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What system of protection to choose for the car? Part 1

Today in the Russian market we can observe a set of devices which it is necessary to try to understand. Someone understands a question by means of the manager, someone by means of forums, and someone does not understand a question at all.

We will consider the first case. The manager advised for your car this here the security device. Remarkably, if got to you it is crystal the honest seller interested in your further wellbeing. And suddenly not?

Here come to the rescue of us profile the Internet - resources. An ideal way and the seller to listen, and to recheck information provided to you before purchase / installation of the security equipment. But it is common truths. I do not consider it necessary to study the websites of producers carefully though novelties and news on a subject it is better to scoop, of course, from them. The producer will initially paint the systems only from the best parties and it is strange if was differently.

And for those who wish to understand a question, - I will tell directly about the equipment with which I happened to work.

I Will begin, perhaps, with the known company Mega - F . They in Russia represent a brand under the name Scher - Khan . The excellent, in fact, alarm system which is perfectly carrying out the service functions. Extremely convenient in operation, but at the same time absolutely not capable in any way to become a hindrance for the car thief.

A hindrance as the alarm system is, first of all, not protection, and only means of the notification. More than once already on the Internet all of us could watch operation of such device as a code - the grabber, and the same Scher - Khan, unfortunately, easily gives in to reading. Here also you will reflect and whether there is a sense to install the expensive, in fact, blow sensor...

Further we will consider production of the company “Altonik`s “. It makes such known devices as of Black Bug, REEF, BASTA etc. Exclusive reliability of operation unites all these devices: in total - 5 years of a guarantee.

But! If you are going to install the equipment made by this company surely get acquainted with relevance of the devices offered you. The matter is that the same dealers filled the warehouses with both alarm systems, and immobilizers from “Altonika“, probably, and, most likely, without having calculated the opportunities on long term a little, still sell 71 more - yu the version of the same Black Bug though already modern sample of BASTA appeared. And consequently, without suspecting that, you can receive the device which is not meeting the modern requirements imposed to a question of protection against stealing any more.

Further I want to mention the devices leaving under the “ of Tomahawk “ brand. The company “presents in Russia officially these systems to Ouch - sistems “. Besides, with reliability everything is rather quite good in respect of work, but susceptibility to the scanner almost zero. This alarm system, in my opinion, is not suitable for the megalopolis at all. Quite another matter - operation of these alarm systems in the north, we will allow. Steal there seldom, but if there is a desire to install remote start on the car, the prices to it will not be. And it is inexpensive, and it is less hindrances, and works, I will repeat, rather not bad.

the Following company about which it would be desirable to tell, it « Ultrastar “. They make systems under StarLine brand . Sound security systems. The company pleased with desire to conform to modern requirements. There were both dialogue a principle of work of system, and the built-in CAN - the module that allows the end user (to the owner of the car with CAN - the tire) to install the alarm system with smaller expenses and that is more important, from one producer.

There were new immobilizers with minimized by the blocking relay and the operating block. Thus, and blocking can be hidden more reliably, and the tag will be lost more rare. One minus and, I consider, serious - range of action of data of systems remains still low, and, therefore, in the conditions of the megalopolis where quantity of hindrances huge, we receive the notification at distance of at most 300 - 400 meters. Summary: alarm systems and immobilizers from this company of new generation do not give in a code - to the grabber. Before acquisition just get acquainted with relevance of the model offered you from the Ultrastar company.

Further we will talk about the Alarm Trade company. My opinion is a most worthy representative of the Russian market of security systems. Lately pleases practically everything. And the same built-in CAN - the module (for example, the Pandora DXL 3300 system), and the maximum minimization of blocks not only immobilizers, but also alarm systems. Charms represent the complete decision. Everything is remarkable also with service support. Cured a problem with loss of communication between a charm and the main unit of the alarm system. Besides, the most reliable principle of an exchange of information in the dialogue mode.

As summary: I recommend. All modules of immobilizers and alarm systems with feedback meet the last requirements to the automobile security equipment. Only thing: in their line there are a lot of similar systems. Choose by means of studying of a question option, ideal for yourself as sound and cheaper Pandora DeLuxe 1870 alarm system will be some quite enough .

Be continued.