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Elegance without big expenses? The dream is feasible!

Each woman dream to become the beauty. And this dream is feasible - the German cosmetologist Linda Aureden claims.

For many years she traveled all over the world, studying history and modern achievements of cosmetology - science about health and beauty. Listen to some councils, and you will find self-confidence, will become the charming and attractive woman, will be able to keep the youth and beauty for a long time.

The word “elegance“ has many shades and values, but generally it means “correctly to choose“. The elegant woman will never begin to carry any thing only because that beautifully looks on other woman. She cannot afford it at least because all of us differ on age, character, appearance, a figure, etc. Elegance is a right choice from a set of materials, styles, patterns, flowers and fashionable additions something that favourably emphasizes your identity.

When you fill up the clothes, it is necessary to think properly what to buy that, without having spent large sums, to look graceful also with taste of dressed.

The women`s suit from good stuff sewed by the good tailor costs expensive, but is often irreplaceable. In it you will look graceful not one season.

I recommend to sew also black dress of a simple style. You will be able to put on it in solemn occasions within several seasons, diversifying with a scarf, a beads, a brooch or some other fashionable additions.

I advise to buy two skirts from good stuff: one of a tweed of a sports style, other more elegant - from cloth or gabardine. Thanks to various blouses, sweaters, pullovers you will be always well dressed.

If you often are in theater, then sew or buy a black skirt from a taffeta or heavy silk which can be combined with various blouses, and on especially solemn occasion - and top from the same matter.

Do not buy blouses and knitted jackets thoughtlessly. They always have to be in harmony on color and a style with other things of your toilet to strengthen cumulative effect beautiful color scale.

It is desirable to have also sports style of a coat from good stuff.

If you have still an elegant woolen dress, a leather, suede or woolen jacket and several summer dresses which are well washed, you will not have any efforts with the clothes.

Elegance is not a question of the price, but, mainly, a question of good taste. Even simple dresses can be worn so that you will look in them beautifully and gracefully. Unfortunately, many women forget about it, including: the more and more expensively, the better. I knew many women who, having quite modest means, were able to put on elegantly and with taste. The most beautiful and expensive dresses look attractively only when they are put on by the woman who knows that she to her goes.

And what men think, speaking about elegance of the woman? If it is detailed to ask them why they liked some woman, they will hardly answer: very graceful dress was on it. Perhaps, the person who drew their attention was not dressed as that is demanded by fashion, but she could present the toilet perfectly. Here in it that also consists secret of the true elegance.