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Why we guess? State yes aces of peak

you Remember horror stories for fans of kings how watched dexterous hands of the girlfriend scattering on “grooms“ and sat on cards? And then - guessed on a container and runes? And or were disappointed in this way of obtaining information, or observed the coming true predictions: about the state house, change of darling, loneliness and misfortunes. whether

it that before the transaction there is a wish to stretch a solitaire “Kerchief“ with the question “will grow together / will not grow together“, and Happens then, having convinced that it did not grow together, to sit down for this absorber of time thoroughly? And already questions ran low, and and there are a wish to stretch party - another.

Why we guess?

It is curious to learn what expects us ahead. It from the same series that reading horoscopes in the mornings in which very few people trust.

reference points Are required for . When knows the future, it is represented more clear and less dangerous. And it is possible even to try to spread straws and to beat destiny.

to Needs the program.

It is sometimes simpler to b to program itself on some, even negative event, than just to walk forward. And so, all it is clear - scattered a solitaire, made sure that they love, and with pleasure went for appointment.

we Kill with time. It is, perhaps, the most common cause of popularity of fortune-telling, horoscopes and other types of predictions of destiny. whether the interest in fortune-telling Is so harmless

? And to what it can lead? Consequences can be more than are deplorable. Also they from real cases of the former and real gadalshchitsa are taken.

by loses ability to management of the life. the Reality ceases to be considered systemically: instead of analysing terms of transaction or to look narrowly at darling, we begin to guess.

dependence from games and fortune-telling Appears. Some people guess before descending in a toilet. In such cases also drug treatment sometimes is required.

the harmonious course of life Collapses. Time is spent on cards: in their advantage it is necessary to refuse more useful pastime. Fortune-telling time replaces communication: it is far more pleasant to receive terse answers, playing solitaire behind a solitaire, than to communicate with real people who not always speak on interesting subjects. And if we begin to believe what dropped out us, then we can destroy life and ourselves and relatives by groundless suspicions and expectations.

the personality Collapses. Guessing, we, in fact, communicate with ourselves. With all from here following.

failures and misfortunes Begin to pursue . Strangely enough, but gadalshchik failures most often trap. There are different versions concerning why it occurs, but the fact remains - people “lose“ the happiness. Probably, all - you should not argue with destiny and to be curious about the future - to these we only worsen it. whether

A just it is better for li to give itself to that life which to us is prepared from above? Let the love and happiness or maybe small adversities will be for us a surprise. And the remained time can be spent on living, loving and creating something that will make life of people around warmer and more interesting.