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How to please your darling?

Favourite are a person to whom you completely trust and are ready to carry out with it all the life.

Therefore a gift has to be corresponding. Not necessarily it has to be material, the main thing that it went from heart. It is possible to express it in several ideas:

1. The message in a bottle.

you suggest darling to take a bath. With foam.

I is most important that you there hide in advance a small bottle with a note (or a jar with a gift and a card) is already as it is pleasant to you more. Also to attach to them a tail a string with a heart or a bow as a sign of the fact that all this not a simple jar.

2. Heart on snow.

the Valentine`s Day card which is Almost not demanding from you expenses! On white snow it is necessary to draw heart and to decorate it with candles. In the center of this heart it is possible to write a name of that person to which this Valentine`s Day card is devoted.

3. A shower with hearts.

is a set of the hearts made by you with own hand and laminated. They do not get wet and therefore it is possible to experiment with them in a bathtub. And on each heart it is possible to write a lot of gentle and words, important for you.

4. Air ladder. it is not difficult to

to give This gift, but to be remembered it by the romanticism and originality for long time.

Is necessary only many balls in which notes, sostyavlyayushchy as a result the uniform text are located. It is necessary to place balls from an entrance to an entrance and to the door of the person loved by you.

5. Romantic soup.

Is soup usual in appearance, but all ingredients in it are cut in the form of hearts. To turn out very lovely and romantically, try, to prepare for you all the same every day.

6. The power of attorney on heart.

the Excellent and romantic gift, for your soulmate. It is very easy to make it, but the effect will be surprising and memorable. It is necessary only the form of the power of attorney on driving, only instead of the word “car“, you enter the word “heart“. To it it is possible to add a gold key from this “heart“.

7. Heart in a pocket.

is very simple to Give such gift, but it turns out very romantically and easily. When you walk with the young man, imperceptibly you throw to him in a pocket a small heart, and then you send it SMS with an inscription: “Darling, today I lost the heart, look, please, at yourself in a pocket“.

8. Rose from nowhere.

you meet the favourite angel, walk, then kiss. At this time your friend approaches and it is imperceptible for it transfers you a rose, at the same time time of a kiss has to make about 30 seconds in order that your friend managed to disappear. After the termination of a kiss, you suddenly give to the girl a rose! The effect is tremendous!

9. Romantic menu. it is very simple to

to give This gift, your desire main here to thank or please the person loved by you. You make the menu of various affairs, type:


the Dinner by candlelight

the Fairy tale for the night etc.

I the cost of these dishes in kisses.

10. Trunk of compliments.

Is an excellent gift for your darling (or darling) the Long-term gift which will improve her mood every day. It has to be some box or a vessel made independently or which remained from - under something which will serve as the main place of warehousing of compliments and warm words. And there you will already put the compliments, gentle words and words of gratitude.

11. Love coupons.

are coupons for darling. You create previously small cards on which some desire is written. For example, “house cleaning“, “visit of restaurant“, “breakfast in a bed“, “massage“, etc. It is also called the coupon. Further you give these cards to darling. And it can ask you to execute at any time what is written on the coupon (that is to show the coupon to execution).

12. Candles under a window.

Romantic, darling, the memorable and original gift will become the candles which are laid out in the form of heart and zazhyonny under a window of your darling or darling.

13. Romantic newspaper.

Is an original gift which you can selat the hands. Issue of the newspaper, and all number will be devoted to you and your relations. It to be necessary for you a little: the Whatman paper, photos, paints, multi-colored handles, stickers - hearts, is a little assiduity and the imagination. Believe everything to turn out.

14. Box with memoirs.

Externally is all - navsy a beautiful box. but what inside will touch any. There it is possible to collect any sentimental trifles: tickets at cinema, theater to which you went together, all letters and otkoytka which you gave each other. Also you will see how this gift will please your half.

15. Bank of sweets and thanks.

Here an excellent gift for darling. It it is very easy to make with own hands. It is the big glass jar full multi-colored M &M `sov and spasibok.