was: “In response to ________ we, as one …“. And presence of companion Polykhayev on a workplace was not even required, there would be available stamps.

Ridiculously? Yes, on the one hand. But on the other hand, companion Polykhayev was right: we live in an environment of stamps. “Wash hands before food“, “Teeth need to be brushed twice a day“, “Cross the road on green light“ and so on - all this stamps. And they really simplify life. It is not necessary to reflect every time - and whether there is a sense to brush teeth before going to bed? All is already known and regulated - the sense needs to be eaten, cleaned. It saves time and, strangely enough, adds comfort. Existence of invariable truth which can be perceived noncritically does life cozier.

We get stamps during life, beginning from diapers and finishing last afternoon. Parents provide with the first stamps us. Then the turn of school comes, and subsequently we search for stamps, convenient for ourselves independently.

As it was already told, many stamps are useful. However the more stamps, the there is less ability to training - for this reason the person is more senior, the more difficult to it to perceive new knowledge. A question not that memory becomes worse, and that the place intended for new knowledge is already strongly busy with a set of stamps. And memory human is not boundless, the volume of a brain is limited.

The elementary analogy - the computer. Whatever it was powerful if in it it is constant to download information, then one fine day on the screen of the monitor the message will appear: “It is not enough memory size“. And if it is rather easy to clear computer memory, having removed unnecessary files, then with human everything is not so simple, the brain seeks to hold the obtained information. And even if it seems to you that something is strongly forgotten, then somewhere in a distant corner there is “box“ occupied with this information. Just it does not open.

It is difficult to get rid of stamps. They are subconsciously registered as information necessary and that the main thing, absolutely reliable. It is difficult to apprehend the proof of incorrectness of this or that stamp, at first it is necessary to break strong belief in its reliability, to seed in itself doubt grain.

Force of stamps is convincingly shown in the fine movie of Mark Zakharov “To kill a dragon“. The registrar Charlemagne, telling about achievements of the Dragon to Lancelot, says that the Dragon relieved the city of Roma, and Roma are terrible people, they are dangerous. At the same time it becomes clear that Charlemagne did not see any Gipsy, but perfectly remembers that at school it was told about how the Gipsy songs are harmful. However, he too never heard songs.

As a result Lancelot should battle not so much against the Dragon, but against all stamps from which main thing appears “To relieve the city of a dragon, it is necessary to get own!“. Also there is no victory to the nice knight until he could win against stamps. Including the.

If all your stamps are reduced to “Wash hands before food“ and similar, household - you the happy person. You are capable to perceive new ideas. But if your set of stamps is more difficult if each vital event is regulated by a certain stamp, then your life, on the one hand, becomes simpler (on each irritant a certain stamped reaction is registered), with another - extremely becomes complicated.

For example, there are difficulties with career development. To move ahead on service, it is necessary and to perceive new ideas and to offer own. But from where something new will undertake if in each brain crinkle the stamp sits?

Usual result is the annex of stamps to the current situation. But most often it turns out that the unusual situation requires the same non-standard solutions, stamps of not provided. And already on an office ladder the one who could reject stamps (or initially tried not to get them in large volume), and reliable (according to heads) moves ahead, the stable employee lags behind - his reliability is to a large extent caused by stamps and does not work in situations, these stamps of not provided.

Similarly there is a situation in private life. Not all is regulated, a set of problems demand non-standard approach. Most often it is heavy to the person burdened with stamps even to get acquainted. For example, the stamp is widespread: acquaintance on correspondence or by means of dating sites on the Internet is for losers. But the modern world leaves not so much free time to those who already finished study. And the main system of communication - the Internet is enough people whose main communication with the outside world. But the denying stamp does not allow to use this system for the device of private life.

It is necessary women even heavier: what at the man is called stability and reliability at women is called as tediousness and boredom. The woman building private life on the basis of stamps risks that it will be considered boring. Yes, actually, so it also is.

The family life consisting of stamps shortly becomes boring to that family member who has less similar stamps, especially, if he is not inclined to accept all stamps of the half noncritically. Communication with children becomes difficult, there are classical conflicts on the subject “parents understand nothing“ and “children got out of hand“.

Similar transfer of minuses of stamps can be continued long. And if you really want to be successful and in private life, and in work, try to keep a new, individual and non-standard view. Use only “household“ stamps (“Wash hands before food“), they will add comfort to your life. Also refuse “compound“ and very doubtful statements (for example, “All blondes are not burdened with intelligence“). And in your life there will be bright, fresh paints. And also so desired success.