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How to kill in itself love of

How to be that strong person to clean from itself this emotional dependence?

Ya you will sink I cannot represent all this on fingers and it is verbally difficult to describe all this, but I will try.

In the person always sit two beings: consciousness and subconsciousness. Subconsciousness always operates consciousness, means it is necessary to learn to operate it by means of the consciousness. For a start it is necessary to understand accurately the reasons of emergence of an attraction and to eradicate the reason, but not a consequence. If the reason is covered in shortage something, it is necessary to eliminate this shortage. If there is only a simple desire to kill stupidly feeling, then I resort to esoteric ways. Esoterics - the energy directed in inside in. Many in inside accept a votka - energy in inside and))) But not a consequence of desire to get rid of something, and just to escape, and respectively a consequence of lack of brains.

of Thought which we can turn into reality in subconsciousness - is one of arts of esoterics.

the Most important - an order of thoughts: we look back that surrounds us, causing synonyms of what we wish to get rid of - love stories, love vozzlivaniye of a pop-music, experience of dreams in unison of girlfriends (friends) about great and light etc. we Take all this and we bear in a wastebasket. Is not present not physically. It is enough to understand that novels impose us romanticism by a rezonansirovana I with our dreams. The pop-music sings to us as without someone it is bad and we subconsciously assent to it that “yes, it is very bad“))) we Sympathize with friends (girlfriends) if at those unfortunate love, without understanding that it is a way to increase in time of their experiences. We want to trust in great and light and there it is written, sung, told - the truth means, it means so and is. We open eyes and we look at it as on nonsense. Actually in reality not everything is so beautiful and fantastic. We give in to combination of circumstances, and nobody for us will go to the world`s end and will wait for all life. Why? We open books about animals - there everything is written in the paragraph about instincts. There is it, there is it. The nature will never cancel Sorry, an inclination so if the one-woman man - something an antinature nny to the nature. To what I it? There are no only and irreplaceable people. The only thing that we are distinguished from animals by it the relations. This that devil who we actually wish both to have and to keep, and we are afraid to lose. Someone likely will tell me that it from - for love. “Nonsense“ - I will tell you, my dear. what many call love is well described by

in books of anatomy - chemical reaction, increase of adrenaline in blood and, as a result - a rozovoshchyokost, heartbeat increase, sleepless nights, desire to see a source of the adrenaline and only because we cannot live without it. We need adrenaline and we will receive it also nominal to it we will not be able to resist.

adrenaline succeed Then the relations and we instinctively try to keep them if they at least suit us. But what if on the horizon someone appeared another (another)? If my cynicism in the field of love was not transferred still to you, then read further.

Ya, for example, once long ago, just sat down on the river bank. Migitativny (forgot even as it is written) in the way imagined in thoughts all the feelings in the form of a small sphere. It was located at me in a hand. I really felt that I all feelings in this sphere and just crushed it at this moment. Having opened eyes and having begun to smoke a cigarette, I understood that I do not feel anything. This remarkable feeling - to recover. Well as? Strong piece esoterics? I Can tell

more. The reason and thought are even stronger if they are established in the correct order. The reason is not just like that written. Its first component - “RA“, from Old Russian - the sun, light, light bearing. And if darkened also a little light around, then reason somewhere it is far, and in the head some crap instead of reason (litter for sarcasm).

P. S. Do not think that I am a supporter of opponents of love and the terminated cynic. No. I for this feeling of adrenaline, emotional attachment, dependence, but these need to be able to operate to avoid fanaticism and loss of the head, and according to tears and snivels.))) All this

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