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what the most necessary on holiday?

1. The good digital camera

For certain, your travel will be filled with the moments, in remembrance which you want to hold for yourself and for the children. You will be able easily to make it by means of the digital camera. Remove as much as possible. Who told that your pictures surely have to be masterpieces of photographic art? First of all they have to cause in you warm memoirs. Also do not forget to take spare batteries.

2. Useful information

Investigate the place of your rest and make for yourself listings of cards and guides. Good orientation to districts and knowledge of short ways will make your rest even more pleasant. Also you can find in the Internet any other information on the place interesting you to which you eat to have a rest.

3. The good book or the magazine

you can take both that, and another. Reading not only is pleasant, but also it is useful. It helps to relax, so this most suitable occupation for rest.

4. Sun-protection means

Be convinced that you use the qualitative, effective and checked sun-protection means. It is especially important for children. If you burn on the sun, it can spoil to you all rest.

5. Sunglasses

If you want to take the wheel or to roll about on the sun near the pool, sunglasses will be necessary for you. They will protect your eyes from the sun. Besides they can become for you also a stylish accessory.

6. A spare bathing suit and bedroom-slippers

If you on vacation plan to bathe much, take a spare bathing suit and bedroom-slippers. There is nothing worse than wet cold linen which you should dress on yourself. Having taken with itself two bathing suits, you will be able easily to avoid this problem.

Until your first bathing suit dries on the sun (and sometimes it takes a lot of time), you can dress the second. It is also important to have reliable, strong bedroom-slippers which will protect your legs from sharp, hot stones on the beach.

7. A headdress

finally to protect itself from the sun, take with yourself any headdress. It can be a hat, the Panamanian or even a usual baseball cap - it will cover your head, and the peak will protect your eyes. When you on vacation, you are simply obliged though by something to cover the head, in order to avoid a sunstroke.

8. The mobile phone, a PDA

can seem to Much that it is not the most successful idea. Really, the mobile phone and a PDA can interfere with your rest if constantly distract you. But there are several reasons for which these things should be taken with themselves. In - the first, they can serve as good navigators. In - the second, in case of a problem, you can always ask with their help for the help: to call militia, to call the ambulance etc. of

9. Drugs

Of course, it is optional to drag with itself on rest the whole suitcase with drugs, but the most necessary of them have to be in your first-aid kit. Of course, you can buy them only as required to need - on vacation, but at the same time you can strongly overpay. And in some countries certain drugs are not released without recipe at all - you will not be able just to buy them. Be convinced that your first-aid kit is packed hermetically and its contents are reliably protected.

10. If you eat the portable DVD player

to have a rest together with small children, portable DVD - a player is your rescue from whims and shouts. Where you would not be where you would not go, with it it will not be boring for you definitely.

11. Wet towel wipes

Wet hygienic towel wipes - an irreplaceable element of any trip. Especially, if among participants of this trip there are children. They can be useful and as a disinfectant for hands which will protect your organism from microbes and as means for removal of the spots put on clothes on the way.

12. A spare bag

As it is not amusing, but how many things of people would not take with themselves on rest, back it all - will equally carry more. Usually weight to baggage is added by various souvenirs bought on vacation. Especially for them you can take with yourself a small spare handbag. It will help you to pack your baggage with big comfort.

13. Protective sprays

Nobody wants to suffer during rest from the itching stings of insects. To avoid it, use protective sprays. They will provide you comfortable, quiet and pleasant rest.