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Where it is good to have a rest in the summer? We go to Issyk - the Sack!

the biggest lake of Central Asia, it enters thirty of the largest lakes of the world. This salty lake never freezes, it is called a pearl in a mountain frame. It is translated into Russian as “the hot lake“. It is Issyk - the Sack!

Among tourists and local vacationers the lake gains the greatest popularity from June to September. It also is clear - summer, holiday, there is a wish at the sea … August and September is considered the velvet season. But we this year went to the lake unusually early - in the very first dates of June.

Always when I go to Issyk - the Sack and it appear already in Issyk - the Kulsky region, I with a sinking heart wait when the treasured blue strip of a water smooth surface appears … And here it appeared! Such attracting, it is gentle - blue, soft …

Issyk - the Sack begins with air!

you Swallow of it greedily and you are afraid that it here - here will end, you swallow again and again and in any way you cannot inhale air much. So it is pure, so tasty that a lung it is even unusual. Just there is a wish to breathe! To breathe a full breast, to take away air in itself more, to stock up with it for the future! It is a pity that this is impossible issyk - to take kulsky air itself, to put in a package and to bring home.

Weather on Issyk - Coolah is very changeable. Just there was a rain - and already clouds dissipated, the sun with might and main scorches. When we arrived, drizzled. Having settled down in the apartment (on Issyk - Coolah a set of boarding houses, it is also possible to take place and in so-called “private sector“: locals lease apartments, houses and even yurtas), we went to a dinner to cafe, having forgotten an umbrella. And when decided to come back home - the heavy rain went. Rain … How long I did not run on pools under heavy rain! We ran and laughed, ran in shop which worked for strangeness though was after midnight, ran out and ran further … In the sky exactly so many stars how many our eyes (Serga group)

Only being on Issyk - Coolah understand

rather represent a little what is a galaxy and myriads of stars. Immense sky. You look at it - and the head around. It is turned from consciousness of what you are a small particle in this Universe. How many stars are visible on Issyk - Coolah! To count them it is simply unreal. All constellations, even the smallest, and all - with the naked eye are visible. The astronomy should be taught in practice exactly here.

Sun, air and water!

Next day we, certainly, went to the beach. Clouds dissipate on the lake in ten minutes. The sun burns even through clouds. It is time to bathe! Water transparent. For want of habit it seems ice - to come hardly into the lake up to an ankle. You come into it again already knee-deep: water cool. You come into the third time already on a belt: it is warm. And on the fourth there is no wish to leave it any more! To lap near the coast and to do heats - it is a pleasure. By the way, it is possible to sunbathe on Issyk - Coolah and in cloudy weather: suntan is better to lay down. And it is possible to bathe even during a rain if you are not frightened by waves. Water then seems even more warmly, and at night it - perfection: real pair milk!

It is so healthy - simply to lie on sand. Noise of waves, rare exclamations of even more rare vacationers (at the beginning of June the season only begins, in August of vacationers - is more than enough!) … And in the head - emptiness. I at first was frightened: does not disturb me house efforts, malfunctions at work do not worry what I think of? About what? Yes about anything, I have a rest, a body and soul!

I watch inexpressibly beautiful game of two elements: fire and water. The sun gives each ray of the sun to the lake, and it in turn scatters beams on all the surface. Where look - everywhere solar patches of light. It is possible to look at this picture eternally. The smile upon the face appears by itself. Scintillating water, pleasant, the stupefying faultless air, the fascinating smell of salt shrouding with heat sand and kisses of the sun is happiness! By motor ship music plays

During the high season the beach is populous. Vacationers are offered to sweep on catamarans, scooters, to fly a kite, make flight on a parachute, to run about in huge spheres, such, as in the Big Races program. Ashore there are boats, drive a camel and even offer persons interested with him to be photographed. But at the beginning of a season there was practically nobody. It was possible to enjoy nature sounds.

And suddenly … music played. The huge motor ship went to travel across Issyk - to the Sack. Onboard there was quite large number of tourists. They returned through an hour and a half. Later we got acquainted with the organizer of trips, and he told that the motor ship stops approximately in the center of the lake, each passenger is given a life jacket and the chance to dive. I remember, rode the motor ship in the childhood. Water was darkly - is green - blue. Very deep, attracting, live …

Issyk - the Sack … as is a lot of in this word!

I love

Ya Issyk - the Sack not only for its transferred beauty, I love it for walks along the coastline, for wind, for a decline, for that atmosphere of tranquility, for the fact that being on Issyk - Coolah, I feel happy!

Three days flew by as an hour. We sunbathed, were bought, descended to the pool with medicinal waters, ate the most tasty shish kebab, listened inexpressibly - a beautiful voice of the musicians working in cafe took a walk in vicinities … It is time to come back. It should be noted, there are no problems with transport. Daily several times in day, from two stations of the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek, share taxis go. In the same way - on minibuses, it is possible to reach and back.

Goode - Bai!

does not want to go to the stuffy and dusty city. With grief I watch leave the last piece of my favourite lake seen from a minibus window … And here in the player the song of Savage group - “begins to play Good - bye“ . “A buzzing - Bai - Bai“ , - musicians 80 sang - x. “A buzzing - a buzzing - Bai - Bai“ , - sang along I, giving a farewell look to the lake. “Bai - Bai“ , - my heart and soul sang. Good-bye, Issyk - the Sack! I surely will return to you!