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How to support a backbone in perfect tune, spending no more than 15 minutes a day? I Will tell

about charging, our with the son. At once I will make a reservation - I consider what can be “skhalyavit“ on Saturday and Sunday, and it is allowed to pass charging when it is necessary to get up early too - the organism should be loved, that is, first of all, to give to have a sleep.

The origin of our charging is explained by laziness. “It is necessary to do exercises for all parts of a body“ - so we are taught. You remember, television sessions of morning exercises? Long and tiresomely, for everything - all organism. I decided to stop on exercises, mainly, for a backbone. Why? Besides, from - for laziness. And if it is serious, then it is better than me Katsudzo Nishi in “Golden rules of health“ will explain:

The person pays off with backbone diseases for pryamokhozhdsny, and, as a result, today the number of patients with osteochondrosis concedes only to quantity of sick ORZ. The main reason of it is covered in the person: in its way of life and in its relation to the backbone.

Usually know about a backbone shamefully a little, at best - pictures from the textbook of anatomy, and people do not even suspect of the majority that the condition of an organism is defined by health of a backbone (it is allocated by me - With - P.) . It is possible to treat for years pharyngitises, laryngitis, tuberculosis, an inflammation of kidneys and a bladder, trouble in the sexual sphere, being surprised why treatment does not bring results.

And if to such levity it becomes clear to add that way of life which conducts most of modern people then why diseases of a backbone gained such wide circulation today.

We - a civilization of the people leading an inactive life, fans at sports competitions. We overeat, but we remain underfed from - for the fact that we eat lifeless artificial food. Muscles become flabby of - for lack of exercises. From the wrong way of life the backbone becomes rigid and is deformed. Cartilages and disks between vertebras collapse from - for lack of physical exercises and bad blood circulation in the next fabrics. The spine column as if “dries out“. Many people in 60 - 70 years become 8 - 13 centimeters lower, some by an old age are bent. And weight it occurs only because we do not care for the backbone.

My friend doctor P. claims that he lived about 50 years (having passed through service in serious troops, and having constructed a severe car accident 3 - x the floor house), only thanks to daily exercises for a backbone. And he focuses attention on what should not be DONE, reducing what should be DONE to the minimum set of elementary movements.

Having taken as a basis its doctrine (if it is possible to be expressed so), Katsudzo Nishi`s theory and having added information obtained by me from other sources, I also created the charging.

It includes two groups of exercises.

The first - so-called “boat“.

we Lay down on a stomach and we raise in turn hands with the head, then legs, then hands, legs again again … On a raising of legs the exhalation (air itself is squeezed out from a thorax), is the share of a raising of hands - a breath. Such swing turns out. We do to

one approach (fifty times, more precisely, fifty pair swings forward - back), then we pass to a rug for meditations, and we start to …

to the second type of exercises - “respiratory gymnastics“.

though it and gymnastics for a backbone too. From the book “Raise the IQ. 7 ways to improve work of a brain irrespective of age“ (authors Lendzher S., Shir D. F.) I subtracted the description of the exercise allowing to keep clarity of mind at any age: the breath into 8 accounts, a breath delay on 12, also exhaled into 10 accounts. For the purpose of economy of the place and time I do not stop on history of an origin of this exercise, and I send you to this useful book. to

to What we are taught by doctor P.? He does the exercises as follows: at the same time with a breath raises and parts hands in the parties, holds the breath with the made helpless gesture and lifted (more precisely, thrown back “against the stop“ back - very much! the head, in combination with the maximum effort of “cultivation“ in sides of hands), and sharply exhales when cannot hold the breath any more, returning the head and hands in a starting position. At sharp relaxation of muscles and a simultaneous conclusion of the head from the thrown-back state, arterial blood under big pressure directs in a cranium and “breaks“ the formed stagnations, sclerous plaques and t.

Combination of these two ways also turns out our exercise: into the account from one to eight - a breath, along with a raising, cultivation of hands and a zaprokidyvaniye of the head; into the account from one to twelve - a delay of breath and the maximum tension of muscles of a back and neck; and into the account from one to ten - an exhalation, at first sharp, and in the end - full, before hissing.

Now how charging in a section of number of approaches is under construction.

Is done 50 times “boat“, we go on a rug and we take three breaths, delays, an exhalation. It is one approach. It is necessary to make three approaches. 15 minutes occupy all this.

As a result of such charging intervertebral disks since morning hold the position intended to them, and if to drink a large amount of clear water, right after, that napityvatsya by moisture, and during the day play a role of effective pillows for vertebras. Here to you prevention of a chondrosis and other opposite diseases of a backbone. Plus respiratory gymnastics which refreshes and gives to cheerfulness for all day.

And then, after charging, we go to run. But it is already a subject for other article.