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Vladimir Mironov is the unique Russian poet of the 21st century, uniqueness of his creativity that on his creativity the big spot was left by history of his family and the family. He devotes many verses to these events. Vladimir Mironov writes verses on various subjects: love, homeland, nature, life.

Vladimir Vasilyevich Mironov in far 1938 was born. In the Ryazan region, the regional center Pronsk. Pretty the small town, costs on the high hill. And from it the most beautiful view of nearby settlements opens. Left Pronsky secondary school in 1956.


As is a little written by me, As late I began to write

Perhaps, would reach bigger,

But what now to argue on it?

But I am grateful to a meeting,

I I remember that meeting always.

That New Year`s evening,

When I saw you.

You became then my muse,

For the first time there began to write,

On a distant track I made a declaration of love

and desire to caress.

From where these thoughts,

In my sore head undertook?

There was a wish to write daily

Everything about you, about you.

That time forever left, there is no

I you near me, But know

, you are my muse, you such will always be


And I continue to write

When the desire is,

A is more often that wrote earlier, I correct

of Such corrections not to consider.

As it is a little written by me,

O much wanted to be told, But I know

, lines,

Those lines will be forgotten that I managed to write.

Vladimir Mironov

good luck

Tell Conversation to me, my God, why cruel you are,

Why left one,

Why you force to suffer from

, Why you deprived of me what was given me by you?

You prompt you advise,

How further to live and with whom to me to be?

The loneliness torments me with

it I, my God, cannot forget in any way.

It is impossible to forget, but you and do not try, it you will be able never to forget

, But you have

friends, you to them open, They will understand

, they will help as always.

You tell how it is lonely as needed them,

As was necessary communication for you,

I as became isolated you for a long time, Having forgotten

about them, having forgotten also about itself.

Time heals, your pains will recede.

You will forget about much, you will find rest,

Is possible. you the friend in way will meet

I sense of the life then you will understand.

Vladimir Mironov