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Dependence from online - games. What it leads to?

of One of the most important problems of school students from 10 to 16 years (and it at best, if this age interval nominal such!) dependence from online - games is.

In the people there is an opinion that drug addiction and alcoholism in comparison with a game addiction - not such and dreadful diseases, poskolko all of them - are curable. But these words are carried more often by all - to game in gaming machines, on money. And than online - games is better if on them it is strong to sit down? Can tighten not only WoW or LineAge II, but also some game on the Internet in which in order that there were any improvements, it is necessary to put finance, and huge finance.

One of such is 11õ11. Yes, game this very good and very interesting, all can play it. Except weak-willed people who cannot hold themselves in hand and buy boosters to receive the VIP - a rank “oligarch“, wasting at least 3000 rubles a month. On this money it is possible to buy, for example, quite quite good watch, to repair phone (if not so serious breakage), to indulge the girlfriend, to help parents and eventually - it is good to eat the whole week! But instead of this means are put in game which in this life will give nothing. And here those three thousand in some difficult situation can be decisive.

The same concerns games of VKontakte, but there it is a little less price and, all - not so tightens. No, I do not speak not to spend money for online at all - games, but to put them there moderately - one - two times, as necessary, and if this finance really superfluous, and, as we know, “money does not happen much“.

From a material aspect of game, like WoW, LineAge II, GTA SA:MP, are safer because they does not demand financial investments. If to consider a situation from the point of view of moral, it is loss. Loss of the whole person, his personality. And here again there is a question: and what these give it online - games? What will he receive from them? “The pumped-over Persians and lvl“? It does not cost to forget about real life.

Let`s understand: and what for people become how now it is accepted to be expressed, “zadrota“? Most often are those who in real life are nothing. Weak-willed people. Those who float at will of destiny, but do not try to make something. Those who love nobody in the life it is absolute nobody, even parents, not to mention representatives of an opposite sex. The last statement is especially right, especially, if these dear people ask to chuck in game. And the most important, dependent for a while do it, but through some interval (day, week, month, more they usually do not keep) they break and start over again playing, despite the promise. Such people were already gone for further life, and the only way that to pull out them - other occupation.

But what occupation can be thought up for the person who does not want to know about anything, except his darling online - games, especially in extreme degree of dependence? Any! Without the assistance of the expert (the psychologist, and it is better than the psychiatrist) here not to manage any more. In this case is an only way to pull out the sick person. And it is in that case better to hurry. The matter is that some failure in game, for example, or breaking of the account can bring loss in a klanvara to the most terrible - suicide! And such people, which on a hair, around the world already more than three million!

Therefore, the only thing that I can advise parents - not to allow to sit too much to the children in front of the computer that they did not conceive a liking to online - to games. This dependence very heavy, and completely it all the same is not treated. The person cured of WoW and other, but in several years can start going to a casino and gaming machines. And most of all more likely not the patient, but his surrounding on which, naturally, there will be the main part of a debt will suffer if not all. And God grant, if the debtor does not commit suicide because such cases in Russia and around the world there was much.

Anyway, the game addiction, at best leads to destruction of some moral qualities. In the worst - to suicide or, it is worse than that, to murder of other people. Take care also the relatives. It is important for development of Russia as one of world powers.